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  1. Lara: "The Eradicator was never meant to supplant host consciousnesses!" Me: "Then why did you name it 'The Eradicator'." Anyway, if it just transfers consciousness, where do the super abilities come from? Because that implies it also mucks around with a host's physiology (which clearly it does). When they erased the Kryptonian consciousnesses from the Smallvillians, curious why they didn't just fall out of the sky and go splat. Also: how did they know where to find Lara's consciousness? I guess Edge had already found it, but hadn't downloaded it yet...?
  2. I appreciated Simon setting some boundaries for what Victor can talk to him about, and what he should be talking to his boyfriend about.
  3. Curious what million “possible futures” Dr. Strange viewed with the Time Stone in Infinity War if the TVA ensures only the Sacred Timeline exists. I suppose the Time Stone lets you see all possible branches, but only the “right one” would be allowed to come to fruition (even if you don’t know which that will be). Seems like the Time Stone would be a major pain in the neck for the TVA. But I also sort of agree with Loki; who gave the Timekeepers the right (or power?) to decide the proper timeline?
  4. The rule the past few seasons I believe has been if you try the Mega Wall and fail, you only get one shot at the standard wall (as opposed to 3 attempts). ETA: @ams1001 beat me to it!
  5. Thanks! Shows how observant I've been!
  6. I wonder why they didn’t show anyone’s time while they ran the course (except towards the very end for those going for fastest time).
  7. I don't think he has a special thing, per se. The other members were genetically augmented to boost a specific ability (Intelligence, Strength, Awareness, Precision), but Echo was just "rebuilt" for lack of a better word. I think being cybernetic is his deal.
  8. I felt so bad for Jimmy and Danny, and I thought, well Ed and Karen would take them under their wing but then as far Danny goes: awkward! And they do have a very wealthy step-father. I’m going to guess Danny follows in his parents’ footsteps.
  9. ETA, I was going to say that so far all the provocation has come from the Soviets - planting the spying device in the first American mine, planting the spying device inside Jamestown, seizing the American mining site... but then I recalled Ed stealing the Soviet rover and kidnapping the Soviet cosmonaut. I'm assuming the Soviet attack is an attempt to rescue the cosmonaut they think is being held against his will. Margo wasn't kidding that wars have been started for less than the initial shooting. A direct attack on a US base? I'm not sure how this is going to be de-escalated. Maybe
  10. Yeah, my assumption was the bullet probably struck the metal of his O2 tank, and set the oxygen on fire.
  11. Oh Karen. While it's a few years after this time period, reminds me of the SNL skit Bad Idea Jeans. I'm not sure how "Have affair with my husband's best friend's 19 year old son." works out as anything but utter disaster in her head. Meanwhile, on the Moon - that went downhill fast. I'm still not sure if it'll lead to "we have to cooperate more to avoid this kind of incident" or just increase the arms race on the Moon since now the Soviets will believe they also need to be armed. My guess is the later... I don't know how Apollo-Soyuz would still be moving forward now.
  12. There really wasn’t anything the Soviets could do to stop them though. They wouldn’t even have heard them coming. Once they saw the Americans were armed running away was about the only choice. How would this not have major repercussions...
  13. So we have two American astronauts in the USSR (which, why were they apparently alone? There would at least have been a CIA handler or two with them) at the same time the US is planning to retake that mine on the moon. It seems like things can go sideways pretty quick.
  14. That is one thing I'm curious about; Agatha said Wanda's powers rivaled that of the Sorcerer Supreme - and Kamar-Taj's whole raison d'être (or at least, their Sanctums) is to protect our reality. So... seems like everything happening in Westview was right up their alley.
  15. It looked like the road continued in a straight line, so maybe it actually encircles the town - sort of like Main Street in Pleasantview: "Why, everyone knows that the end of Main Street - is just the beginning again!"
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