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S01.E02: A Seat at the Table

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On 11/4/2019 at 2:06 PM, Ms Blue Jay said:

I'm into the show.

Don't listen the reviews, judge for yourself. 

I'm a "Faniston" though.  LOL

I had such low expectations after the reviews - but I really am loving this show. Aniston is fantastic. Everyone I know who is watching is really enjoying her in a non-Rachel or rom com role.

Only complaint is Witherspoon’s tragic wig.

Also, as a native WVian and coal miner’s daughter, I love Bradley. Her attitude, wit, sharp tongue, quest for honesty and subconscious self sabotaging are a pretty damn good representation of Appalachian women. Hollywood always gets it wrong. Her wig may be bad, and her accent may be off, but the attitude is right. 

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This ep really kicked it up a notch and I loved it! Jennifer Anniston is a damn dynamo in this role. I literally went “oh shit” (even though I saw it coming so it’s def a credit to Anniston’s acting) when Alex announced Bradley as her co-host. I don’t know if she won that round but I did love how she fought for what she wanted and gave the proverbial middle finger. 

Poor Bradley is just a pawn right now with the attitude of a knight, lol. I felt for her when she realized where she was sitting but I don’t buy her total naïveté. Like take a wild guess why your sitting at the table of one half of America’s favorite morning new duo, whose female, and who is in the middle of contract negotiations. 

Alex is mad at the wrong person and I liked how Bradley told her that not everyone can just say “f*** you” to the head of the network. 

Im definitely recommending this show. It’s may not be the next best thing since sliced bread but it’s good!

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Aniston is fantastic.

Bradley continues to bug. One minute she’s the naive southern belle who can’t understand why lil ol her is sitting amongst all the big wigs. Next she’s screaming at Chip or whoever for daring to disagree with her while everyone looks on in bemused adoration. That and all the family drama and she’s borderline Mary Sue.  

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