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S01.E09: Thanks-taking

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Jax convinces Arthur to join the choir's progressive Thanksgiving dinner and snoop in various choir members' homes to find a missing item. Meanwhile, Adams invites her handsome contractor to dinner as a set-up for Ginny, but he has something else in mind.

Original air date: 11/21/19

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Ha, Cash continuing to get Arthur to pay him to keep looking for his laptop was a pretty good hustle.

Dwayne - sex stallion!

Buh bye, Georgia. I'm not here for jealous/insecure girlfriends, especially since everything we've seen between Dwayne and Ginny since he met Georgia was platonic friendship.

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Oh no, Ginny backslid hard with Wayne, but at least she gets a new mug! Silver Lining! 

"I dont know if your going to end up in Juvy, or the White House." Cash clearly got his brains from his moms side. I love Wayne, but he is not much of a hustler. 

He did come up with some solid sex horse puns though! "There also something with Mr. Ed, but I havnt figured it all out yet."

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I don't love the canned and auto-tuned sound of the singing on this show. It really stood out when they were doing the barbershop quartet harmonizing. There was no way their individual voices should have sounded anything like that.

"Girls Named Heather Go To Hell Together" Yeah, that's why I'm still watching this show.

Why did they write Georgia off the show so quickly? If they didn't want to pay the actress, they could just refer to her offscreen.

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