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  1. Yes, it does look like Washington Square...but it could have been Sutton Place, which is also where a snob like Sophie would live.
  2. kwnyc

    What About Wendy?

    ...she's allergic to shrimp! (As am I.)
  3. kwnyc

    S01.E12: Justice x2

    I think that's an insightful take...and can see Andy doing it: quid pro quo, so to speak! I also didn't think there was a chance in the world that Kristen was going to climb the mountain, given that she'd be leaving her kids and husband in danger. She also showed that she's willing to damage a friendship (with Mira) to get justice done (and also stick it to Leland.) In that respect, she was unlike Sonja, who (presumably hearing voices from the cockroaches in the wall), extracted a confession from the comic, forgave him, sent him off to heaven with a clean soul...and called the cops to turn herself in. She deemed it necessary that she be punished for taking a life. And she was driven not just by her own demons, but by evil in the world: there was no reconciliation for her after the Rwandan genocide, which was pure evil on a nationwide level. The comic denied he had any culpability in the slaughter, and even erased his accent offstage, but finally had to admit that he had played a part with his "jokes." Pretty powerful stuff...and knocked off the base of reality at the end.
  4. kwnyc

    S01.E12: Justice x2

    Well, if she'd also said: then you posed as a computer AI expert, Mr. Finch! I really would have lost it... 😉 Um, wow. "The Devil will see you now..." "And I'm still really upset about my incel accidentally shooting himself..." "I'm sorry, our time is up..." And some great posts above hitting all the points I loved and was blown away by. And yes, David's hits just keep on coming...so now he's got one bum arm and one bum ankle (on opposite sides.) Wouldn't surprise me if Ben gave him a panic button. And while I believe New Yorkers do take action when they see or hear something that's off, I think most of us would call 911 before knocking on the door of a strange house. (But then we would have been denied the sudden detour into sex play and the recommendation of a good dungeon.) Oh, and I really think that Dad has drastically shortened his life expectancy. And how DID the girls know what to chant? Unless he was lying to Kristen about teaching them. In which case: Dude...you do not want your daughters to offer their lives for their sister. Whew!
  5. I'm thinking more in terms of when he was actually committed to his dayjob he came up with some great plans; and when he took over the finances at his father's business, he put them on much better footing and they actually bought the place. (See also: Mrs. Moscowitz!) 😉
  6. This, 1000 times! Sophie COULD have made the leap in a more carefully-considered project (a comedy tailored for her with a few scenes to show her range), but that kind of move is far beyond her raging narcissism, and beyond Susie's knowledge of theater. Other comics have done this...I remember seeing Joan Rivers in a Broadway play called "Sally Marr and her Escorts," (about Lenny Bruce's mother!) which caused a lot of people to take a step back and say: hey, she can really act.
  7. I agree...that tore me apart (and her!) Great work all season from Alex Borstein, and goes to my feeling that the "One True Pair" in the show is Midge/Susie. (For me, that was cemented when Midge, who doesn't really think much about anyone else, took the time to give Susie the good advice that Sophie is a bully and needs to be treated as such.) It reminds me of VIctor/Victoria (one of my favorite movies) in which the REAL love story is between Julie Andrews' character and Robert Preston's. I also think Susie was right when she handed the finances over to Joel. He DOES love Midge, and always will, but they are never, ever getting back together. (Joel has also shown good business sense throughout the series.)
  8. Poor Albert (not). After all these years in England, he STILL doesn't realize that people aren't just waiting for him to drop pearls of wisdom on them and introduce them to modern new ways. :-) And his constant nagging at Victoria because she "needs" the love of her people is so much more complex than that: she gets things done, because she has learned from her various PMs that it's much easier to get things done when the people support you. She's enough of a flawed personality to be interesting, but she's got an intuitive grasp (as she matures) on how to appear to her people.
  9. Me, too. By this time in the 19th century, there were organized groups that helped freed slaves and slavery was being declared illegal in some of the states.
  10. I've had a few friends who needed transplants, and it can be very intense for the donor. (Last year, a friend needed a liver, and another friend gave him half of hers...she was out of work for 6 weeks! He is doing very well.) Also, with kidneys, if you have a donor, they don't necessarily have to be a match...you can become part of a "daisy chain," in which several donors are matched with several recipients, based on matches. (My friend who needed the kidney got hers that way.) That said...it really was a beautiful episode. And Bonnie knowing how to talk to Tammy about her anger because she'd had to get through her own about her mother was real growth on her part. Kristi still struggles with her own honesty...not going ahead with the organ donor form. (I have always indicated I'm a donor on my license.) NY, where I live, has the worst percentage of organ donors in the US. (Maybe because so many people in NYC don't have drivers' licenses.) Another friend of mine lost her son to a serious head injury, and he helped 5 people with his organs...but members of her family told her she was going to hell for doing that to him. So yeah, this episode brings up a lot of deep feeling in me...which I count as an honest response to a really good episode.
  11. kwnyc

    S01.E11: Room 320

    Now we know that Harbor Hospital is the medical equipment to (L&O's) Hudson University: you don't go there unless you want to be murdered. But wow...very trippy, including all the weird shows on the TV. I'm assuming that everything we saw from David's POV was him plus massive painkillers. So he might have seen things and interpreted them one way when they were actual real actions. (Like he thought he was speaking to Kristen, but all that was coming out was a slur/mumble.) I liked the callback to Kristen's detective friend, who also knows how to wield her authority. And that she called again on her therapist to outrank the evil nurse, and threaten the attending physician as a fellow doctor. Kristin has good friends and knows how to use them. And was the Chinese prophet really speaking to David in his dream? Or was she manifested by his subconscious/survival instinct. It could be either...he has shown that he's got some kind of beyond-the-body visualization capabilities. (Though only under extreme pain/hallucinogents.) Reminded me of the part of that Sandra Bullock movie where George Clooney came in from outer space and advised her when she knew he was dead. Or when Harry Potter was temporarily killed and met Dumbledore who told him: Of course it's in y our head, Harry. But that doesn't mean it's not real. And I do think it will be revealed that Leland is behind both Ghana and Evil Nurse (otherwise, why the Ghana plotline?) Also, evil nurse looked kind of like a blonde Mayim Bialek, and it creeped me out. And Ben had the right idea in trying to track down Ghana through the game (good questions, Ben & Judy!) But he should not have mentioned Kristen's kids' names...it will somehow come back. And Judy seemed to have had some kind of collapse/epiphany after working with David & Ben. The cameras everywhere, her "Fridays are for the universe," and immediately going with them when she heard David was hurt. He also has a way of inspiring people. I wonder if Judy was a non-believer before she worked with David. Enjoying the hell (so to speak) out of this show!
  12. kwnyc

    What About Wendy?

    Totally OT, I have a patent. And no, I'm not telling you what it's for! 😉
  13. Back to the "never been to Philadelphia" thing...in the first season, didn't Joel take Midge to see Lenny Bruce at the Troc (infamous Philly strip club)?
  14. She is trying to take some responsibility in providing a home for her children and her parents; I was impressed how she went to Moishe to ask him to help her buy her old apartment. (And Moishe is hard to take, but he can be a mensch. He didn't have to take Midge's parents in.) Her plan to use everything she had earned on the road to give her kids' and parents a stable home was something that she wouldn't have been capable of in the first season. (And it will be interesting if she finds out that Susie gambled away the money, even though she is trying to make good on it.) She also stepped in and used her powers for good when she got onstage at Joel's club. Getting called out on things is good for her, though not comfortable. When her ex-fiance showed up and tore her a new one, it forced her to admit her cowardice and that she hadn't even considered him when she had a chance to grow her career. And she finally got honest, but too late: she had considered going back to "housewife" status until she had the chance to go on the road with Shy. MAYBE Benjamin would have been able to make a marriage work with someone who is on the road and talks about personal things (or not), but she didn't give him (or herself) the chance. And getting thrown off the tour was another object-lesson: she screwed up a good job and a regular paycheck by not thinking things through (and behaving like a pro). Reggie gave her good advice if she hadn't gone the wrong way with it: she started off well and won the crowd over...she didn't need to go all "chiffon" "makeup" "closet" and "Judy Garland" in her act. That was also a tough lesson to learn: Shy is NOT her friend. They are co-workers on a long tour. You can get close to people, make friends with some of them, but remember who is the boss and who pays the bills. Midge never had to think of that. And now she does. Reggie taught the both of them a good lesson. And, in the world of show biz, there could conceivably be a time when they work together again. If it's good for their careers, they will do it. I'm extremely interested in seeing where '60-'61 (or wherever the next season goes) takes us.
  15. But if Susie is gay (which I think she is, and they NEVER give us anything about that) she might have picked up on it and not mentioned it to Midge. I also agree that if the band/singers had been with Shy for awhile, they probably knew and also knew they'd be fired if they ever mentioned it.
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