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  1. I went to Target on Saturday specifically to pick up discounted chocolates, and they had nothing! All the Easter stuff was already out at full price. Disappointing.
  2. One of the grocery strores near me sells a package of 3 peppers - red, yellow and green. I love all peppers, except green, which I find bitter. Oh, and the sad red peppers in frozen meals, though I find fresh ones delightful. Technically they are all the same, just different stages of ripened fruit. For me. it's finding mushrooms in things. I loathe mushrooms.
  3. I snorted just thinking about it. My rewatch stalled out on Season 3. I just could not get past Hell Money. Hoping to have time to pick it back up during winter break, though I may just skip that episode or I'll never get any further.
  4. My dad does that all the time. Sometimes it's the middle of a conversation we never even started at any point, and yet somehow he expects you to know what he's talking about. It is exhausting.
  5. Cefdinir was the antibiotic I took after my wisdom tooth extraction. I didn't have any bad side effects, other than the fact that it was an uncoated generic pill that was the most bitter thing I ever put in my mouth. I could taste the bitterness all the way down my esophagus, and it made everything I ate taste like brussels sprouts. I like brussels sprouts, but not when I'm trying to eat mashed potatoes. It was so weird.
  6. Thanks for validating what I thought. I wasn't sure if I was reacting that way because I honestly don't really like her in general. She's always rubbed me the wrong way because she has a very high opinion of herself and tries to show off. Good to know my perception of her wasn't affecting my reaction that's she's an asshole for asking. I also asked an AP colleague who knows her and he agreed as well.
  7. Today a fellow teacher emailed me to ask if I could send her my materials to help her tutor a student in the subject for which I am the AP teacher at our school. She is tutoring a non-district student and being paid for her time, probably very well. There is usually only one AP teacher in a given subject in a school, and we make up all our own materials that fit the curricular requirements. It is not an easy course to prep for. Even if I use a pre-made worksheet I'm always tweaking it to fit my needs and those of my students. My course is the result of 14 years of careful thought and consideration, that I created for my own use to teach district students. Even I don't do private tutoring for out of district AP students because it's very difficult. It would be different if she was teaching another section of AP and wanted to look at my materials to get a feel for the course, and I would have no problem sharing to get her started. Or even if she asked for a particular worksheet on a particular topic. But she asked for access to my teacher drive, which would be all of my materials. If she doesn't have materials to tutor the kid, she shouldn't have agreed to tutor them. Plus, not for nothing, I don't think she has the content knowlege to do a good job regardless. Am I an asshole for thinking that she's an asshole for even asking? Obviously I said no.
  8. I chew gum when I have a sore throat. I shouldn't because I did have TMJ issues last year, but actual mentholated throat lozenges make me nauseated. The gum keeps my mouth moistened and has a cooling effect. My thermostat is screwy and it's making me crazy. Why does it keep setting itself to 85 degrees? I feel like I'm suffocating.
  9. I didn't think that was awful, but I wouldn't buy it again. On the other hand, I could bathe in the Wegmans cilantro jalapeno hummus it's so good.
  10. I have an appointment for Thursday to take my car in for an oil change. I made the appointment last Thursday. So far I have gotten three emails and one text message reminding me of my appointment that is still 4 days away. I know there will be more reminders between then and now. Then, after I have the oil changed and pick it up, I will get no less than 3 emails, one telling me my car is ready (usually I've been driving home for at least 15 minutes when I get that one), one thanking me for using MazdaDealer, and one to do a survey. Related to that peeve is that I am peeved with myself. I wasn't paying attention on Thursday (because I was looking at my mileage and thinking about how I needed to make an oil change appointment) and I backed into my garage door while it was still opening. It should've been open by that point but yeah. I'm an idiot. I will also need touch up paint at the dealer. There's a dent too, not a big one, and I don't particularly care about it, but I don't want the paint chip to rust. Bah.
  11. That's the worst kind of appointment to be kept waiting for. Ugh. A lot of people (myself included) have anxiety about that particular visit. To be kept waiting in the exam room? Fuck that.
  12. I worked in a doctor's office for a few years as a medical assistant. Most appointment slots were double or triple booked, though I would double book an office visit with something that took a minute or two like a wound redressing or if a patient was a known, serial no-show. Part of my job was keeping the rooms moving. I don't think anyone ever waited more than 20 minutes unless there was a patient that took an inordinately long time with their appointment because of a complex issue. We used to have this one elderly woman who always wanted the first appointment in the morning at 8am. She would then proceed to show up at 7:30, before any of us had even arrived to open the office, and then complain that she had to wait in her car. She would do this every time she had an appointment. Had she shown up at her actual appointment time, her wait would've been less than 5 minutes. Keeping you waiting over an hour past your appointment time is ridiculous. There is only one doctor I'll wait that long for, and it's my neurologist because she actually listens to me, which is a rarity. I actually have an appointment with her Monday at 11am. Between waiting and the actual procedure, I'm sure I'll not be out of there before 1pm. Every other neurologist I've seen has been a raging, arrogant asshole, to the point where I thought it might've been a prerequisite for choosing that specialty.
  13. Speaking as someone raised on homemade sauce, Rao's is absolutely the best jarred sauce you can buy. It's a little expensive for jarred sauce, but absolutely worth it if you don't feel like making your own.
  14. It's been hotter than hell here in NJ too, and I'm sick of it. It was supposed to be cooler today, and I guess it is at 89 degrees instead of 100, but the air is so humid you could wring it out. Absolutely disgusting. That being said, I 100% prefer it to cold temperatures because at least the heat doesn't make all my muscles stiffen up so I can barely move. I think we're getting thunderstorms lately to really break the heat wave and hopefully the humidity.
  15. The Magnum pints with cherry ice cream are divine too.
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