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Crisis on Infinite Earths - Aftermath Part One

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Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin discuss the crossover!

PART ONE OF A TWO-PART SPECIAL – In celebration of the massive new DC crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths, The CW is proud to announce Crisis Aftermath hosted by superfan, and frequent series director, Kevin Smith. We’ll go behind the scenes to explore every angle of this year’s explosive crossover, hear from the shows’ stars and the creative minds behind The CW’s biggest event yet, plus special guests, sneak peeks and surprises.
This thread is for discussion of the aftershow and the opinions discussed there. Regular episode discussion should remain in the episode thread.
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Kevin really is great at interviewing people. Which always makes me laugh because when he gets questions he turns into the human embodiment of a run on sentence. I say that with love. 

Kat’s talked about her approach to being the daughter of Oliver and Felicity but it’s nice to see it again because you can see how seriously she takes her character.

And LaMonica is so charming and cheerful that it proves his talents since The Monitor very much is not. 

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The aftermath show kind of seemed all over the place, but I suppose only one hour of the crossover has happened so there's still so much they can't say yet. I wish the guests - Kat, LaMonica, etc - had been on a little longer. Or they had more pre-taped segments with people. Hearing about how the actors are reacting to everything happening (on screen and off) is one of my favorite things!

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Wish we would have gotten to see more actors on the actual aftershow, but I enjoyed the bits with Kat and Lamonica. Also, it was nice getting to hear from a few of the writers from the Arrowverse and get their take on the mythos of all this. 

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17 hours ago, Bruinsfan said:

Smith must be exhausting to be around on a regular basis. They need to have an assistant with a tranq dart full of Ritalin waiting in the wings for the next one.

I've seen him at Comic-Con.  He's a great speaker but he never stops talking.  It's amazing he and the audience don't pass out from oxygen deprivation.  

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