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S01.E02: Less Is More

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Bette weathers continued fallout as she prepares for an LGBTQIA Center talk. Shane helps Finley, while Alice is annoyed when the network forces her to bring on a new staff member. Dani and Sophie celebrate good news as Dani begins a new job. Micah pursues a new crush.

Original airdate: 12/15/2019

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I'll watch anything L Word, so it's not like I'm going to give this up, but man, this just doesn't have the same mojo as the original. Bette seems like a shell of her former self, and I don't care about her new relationship with the married woman. At all. Especially since they haven't addressed what happened with Tina. Alice is fine, Shane is fine. 

Whoever said that Finley is the new Shane is smoking crack. She's awkward and dorky and just a big goober, which Shane never was. Shane was broody and sweet and a good friend. 

The engaged couple shouldn't be engaged if one half of them is discussing the possible end of their relationship at their engagement party.

I'm sure Micah is a very nice person, but I don't care about his storyline at all. It's boring so far.

I still have hope that I'll be sucked in like I was with the original, but I'm not too confident that it will happen at this point.

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First Sophie and Dani.  Do not tell me that Sophie doesn't realize all this time she's been dating Dani that Dani's dad isn't comfortable with Dani being a lesbian and was only humouring her.  So for Dani to quit her job, there is indication there.  

Finley isn't the new Shane.  Like the other poster said, Finely is very awkward. 

I don't get what is going on with Bette and why she is running and what's going on with Tina.

Alice well, she is a step mom.  When did Shane become so good with kids?

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On 12/16/2019 at 7:37 PM, greekmom said:

 When did Shane become so good with kids?

I was thrilled, because I liked Shane with her half-brother Shay from OG L Word. That made sense to me that Shane would be so good, while Alice was kind of hopeless (goodbye Crockpot!)

Love, love, LOVE Bette. That talk with the LGBTQ+ kids had me legit reaching for the tissue box. I hope that Angie is given more nuance moving forward, and we find out more about what happened with Tina. (Although I'm ok with not seeing Tina as a recurring character. )

Getting used to the new characters --already MUCH happier with how they're dealing with trans characters -- except for one glaring exception. I can't stand Findley.

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It's only 2 episodes in and I'm already enjoying the show- not as much as I enjoyed the original, but it's so early in the season so let's see where it goes. I'm so happy Shane & Alice are back- my 2 favorite OG characters (although the platinum blond ages Alice and I want her to go back to red, even if that's totally superficial).  I'm anxious to hear more about Shane's wife & what happened, and I trust we will... Bette has always been a good character, but I'm hot & cold with her and I really hate how she defends sex with an employee as consensual. Spin it how they like, that's a total imbalance of power and should be under the #timesup category. I'm barely remembering the storylines from before, and was actually relieved when Bette mentioned Jenny's death.  That gave me a moment of, "that means Jenny can't be in this show. Thank God!" 

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I like Finley.  I mean she would annoy me in real life, but she's the only one who doesn't seem like she's about to self-combust with angst.

She is not the new Shane in behavior, but if you look at pictures of her, especially with her natural dark hair, she has that Shane kind of pretty.  I'd say there's some Demi Moore mixed in with the Katherine Moennig...close enough.


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Really hoping for Carmen to reappear, too.

This group is intriguing, a bit more diverse than the original in terms of the Q and color spectrums. But hey I miss Helena -- and LA is still full of Brits trying to make it in Hollywood. 

Remembering how Shane adapted to Shay and became his main protector, I can see her taking to the Auntie role, especially if her niece is undergoing her first major same sex crush.

Agree the former-lesbian-now-trans and gay guy couple are pretty boring; reminded me how in Queer As Folk, the lesbian couple was always a snore!

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One thing I like about the Dani/Bette storyline is that a lot of people over the age of 35 are so reluctant to adapt to new technology and just ways of doing things. Yes, you can call a big press conference and that will get you some publicity, but Dani's decision to make it a smaller group and let them livestream or record on their phones to post later was smart. Stuff like that can go viral. And if not, well, it's not like you can't call a big press conference later.

I should add that if I were Bette, I wouldn't be so quick to trust Dani. I mean, we saw the moment when she decided to quit working for her dad but Bette didn't. She has no reason to trust her to think she won't go running back to her dad with whatever dirt she can dig up while she works for her.

I get the whole Alice is the left out step mom storyline, but I just could not with this kid on the verge of puking and the sanest person in the room was yelling to fetch a bucket. You just picked him up from school and brought him home so you could have just let him puke in the driveway and then washed it away with the hose. Or you could have hustled him into the bathroom and let him puke in the toilet like everybody else.

Yay for Jamie Clayton! I miss sense8. I couldn't figure out why Finley sounded so familiar until I looked her up and saw that she played Trubel on Grimm.

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