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S01.E02: Lainey’s All That


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Who here has seen the latest episode, "Lainey's All That"? I remember enjoying the movie She's All That in the late 90's, so I liked the references to that. Overall, I didn't like this episode as much as the series premiere though.

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I have such a soft spot for cheesy 90s teen movies, as problematic as so many of them are, so I enjoyed the Never Been Kissed shout outs, and I am liking the 90s references. And I did like that the teenager was fine with Laney NBKing her. 

But, you know, if Laney wants to be a better teach, maybe she should, I dont know, go to school and get a teaching degree?!?

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I don't remember her She's All That-ing Barry though. I thought he just wore her down and she realized she loved him, but I don't really remember.  And I get and fully understand why it is happening this way, but my brain does not like that the 2 shows are back-to-back and take place at least a decade-ish apart and Lainey doesn't look any older. And I know they don't say when in the 90s it takes place, but She's All That came out in 1999 and she looks exactly the same, not over 10 years older as she looked during Hands Across America.  Talking about Barry like he's a long ago relationship when we just saw her, wearing basically the same clothes and looking exactly the same not 5 minutes earlier stresses me out and distracts me from the show more than it should. 

But I am very impressed with the actor who plays C.B. and his ability to jump over his leg like that and that there is an actual C.B. 

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I LOVE there is an actual CB.  I hope Adam Goldberg mines all of his former teachers for both shows.

When She’s All That came out I was too old for it but I don’t care.  I love that movie and I love that song to pieces.

I wish I could  remember what he said, but when the teacher said her brooch was shaped like her vagina Tim Meadows’s reaction slayed me.

Also loved Coach Mellor’s “too far” when the kid said “or lovers.”

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On 1/13/2019 at 4:12 AM, goldenpuppy said:

ITA! I do lot get why this character and actress was given her own show .  She is not  good actress, and her character is so dull. The coach and principal save this mess to a point . 

And aren’t they in PA? Does that state just hire people to teach without degrees and certification?  No one producing or writing this show thought about making boring Lainey actually have more qualifications than Beverly Goldberg walking into the 90’s with her 80’s style and intimidating the principal?

I do not get the point of this show at all . The Goldbergs are stuck in the 80’s , but this show is in the 90’s?? That also makes no sense .

Is the William Penn Academy suppose to be public , private or charter? I also never understood what grades went to the school, was it a middle and high school combined, because Adam and Barry would be there longer then 4 years?

I also do not like the whole just walk in and get a job as a teacher because you  need a job? I know I have to think 90's not 2019 when it comes to hiring. My father made me get a teaching certificate in college in the 1990's, even though I had no desire to teach. He thought it would be good to have just in case. I went to an ivy league college and the student teachers in my class did not all get hired upon graduation. It was not like schools were in dire need. Plus music teachers are usually  easier to fill. There are lots of music and art majors that will go into teaching for stability and usually schools have one music teacher, unlike needing multiple math , science , and language arts teachers. 

I wish they had her favorite teacher inspire her to become a teacher or some life event bring her to teaching. The music teacher could have gotten ill and the school needed a sub so she became a sub and then loved teaching so much she decided to stay. Just something more realistic. 

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On 1/10/2019 at 12:54 AM, biakbiak said:

We also have one of the nieces that was in the original pilot.

Apparenrly, ABC replaced “I Believe You Can Fly” for the version that aired but it was sent to critics.

Was ABC the network that aired the R. Kelly investigation?


On 1/10/2019 at 2:03 PM, Kimmmmmm said:

I liked it more than I thought I would...and i like Lainey 1000 x more than any of the Goldbergs 

Good to know. I was pretty sure I still wasn't interested in The Goldbergs.


On 1/14/2019 at 2:10 PM, biakbiak said:

Empty Nest was most definitely a spin-off of The Golden Girls and actually has a story similar to Schooled. They did a back door pilot episode with Rita Moreno and Paul Dooley as an episode of the show called Empty Nesters and they had teenage children. That didn’t get picked up so they reworked it with Richard Mulligan and older daughters who were then introduced on the show but didn’t get a full back door pilot.

Nurses was a spin-off of Empty Nest. 

Blossom was in the same “universe” because NBC liked to do crossovers so it did it with a lot of shows.

Empty Nest was funny because Harry was a widower and living by himself, an empty nester. Then both daughters moved in halfway through the first season and Carol stayed the entire series. The title basically made no sense. GG, EN and Nurses had connected blocks called "Moonlight Madness" a couple of times where one plot would carry through the shows.


This show seems a lot like The "Bad Teacher" TV series that only had one season. Plus, it's weird that episodes occur years apart in "the 90's". I also looked up "She's all that." The girl's name was Laney.

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12 minutes ago, ketose said:

Was ABC the network that aired the R. Kelly investigation?

No but it was being talked about everywhere and it was the week of the premiere  so they changed it from the version that had been sent to critics.

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