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  1. Not during the Guza era. God, I miss Kristina from that time, where she'd read Sonny for filth on a daily basis.
  2. True, but I thought this was very appropriate from a character standpoint. Alexis's life has been hell, but in the last half decade she's reallyyyyy been put through a nonstop wringer. There needed to be some kind of culmination, and today was definitely that and more. I appreciate that we got this whole hour of delving into how her traumatic past with her father shaped her experiences, especially with men, in the present day. And the scene where she's hugging her inner child and letting her know that she can let that pain go, was just absolutely tearjerking. NLG knocked it out of th
  3. I thought lightning might strike when Nikolas said he'd look over Sam, Kristina, and Molly. This coming from the same man who selfishly kept Sam away from her husband for a year, even if it turned out he wasn't Jason after all. It's not a wonder why Sam doesn't talk to him anymore, or why Molly and Kristina were clearly uncomfortable with his presence today.
  4. Yeah I called this the moment those scenes started.
  5. Did Carly tell her grown f*cking, thirty-year-old, adult son what time his child's "bedtime" is? The writers MUST know what they write with the Corinthos clan tends to be strange and absurd. Also, if ANYONE told me to "play by my rules or you can't see your grandchild", I would have their wig on the floor. I hope they don't make Nina cower to Carly. Those confrontation scenes came off as a touch too demure on Nina's part. I really would've loved to see what Michelle Stafford's Nina would've done with it. The niece of LIESL OBRETCH, people, lets hope the writers don't forget it.
  6. So, like, Wanda's clearly mentally unstable (and furthermore, her mental health is a pretty big aspect of her character in the comics), and perhaps S.W.O.R.D isn't as clued in on that, but I mean this to say that instead of nearly nuking her or bombarding her with guns upon her exist from the bubble, there should've been some kind of mental health services on the ground to talk Wanda off her edge.
  7. This show just continues to engage me week after week, and the way they're using TV tropes to frame what happens in each episode has been nothing short of brilliant. AND THE EPISODE TITLES, "Now in Color" for the first colored episode, "We Interrupt This Programming" for the episode we finally saw what going on outside of Westview, and now "Breaking the Fourth Wall" when they pull the curtain back and reveal Agatha's been behind it all. Agatha was definitely waiting for Wanda to "break" so to speak. She was very blatantly manipulating her severe mental state all episode, and used it to l
  8. Not only does this possible Sam/Dante pairing have NO chemistry, it's also just plain weird. I mean, Sam and Dante have like a gazillion siblings/relatives between them (Kristina, Molly, Michael, and Leo all come to mind immediately). I've always viewed them as quasi-relatives themselves in light of that. But hey, soaps gon' soap lol.
  9. ALL OF THIS. Especially the bolded. Ava has been running in circles and spinning plates for him, and while I've never been that big of a fan of her character, even I feel bad for her! I thought Maura West did good work today with Ava's pleads to Julian, but it remains to be seen if he'll listen in time.
  10. I've noticed this phenomenon before: actors who do their best work or really give it their all again when they know they're about to leave.
  11. I'm even more convinced as of today that they're about to split up Jasam. And I have a theory that Jason possibly killing Julian (or even if Sonny does it himself), is gonna be the thing that puts the nail in the coffin. It'll be SO out of character to have Sam even care at this point, but I bet the writers will write her being conflicted over Julian's possible death.
  12. So baffling, but like you said, it works.
  13. So I'm not the only one who noticed Alex and Peter had some very creepy, very disturbing inappropriate chemistry going on. PHEW!
  14. Same with me. I actually like Valentin now. This is what this show has turned me into. xP
  15. I thought the voting special was fine enough. A timely message for some pretty turbulent times, even if it was a little "hammer on the head". I did love them acknowledging the intersectionality when it came to women of color. And another thing I liked was Maura West and Sydney Mikayla (Trina) opposite each other. I think Trina brings out a side of Ava we don't often get to see highlighted, and I liked how that was paralleled in the time travel story.
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