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  1. My basement still has the faux wood paneling my father put in when he finished the basement. It was done just in time for my first birthday party in 1979.
  2. My cable bill is usually due on the 6th of the month. Today, it dawned on me that I never received a copy of the bill in the mail. I go over to the website for Cablevision/Optimum/Altice/whatever the hell they are now so I can pay online, and it's being a royal pain in the ass and taking forever to open. "Sorry, we can't load that information right now". I finally get the site to load in a different browser, only to see that my bill has gone up by something like $11. And I noticed I have fewer channels than I used to, on top of it. Such a load of bullshit. Maybe people wouldn't b
  3. It's been a little chilly here for the past few days, but it's going to warm up again by Tuesday thankfully. I wouldn't mind so much if my house wasn't 62 degrees first thing in the morning when it's time to get up, or if there had been a transition period between 80s and 50s/60s, but this extreme change is for the birds. Bastet, we had an earthquake here in NJ last week at 2am. Earthquakes in NJ are not impossible, but they are not common by any stretch. I got woken up out of a dead sleep by what sounded like a loud explosion. I literally thought someone's house exploded. It was onl
  4. Mary, merry, and marry are 3 words with three different pronounciations. I think NJ is one of the few places for which that is a true statement. Dawn and Don are also different. My favorite interaction with someone from New England involved him looking for his "khakis". I was completely befuddled - this was not a person who would ever be caught dead in khaki pants. Turned out he was looking for his car keys. I don't have a particularly strong accent I don't think, except on a few words like coffee, chocolate, and talk. Then it's pretty obvious I was born and raised in centra
  5. That definitely contributes to me being a loud talker as well, although I hadn't thought of that part of it until you pointed it out. Good call. I say that word an awful lot as a science teacher. I feel like I say "dayta" most of the time though, and "datta "when it's followed up with another word, like "data table" or "data driven". Which makes no sense, but there you go.
  6. I'm a bit of a loud talker, but I come by it honestly. Both my dad and a great aunt I spent a lot of time with growing up were very hard of hearing, so loud talking was a necessity. It comes in handy now that I'm a teacher. Even the kids in the back of my very large classroom can still hear me, and will be able to do so even through a mask when we finally go back face to face.
  7. Same here. Black walnuts bigger than golf balls. It sounded like we were under attack. The worst part is, I can't even clean up all the nuts because I'm allergic.
  8. I'm glad I work in a public school and we don't have office parties or gift exchanges. I'm more than a little annoyed at the IRS. My dad still hasn't gotten his stimulus despite a letter saying it was mailed on May 15th. Today, I called and finally got through to a person, and they were completely useless. Basically, I was told he has to wait. Well, that's fine, but want to know if it actually got mailed out. Is it lost in the mail, or did the IRS never actually mail it out? He didn't have access to that information. Then, to add a wrinkle, the amount is $2400, according to the lett
  9. Teaching remotely is a super pain in the ass. Obviously, there's no expectation of continuity of instruction, so that's a problem. I feel like I am doing more work than I would if we were in school planning and prepping all these activities my students can do at home, and then I have to grade their poorly handwritten and photographed assignments (no typing because they'd all just pass around the same document) and provide meaningful feedback, all while attempting to not go blind using my district issued laptop's miniscule screen with muddy resolution. Good times.
  10. What monitor did you get? Now that I'm teaching from home for the foreseeable future, a bigger monitor is definitely needed or I'm going to go blind trying to decipher student's chicken scratch handwriting off blurry images of the worksheet they printed out.
  11. We found out late on Friday that school is cancelled for the next week. I suspect that it will be longer, but that my district is waiting for the governor to make the call for the entire state. We are doing online learning so that the days still count toward the required 180, and tomorrow is a snow day so that the teachers like myself can put together all the relevant materials to put online for the kids. My gut feeling is we'll be out at least until May, so I brought home every answer key from now to the end of the year just in case. I went to the grocery store yesterday for perishable
  12. I went to Target on Saturday specifically to pick up discounted chocolates, and they had nothing! All the Easter stuff was already out at full price. Disappointing.
  13. One of the grocery strores near me sells a package of 3 peppers - red, yellow and green. I love all peppers, except green, which I find bitter. Oh, and the sad red peppers in frozen meals, though I find fresh ones delightful. Technically they are all the same, just different stages of ripened fruit. For me. it's finding mushrooms in things. I loathe mushrooms.
  14. I snorted just thinking about it. My rewatch stalled out on Season 3. I just could not get past Hell Money. Hoping to have time to pick it back up during winter break, though I may just skip that episode or I'll never get any further.
  15. My dad does that all the time. Sometimes it's the middle of a conversation we never even started at any point, and yet somehow he expects you to know what he's talking about. It is exhausting.
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