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  1. Yeah, I had to side-eye Georgia's-Only-Espresso-Machine-Repairman plot. I get they needed a storyline where Victor and Benji were travelling together, a risk of Victor getting to Mia's on time, and somehow for them to have to spend the night, but they could have accomplished that through another story line I think.
  2. Some of the choices led to long and funny outcomes. I had a lot of fun with this!
  3. As for Dylan, I can only assume he wasn't fully dead when he hit the bottom, and he was "alive" enough to scan. For paying for things after you are uploaded: maybe there's some kind of investment plan that can generate enough income to pay for you. After all, the only expense you have is the service itself (and whatever options you add). My biggest head-scratcher was the fact there's only one instance of "you" that moves around on a hard drive. You're talking about people's digital souls - you think they'd back that up. (I mean, coming from IT - how would they manage a disaster recovery scenario? An accidental deletion? etc.)
  4. Desktop, Windows 10, Edge. The location on this site doesn’t seem to matter it’s almost always when I click to go into any thread. I’ll try to grab a screenshot later. ETA: Actually today it has seemed OK, so far.
  5. jcin617

    Contagion (2011)

    People did recover from MEV-1 (the fictional virus) as they mentioned at one point in the movie the mortality rate was between 25-30%. Based on the numbers that were thrown around over the course of movie, the estimates are the fictional virus killed 25 million people. The thing with the movie virus, though, is a person infected with MEV-1 typically became symptomatic within 24-48 hours and succumbed to the virus within 4 days. A nationwide lockdown of a couple weeks would pretty quickly halt a virus that was that fast acting, unless it lived on surfaces for a long time. With regards to those whose birthdays were towards the end of the vaccine distribution period - by the time 60% of the population had the vaccine, herd immunity would start to take effect decreasing their chances of catching the virus anyway (and all those who are now immune could starting doing errands, etc. for those still not vaccinated).
  6. Did Picard think to tell the Admiral that Commodore Oh is a Romulan agent? She was sending the task force for him, but then we never really saw him follow-up with her after Agnes shared the Oh revelation. (Or did he tell her as part of their conversation? I don't recall when who knew what... )
  7. For those familiar with the Mass Effect series, the "vision" we keep seeing of the "hell" caused by anti-synth big bad reminds me of the vision caused by beacons left behind by the Protheans as a warning against the Reapers, who also came around to stop civilizations from becoming too advanced to develop synthetic life.
  8. I think Brendan was just a representation of the Doctor’s life in their memory - being found as a child, growing up, becoming a Time Lord secret agent, then having their memory wiped. Thinking more about it, having previous cycles calling themselves the Doctor is even dumber from a story point - any Time Lord who knew them (like the one who was chasing the Doctor with the Jadoon) would know their name and might find it a little odd when our Doctor comes alongs and calls themself the same thing.
  9. Not sure why the Doctor from an earlier life cycle had a TARDIS shaped like a police box, or why she would have even called herself the Doctor, or when/why they would keep erasing the Doctor’s memories (every 12th regeneration to make them look like a normal Time Lord?) I suppose I shouldn’t put too much thought into it.
  10. Seven becoming a space ranger sort of makes sense when you figure that a) establishing order is sort of in a former Borg's wheelhouse and b) Chakotay could have imparted all kinds of wisdom from his Maquis days about fighting "the good fight" for people abandoned by the Federation. Heck, he may have been central to getting her involved in the first place. I wonder how the rest of the command crew of Voyager reacted to Icheb's death, they all were close to him as well (although not as much as Seven, obviously).
  11. After Praxis exploded, the Federation proposed a complete evacuation of Q'onos at the Kitomer Conference and until that time the Klingons had been mortal enemies of the Federation as well. It seems strange the Federation would become so blasé this time around, especially after the aid the Romulans gave during the Dominion War... and even more especially given the vested interest the Vulcans would have had in saving the Romulans. (Although, I suppose that was the point of Spock's last ditch effort with the red matter.) I guess the scale and immediacy of the evacuation of Romulus and surrounding systems was far more daunting.
  12. Mutt was in an episode of s4 which I think was after his brother was born? But yeah they otherwise kind of forget he exists. Especially the episode where Jocelyn and Roland wanted to find someone to care for the baby if anything happened to them, never once mentioning their adult son as an option (or not).
  13. I concur; my suspicion is no one wants for anything on Earth, but that doesn’t mean everyone has luxury homes. Of course how one person gets a spacious home versus a standard apartment is a mystery. I think Rafi’s general point was Picard lost his job at Starfleet, but still had a family home and winery to go back to, whereas she probably had nothing else and was basically left adrift.
  14. I suspect replicated wine, of a particular winery/vintage all tastes exactly the same since it follows a blueprint. Whereas non-replicated wine (or any non-replicated food) has differences in aroma, flavor and body. Compare listening to music digitally versus on an LP - same music, different experience.
  15. As a Bostonian I really was tickled to have them show 24th century Boston. I also got a chuckle that apparently King's is still around (at least per a screen-shot that showed there was a neon sign for the place in the scene.)
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