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Mrs. Maisel Meets the World: Marvelous Show-Tell and Show-Talk

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Your topic for posting and discussing production-generated promos, as well as awards news and appearances, the cast in other projects, degrees-of-separation to the series, and other show-meets-world intersections. Includes mild spoilers, such as teasers, trailers and other promotional material.

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On 8/21/2019 at 1:24 AM, BaggythePanther said:

I’m sad that it looks like Benjamin is gone, though Sterling Brown is joining the cast. He is everywhere.

I bet her mother will never let her forget she let a doctor get away. 

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23 hours ago, Quilt Fairy said:

I bet her mother will never let her forget she let a doctor get away. 

IRL, she would probably regret it herself. Here in fictionland, I hope ZL can make at least a cameo appearance in a future season.

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Emmy wins!

Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series - Luke Kirby as Lenny Bruce

Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series - Jane Lynch as Sophie Lennon

Outstanding Period Costumes - We’re Going To The Catskills!

Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series (One Hour) - Simone

Outstanding Hairstyling for a Single-Camera Series - We’re Going To The Catskills!

Outstanding Music Supervision - We’re Going To The Catskills!

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As I now work at home, I often have reruns of 20th century TV on in the background. A couple of comediennes who I'd like to see portrayed or used to inspire characters in TMMM including Mary Wickes and Fannie Flagg as I saw them on The Match Game 1977.

Heck, I'd love to see Midge do a spot as a guest panelist on a game show. Hijinks ensue.

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Maisel at the Emmys 

  • Luke Kirby has charisma to spare, right? In his interviews he said that he has studied and admired Lenny Bruce for many years;  —irrelevant, but: his parents likely crossed paths with me in the 70s 
  • Loved Alex Borstein’s reaction with Seth McF, her speech (relevant for many, personal for me), that she is not just playing herself, Deerfield Illinois shout out, and because my elderly mom who is dying in hospice and who wanted to be on stage when she was living Midge’s life in NY but her parents disapproved and she got transplanted to the Chicago suburb of Deerfield by her husband where my mom likely put a bandaid on Alex Borstein’s knee in elementary school 
  • Tony Shalhoub is an actor’s actor, is he not? I can never get tired of rewatching him in Monk
  • Rachel Brosnahan didn’t win, but I’ve loved her since Manhattan, she’s from Highland Park, and she’s the image of a dear high school friend who died too young of cancer 

So a lot of my Maisel love is personal —and maybe irrelevant— and has nothing to do with Gilmore Girls —which IMO is more irrelevant —but I can’t be objective. 

Glad we’ve got 2 more seasons. Hope to see more Luke Kirby. Really glad we can now just refer to it as Maisel, heh. 

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First, I avoid award shows these days because I haven't seen half of the movies/TV shows and also because I hate listening to weird acceptance speeches.  Alex Borstein's acceptance speech, however, made me tear up.

Second, Marin Hinkle, wowza.  I think maybe she put on the slip and forgot to put a dress on over it. 

Third, another Chicagoan here, I didn't realize how many Chicago connections there were in Maisel.  (Unrelated side note: a few months ago I was watching some celebrity tell-all show - maybe on Reelz, that's their thing - and the celebrity was from Des Plaines.  Except the narrator pronounced it "De Plane".  And I thought "Well that guy ain't from Chicago!" )

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On 11/30/2019 at 12:07 AM, Quilt Fairy said:

I was just browsing through YouTube to see if there were any more S3 trailers (because I just can't wait) and found out that S3 is only going to be 8 episodes, not 10.  So now I am sad. 

Having the season comprised of just 8 episodes makes it more possible to rewatch to catch bits that were missed and to see missed foreshadowing. 

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Outstanding Period Costumes - We’re Going To The Catskills!

Slightly OT but not: the theater company I work with has a resident costume designer who is also on Mrs. Maisel, and we've done two period plays where he got to pull some things from the show. :-)

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