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  1. jcin617

    Star Trek: Picard Anticipation

    I think the simplest explanation is that Data's memory engrams in B4 took hold to such an extent that there's no real difference between them anymore.
  2. I thought I recall from s2 that the reason Billy was such a jerk towards Max was because Billy resented that his father actually treated her nicely as compared to how he treated him. Am I misremembering, or did it come up in one of the after shows?
  3. jcin617

    S03.E07: Under His Eye

    And unless there's some strong anti-American refugee sentiment in Canada we haven't been shown, we're supposed to assume Canadian citizens are going to be totally cool with thousands of Americans being rounded up and shipped out? Ugh, this show is starting to be a chore to watch.
  4. jcin617

    S03.E06: Household

    Also: if that whole prayer show at the Lincoln Memorial was for PR sake, what country would look at all those women with red muzzles on and go "Oh yeah, looks like everything is A-OK there." even if they didn't already know all the awfulness that goes on in Gilead. Not to mention they previously had all their PR spots with June unmuzzled, so...? To a much earlier point, people wondered why any country would give Gilead the time of day: Gilead has nukes, and seems to have already used them against the US (assuming that's where all the radiation in the Colonies comes from). Doesn't seem like they'd have a qualm using them against others if push came to shove. I don't know what is going on in their world with NATO (if the US exists, why isn't it helping? Does it consider it a civil war?) -- but seems like Canada could just ask the UK or France to station a few nukes as insurance. Not to mention US nukes that might still exist at bases in HI and AK.
  5. jcin617

    S03.E06: Household

    The problem is, while a frightening visual image, it pushed the whole concept of Gilead from "frightening because it skirts reality" to "this is totally unrealistic". For the reasons mentioned: How do they eat? How do they manage morning sickness? How does that setup not cause all kinds of damage during labor? What is even the point? A handmaid speaking out of turn would already be subject to all kinds of punishment. And if DC is the capital, why does it seem like all the major meetings and decisions seem to be going down in Boston?
  6. jcin617

    S02.E03: Butterfly/Cocoon

    No cell phones, but Angel knew what restaurant they were eating at; I suppose she could have said "Can we take 10?" whenever they were supposed to meet and then called the restaurant from the studio's phone to pass along a message. I mean I don't blame her either, but that would have been one option.
  7. jcin617

    S02.E02: Worth It

    I've wondered that too; in addition who pays for the gigantic trophies they give out for each and every category. Good lord, those can be expensive.
  8. jcin617

    Season 1 Discussion

    That was one of the plot holes in the show: where is all the power coming from? Even if there was a power plant in town it still needs fuel from somewhere. While hydroelectric plants can run unattended for a long time, more traditional ones are going to need someone to interact with it over 6 months. And as far as the cell service goes just because there’s a cell tower in town doesn’t mean any of the cell service is going to work, there still needs to be the whole carrier infrastructure to manage the call. No one seemed to bring up the point that after the buses dropped them off they must’ve had some way to leave the town (either by road or portal) so why aren’t they looking for that? If Campbell is a diagnosed psychopath, with known tendencies of animal cruelty, why is he attending the public high school and not a private school more accommodating. Especially if his parents were actively afraid of him. Why make Sam and him brothers, when that played almost no part in the story. The exposition about Campbell could’ve been provided by his cousins. Lastly, for a town so wealthy, $1.5 million for some clean up project (or whatever was behind the smell) doesn’t seem like something they’d be all bent out of shape about paying.
  9. jcin617

    I Am Mother (2019)

    It's a philosophical question whether you can ascribe "good" or "bad" to the actions of an AI thinking logically. Although I think based on Mother's lessons (the doctor/patient/organ question) she would definitely argue she was acting in the best interests of humanity as a whole (the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the one, and all that). I'm going to hazard a guess though that while she was rebuilding the Earth for Daughter and the others to come, I would not be surprised if she remained an ever-present figure to ensure humanity followed whatever path she deemed appropriate. Basically she had deduced Asimov's Zeroth Law of robotics, taking the logical conclusion of the Three Laws that human life itself must be protected above an individual's life.
  10. jcin617

    I Am Mother (2019)

    That’s what I was thinking too. I guess Mother decided Daughter had to actually make the choice.
  11. jcin617

    I Am Mother (2019)

    I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the ending... with Mother’s cryptic comment to the Woman about having a purpose...
  12. jcin617

    S03.E03: Useful

    Some of what Lawrence says I interpret to be the very tongue-in-cheek things someone might say that are just over the ridiculousness of it all. Like I thought his "See? Women can be useful." line as playing to the room, rather than something he really believed, since he earlier made a point to June that he helped Emily because she was smart and can help mankind. He can't help everyone so I think he really is one of those "pick the battles that matter" type of people. Like the prisoners: he worked to get 5 saved because that's all "they" would allow, now he was stressing over which 5 were most important to save. (And maybe he even, in a round-about fashion, was telling June - "pick the 5 that will help you"). Anyway, he is fascinating. He's not purely evil, since he could have turned June in 6 times over by now, not to mention he never had to take her in, in the first place. But he's not really purely altruistic either, given his rant about June being an adulterer and pointing out that incident with her daughter being sick at school while she was at work that one time. (Seriously, what kind of database does Gilead have access to... or were pro-Gilead folks already taking notes on everybody before the coup.)
  13. jcin617

    S03.E03: Useful

    By all the rules of Gilead we've seen, Aunt Lydia was right: June should be up on the wall. We've seen people punished far more severely for much less than what June gets away with. But then we wouldn't have a story.
  14. jcin617

    S03.E03: Useful

    OK, so is Boston the capital of Gilead? Because it seems like all the major meetings and councils are held there. At first I thought Commander Lawrence was having June in the meeting so she could overhear the plans. But then he was just being a dick. Or maybe both. Then I couldn't figure out what lesson, if any, he was trying to teach her at the prison facility. That his books and ideas were twisted around just as much as Selina Joy's where? That he's just as much a prisoner of the system he indirectly helped create? Or was he just being vindictive?
  15. jcin617


    A fantastic conclusion to a fantastic series. (Although not fantastic events). I like that the epilogue explained and touched on a lot of the very things brought up in this forum. I had read previously about what went wrong inside the reactor and I thought it was very well explained here.