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  1. My wife found this show at the start of our shelter in place, and she has been binge-watching all 9 seasons; I've joined her. And I'm familiar enough with reality tv to know that there are narratives and script grafted on (heck, I know writers who have worked on reality shows).. And I think most of the fans of the show know this. I'd like to see more of a real documentary style that just shows how they work and make things, but I guess Discovery knows what buttons to punch. I respect the family for being genuine individualists. They aren't like some of the culty families on reality TV with a weird religious side that keeps their kids from real education, and leaving the next. It seems like all of the kids have left at some point, and they've ben to college, and done other things, and some have come back to the homestead by choice. I also don't buy the whole "starve this winter" thing, because, yes, they are driving distance to a supermarket. But I respect that they do subsistence hunting and eat everything they shoot, and use the other parts. That's the interesting part to me, and I've lived in big cities since I was born. And I love Jane. She's the one who ISN'T fully bought into the "Kilcher culture," and will say stuff that's utterly real in the face of their "this is the family way" thing. Atz seems like he's a lot happier as a grandfather than he was as a father. Atz Lee also seems like he forces himself into the "man's got to do what a man's got to do" box, which is an old school way of being a jerk. In an odd way, he and Jane are actually good for each other. I also respect that they keep their kids off the show, mostly. And of course Eiven and Eve are just nice people. (At least on TV). Hell, I ordered a t-shirt from them. I've watched enough shows that I can now yell at Otto for one of his "wacky schemes" and see how Charlotte can talk him down. I respect the way they choose to live, and they certainly aren't living a wasteful life, and are trying to keep things sustainable. )I also want to know about their neighbors: the Russian community that settled there in 1900 and still speaks with Russian accents!)
  2. I could see Trixie going on to become a feminist activist or MP! She told THEM, and she did it in a way that laid out the most important stuff and dared them to ignore it. Brava, Trixie! And it was such a lovely moment when Cyril acknowledged how important Lucille's work is. He loves her more because of it. And when she called Gran "Precious," that was my losing it moment. Especially with Gran, they actually showed, rather than told, why what Nonnatus House does is so important.
  3. I think it was a popsicle!= I thought that with Trixie taking the family to visit the blind woman with kids was meant to show them and the older sister that it's possible for a blind woman to raise children. I don't think Beryl was meant to raise the baby, but to provide the kind of help around the house that would allow her sister to do it more easily. And in the after birth world (HA!) presumably they would stay in touch with the other blind mother, and use her as a resource. Good ol' Trixie.
  4. I thought that with Trixie taking the family to visit the blind woman with two kids was meant to show them and the older sister that it's possible for a blind woman to raise children. I don't think Beryl was meant to raise the baby, but to provide the kind of help around the house that would allow her sister to do it more easily. And in the after birth world (HA!) presumably they would stay in touch with the other blind mother, and use her as a resource. Good ol' Trixie.
  5. You're right about that. We may not see any new programming of scripted shows until the end of the year at least; and for series on streaming services that already have a delay, we may see them cancelled! (I'm also thinking of shows like Mrs. Maisel). They are expensive, very tech-, set- and costume-heavy, and depending on how TV and film pivot, post-pandemic,, we may see a lot of easier to produce shows. I hope it's not the end...but I've also seen series I liked ended by earthquake and writer's strikes!
  6. It's true. George is a pretty good father to all his kids, and treats each one differently. Unlike Mary, he doesn't focus on Sheldon at the others' expense, but he does think about what his youngest son needs, and tries to provide solutions. (You can tell he's a good football coach. He knows that you find out what motivates each player, and give them that.) He's the one who took Sheldon to the (failed) space shuttle launch, who took him to California, and put together a rather impressive video for Mary. He is a good Dad, and no wonder Old Sheldon misses him.
  7. I kept thinking that even if they landed in the same physical place, 200 years later there's no guarantee that there wasn't a highway buzzing through there. The stones themselves might be long gone, due to "progress."
  8. Frankly if Bree never turned up again, and Marsali became the ingenue, I'd be just as happy. The actor has some nice charisma and a good relationship with Claire. I know that won't happen, but I can dream, can't I? And it WAS a beautiful episode. Very rich in detail and WHY we love the characters. Though the children on this show are pretty awful (save young Fergus!) When Germaine was thrust under the bench and told to stay there by his mother, you'd think he'd be old enough to RUN out of the house and tell his father and Jamie what had happened. The kids who can actually talk all sound like they learned their lines phonetically. It looked like Jemmy was freelancing a bit on dialogue there with the stone, and Sophie just went along with it. Young Willie was also pretty awful last season. And David Berry just keeps getting more handsome.
  9. I also wonder whether she's stressed out from taking care of her kid (who was born prematurely and has special needs.) The Christy character is, strangely enough, the least defined of the major characters. One week she's miserable and clumsy, another week, she is focused and takes great care of her friends. Her funniest moments are when she does something positive...like when she drove the fire truck, or flashed the sirens to get Jill to kiss her boyfriend. Or, when she followed Nora's advice and did nice things for her mother. Or, when she FINALLY punched her lawyer boss in the face. Strong, positive narrative arcs make Christy the most interesting, I think. But sad sack Christy is more in evidence.
  10. The minute the character was introduced, I thought: lesbian. And there's going to be something about that. And the start of Bonnie's memoir was lovely. As someone who is an editor and used to run a literary arts center, I'd say: find yourself a good, supportive group (like for AA, but with WRITERS) and spend some time working on it. I've know people who have gone from first draft to published book, but it usually takes (at least) a few years. And YES on nurses being people who think health rules don't apply to them! (My mom is a nurse who smoked for 60+ years).
  11. Missy is still valuable to him: she's one of his best players. Dale's a guy who thinks about what he wants, and Georgie was easy to kick because MeeMaw didn't give him what he wants. Missy can win games for him, so I would think he wouldn't give her crap. I would THINK. MeeMaw has also made it clear more than once that she doesn't want to get married again, so if she does end up back with Sturges, they will be boyfriend/girlfriend again.
  12. Depends on whether she was a juvenile when she was arrested, or whether her crimes were misdemeanors. You can also appeal to be considered for certain felonies. The story they seem to have been telling is that while Bonnie has spent some time in the slammer, Christy's has been far less. And yes, it's Margerie's felonies more than her age that are keeping her from getting employment. Though if she DID get a certificate/degree to be a drug counselor, she'd probably be a hot commodity at any treatment center/rehab for her experience. (I know many places specifically employ recovering addicts to work with patients.)
  13. Dear God, I hope they don't go there. Bonnie is bisexual, however they label it, and why not Christie? I have friends who didn't come out until they were in their 40s.
  14. I'm just glad they didn't kill Terry! That kid was a sweetheart, and the fact that he was going to be able to break out of the working class by attending a "grammar school" was a quiet commentary on how, in some ways, the world was changing for the better. (And oh, yes, I was freaked out that no one testing the people for diphtheria was wearing a mask!)
  15. Christy is the Mary Richards of this show! Tammy and Bonnie are (literally) head and shoulders above the others. (And as a six-footer myself, I love seeing two tall women on my TV!) As I understand it, at least here in NY State, you need an AA degree at the minimum to be a counselor for addicts. If they wanted to explore it, Marjorie could certainly do that. (We don't know if she has a college degree or not; presumably she graduated high school). And that might even be endgame for Bonnie: she could take the GED and go to community college, like Christy did. (For that matter, so could any of the others; Wendy could become a nurse practitioner who specializes in addiction, and Jill (with her a Masters in Art History) could run a non-profit for addicts. (They seemed to be toying with that idea when she cleaned out her closet. Not that I WANT to see endgame any time soon!
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