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  1. We were watching Picard, and recognized Rebecca Wisocky (Hetty) as Rahmda, the reclaimed Borg/Romulan. Bit of a stretch. :-)
  2. Kinda like all the students at Hudson University on L&O get murdered!
  3. How many of y'all live in NYC and see cops every day? (I'm sure there are a number of us.) In the real world, there are some serious issues with how cops who go too far are punished. Just today, I read an article in Pro Publica in which NYPD finally released the body cam footage of 7 cops to the Inspector General. They had been refusing to release it, then not releasing it ostensibly because "it showed a minor." The footage also showed at least one officer severely beating a man. Interactions I've had with NYC cops on occasions like going to a precinct to get an accident report have
  4. ...and the episode her PTSD triggered gave her a LOT to think about. Delilah is going to have to do some growing up fast, both because of having her PTSD and because she knows something (though not much) about her mother's other life. I really hope she doesn't get kidnapped. Blue Bloods has done THAT one... NB: The DA actually seems to be the Manhattan District Attorney. One thing NYC police shows tend to gloss over is that there is a DA in all five boroughs, each with its own office and head. Robyn seems to live in Brooklyn, and a lot of the perps they've gone after have been in Que
  5. Just checking in to say Mel is badass. Liking the growth of the characters and their arcs...she was hellaciously mad at Bishop (with reason) earlier in the season, but he is "family." The DA is a good politician, and has realized that it's good to have Robyn on her side. The episode where her old colleague's daughter got in touch seems to have gotten Robyn thinking about having some kind emergency/backup herself. They can keep exploring the blurry line between legal/illegal, justice/oppression through the different prisms of the various characters for awhile. I keep comparing this s
  6. That's not actually the definition of racism. Racism is a SYSTEM in which people of another race are held to a different standard. In Blue Bloods' OnePP, there is not one POC in the commissioner's inner circle, in a city (and police force) that has a significant number of POC members.
  7. That's generally something white people say. Crime statistics show that arrests/sentencing have a much greater impact on non-white communities than white ones.
  8. "Everyone knows breasts are called headlights!" We laughed out loud at that one. And now we know why Sheldon hates engineering AND geology. It also occurred to me that old Sheldon mocks his colleagues who went to schools that are considered better than a state university in Texas (Howard went to MIT, Leonard went to Princeton, and Raj went to Cambridge.) Rice (Houston) would have been a more prestige degree, but at least as it's portrayed on the show, Houston is not commutable from Medford!
  9. In terms of getting Delilah therapy, they could say that Robyn is a "private detective" and leave it at that. It could explain why she is sometimes in danger, and that she has law enforcement contacts.
  10. kwnyc

    S01.E08: D&D

    I wonder if some actors were signed to "recurring" rather than "regular" contracts, in order to be able to produce a big-cast show.
  11. She's recurring, and it seems to me she's basically there to finally trigger Erin's run for DA. The thing is, elected District Attorneys are politicians. The current Blue Bloods Manhattan (we have DAs in every borough) DA is a politician. Erin is not. NB: if Erin runs for Manhattan DA, most of her family can't vote for her, as they live in other boroughs. It's inconvenient for the show to have 5 DAs (as in real life) and they only occasionally mention that people are charged in the different boroughs, but that's how it actually works. Our current DA in Queens is a white woman, the newly-e
  12. I predict this show will never have a Black woman regular in a position if power. (Whoopi was recurring, not regular). And Detective One Episode was right in that the drunk cop who got arrested should get significant punishment. There is a different standard for cops, and Gormley's there to argue for it Two cops have gone to rehab this season: one after being beaten and told to by a fellow cop, the other to save his career.
  13. kwnyc

    Media for Evil

    Emerson is good friends with one of our company members, and has come to see several of our shows, and even did a voiceover for one of them! (Playing a villain, of course!)
  14. kwnyc

    Media for Evil

    Not exactly media, but I wanted to mention I was at an event the other night where Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston were guests. I got to tell Emerson how much we liked the second season and thought they did some stuff they couldn't have gotten away with on broadcast TV. Told him they were the reason we subscribed to Paramount+. He thanked me sincerely, and asked what I liked better about this season, and I told him that I thought the voice and tone (both horror and humor) were stronger than ever. He liked that.
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