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  1. I'm just glad they didn't kill Terry! That kid was a sweetheart, and the fact that he was going to be able to break out of the working class by attending a "grammar school" was a quiet commentary on how, in some ways, the world was changing for the better. (And oh, yes, I was freaked out that no one testing the people for diphtheria was wearing a mask!)
  2. Christy is the Mary Richards of this show! Tammy and Bonnie are (literally) head and shoulders above the others. (And as a six-footer myself, I love seeing two tall women on my TV!) As I understand it, at least here in NY State, you need an AA degree at the minimum to be a counselor for addicts. If they wanted to explore it, Marjorie could certainly do that. (We don't know if she has a college degree or not; presumably she graduated high school). And that might even be endgame for Bonnie: she could take the GED and go to community college, like Christy did. (For that matter, so could any of the others; Wendy could become a nurse practitioner who specializes in addiction, and Jill (with her a Masters in Art History) could run a non-profit for addicts. (They seemed to be toying with that idea when she cleaned out her closet. Not that I WANT to see endgame any time soon!
  3. Bonnie has excellent instincts when someone is messing around with her family, Like Aunt Cookie with Tammy, and she instantly knew Adam's sponsor was on the make for him.
  4. I'll bet it was Victor's car. :-)
  5. Yeah, Christy's not as young as she was when she gave birth to Chandler & Monica's twins on "Friends!" 😉
  6. This is why I have a brother who is 14 years younger than I am! 🙂
  7. kwnyc

    What About Wendy?

    ...and her last name is Harris (which I'd forgotten.)
  8. Well, Georgie has a lot of money in the future as Dr. Tire, which actually is a goal he wanted. And I assume since he became the "man of the family" after George died, once he made his fortune, he makes sure no one is really hurting. (That was one of his issues with Old Sheldon.)
  9. George is actually a very good coach; that scene of him yelling at the team not to QUIT because they don't know what lies ahead was an example of that. He knows how to get the best out of each player. (He was, after all, recruited to a college program.) And that was gorgeous when Sheldon let his father take his hand. The character is most interesting when he's a little boy, as well as a genius. (Like when he took the refrigerator apart and couldn't get it back together.) There's just some fine acting and writing all the way 'round with this show.
  10. I totally agree with this; she still lands on her cushion of money when she does something rude or selfish. She HAS improved (as she and Marjorie discussed when Andy dumped her) but she's still not consistently a good person. None of them are yet (except Marjorie, who's been working on it longer). I agree she'd be problematic as a mother because her goal has always been to have someone who loves her unconditionally. And yet, she was a good foster mother, and found out how children can break your heart...so there's a part of her that's capable of looking beyond herself. As for Christy, of COURSE she doesn't want another kid. She is within reach of the goal she's been talking about since the beginning of the show. But the whole "find a man" thing is all they've been able to give her lately. It really does seem like the writers are looking around for a plot line that's more than "Christy finally achieves her goal." I wonder if that's because if she did end up passing the bar and getting a job as a lawyer, it would affect the dynamic of the group? I sure hope they don't have her give up on being a lawyer for some plot device like getting pregnant or going off with a guy.
  11. Speaking of missing children, have they ever mentioned where Jerry Garcia Conner is? Or was he all part of a dream, too?
  12. Who watched Sam Heughen on "Colbert" last night? And Sam brought his own whiskey: Sassenach! Sam on Colbert.
  13. ...not to mention that Bonnie HAS made proper amends to people she has stolen from: the lady whose house she broke into, and to Beverly, for stealing cat tranquilizers.
  14. Well, after last night's episode, Christy might not have a man, but she does have a couple of really soft track suits.
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