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S14.E01: The Gang Gets Romantic

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Over 24 hours, and nobody posted a topic? Between The Challenge, South Park and needing to wake up early for work, IASIP might be a next-day watch for me.

If you missed it: the Gang start up BnB's. Mac uses a married couple to make rom-com tropes real, and the results are disastrous. Meanwhile, Charlie and Frank befriend a pair of quirky Austrians. Granted, the boys thought they'd be hot girls, and they did kick out the guests for hot, loose, heroin-taking girls, but real bonds were made.

It was an okay episode, though a lot hinges on nobody asking the guest characters key questions. Mac shifts from Dennis to Dee for love interests of the main character, and Dee get shat upon . . . as per the course. The end isn't a huge shock . . . you knew the couple's going to drop a bomb, you know it's going to be hideous . . . but you watch anyway. Also, to hear Dennis casually refer to his plot as "a trap," showing us out favorite brociopath is still creepy as fuck.

Anyone else try to visit warthog-orgyfart.edu? I need new interests.

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I'm curious if the last episode of the season will have Charlie and Frank back at the bus station to meet them.   Although I have a hard time picturing them maintaining that kind of attention span.

I chuckled that the last rom-com trope Mac tried was the "gay rom-com, that won't play in Middle America".

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Oh I didn't even realize this was back until I saw your post. So thanks for that.

Although plot-wise both stories were pretty obvious, there were a ton of laugh-out-loud moments. My favorite was hearing a chicken in the other room and then Dee comes in.

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Mac concocts a scheme to attract single women to rent Dennis' bedroom while Frank and Charlie make similar plans to draw in young, European coeds, but neither ad attracts their intended target.

I was underwhelmed by this one because the plot was a bit too contrived and it was pretty obvious that the couple weren't talking about what Mac and Dennis thought and that it would be awkward. I did enjoy the plunger scene at the hardware store with Dee and the husband, but I think she was treating the scene like a porno movie. OK, I did find it pleasantly surprising that Frank and Charlie's first guests turned out to get along so well. I hope we see them again.

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I too was caught off guard by the return.  It's harder to stay on top of returning shows since cancelling cable.  I have Sling TV but it's not worth the price so I'm cancelling it.  But it turns out none of the other streaming services I subscribe to (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and CBS All Access) carry this show.

I saw the second episode through Xfinity On Demand, Thursday night, while crashing at my uncle's house.  Then episode one through Sling. I guess I'll get 3, 4, and 5 on Sling before the subscription runs out.  Anyone know where I'll be able to find the rest of the season after that?

Anyway back to the episode: I loved it.  Along with episode 2, this is turning out a lot better than season 13, which was a terrible sequence of bottle episodes.  I loved how Dennis, after finding out Lisa (I think that was her name?) was married, just wanted to cut his losses but Mac was so eager to live out a romantic comedy that he egged him on.

I loved that Frank and Charlie's utterly ridiculous plan actually worked, but they were still not happy.  I hope we see Austrian Charlie and Austrian Frank again.

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