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  1. I work with David. He's a nice guy now. Still sober and doing well.
  2. When the millionaires are "celebrities" it ruins what little authenticity the show had left, because however is picked as a date is automatically going to kiss their ass.
  3. That video was..horrible. It even used the same font for the chyrons as The Hills.
  4. So I guess Janeane really is gone and we're stuck with Delia now. Most awkward write-off ever. Is this really a thing? I can see her being fired by her boss but I didn't think the American Bar Association cared who its members slept with.
  5. This gave me a laugh - the word collectively being used to describe the whole cast. For some reason Peter has always been the only one I respected out of this group so it makes me feel bad to see him torn down by Jax (of all people!) and Vail. Although I agree that the "staring them in the eyes" thing was pretty funny. I thought the whole thing was a set-up for them to become a couple because they actually seem like a good match but when she started taking jabs at him on the date I realized it was going in the opposite direction. It was especially heinous when she went back to Sur and told Katie that Peter talked about all the women he had dated in the past...dude, you left out the part where YOU ASKED! Ugh.
  6. I officially hate Vail after this episode. If you don't want the guys at SUR to think you're interested, don't flirt with them! It was painful to watch her attempts to humiliate Peter on the faux date.
  7. Are we really going back to the format where Patti acts as an armchair psychologist to these idiots and forces them to do fake activities to "teach" them things? I hated it when they did it at the beginning of the series and was so happy when it was cut in favor of more time for interviewing and mixing. Except for the makeovers, those were always great. I was much more entertained by this show when it was actual real-life millionaires and not celebrities. I was really excited to see some of the people in these past few episodes but now that I've realized how fake they all are it just ruins the vibe. What is Stephanie Pratt's job and why is she always travelling? And I'm also with the viewers commenting on the lack of Patti's weird boyfriend, David I think? What happened there, anyone know?
  8. Some of these couples were so weird during the death activity. It made me tear up just looking at that crash scene..some of them had no emotional response whatsoever! I wish Jim would have asked them the question I was wondering: "It really doesn't bother you or bring forth any genuine emotion to see your partner dead?"
  9. I'm in the group who thinks Mei was nasty to her brother. The reason it seemed mean-spirited and not just "they way they are" is because Harley never really gave it back to Mei, whenever she was nasty he just chuckled uneasily. It would be different if they had a back and forth banter, but it seemed Harley was a little intimidated by his older sister and really just sought her approval.
  10. I thought it was hilarious when TJ was explaining the suck and blow challenge and he said "This is something each of you couples has done before" and far off in the distance you could hear Bananas yell "Allegedly!"
  11. This cracked me up as well. I don't really read Perez Hilton's blog but I hear he has made a living making fun of and degrading celebrities for the past 10 years. There is NO WAY a whole bunch of people, nonetheless celebrities, would come together to celebrate that! It was the most bizarre set-up. And absolutely no mention of "Uh oh, because I've the nature of my business I'm scared no one will want to celebrate me!" It was just weird.
  12. Phoebe is the worst. There is no way that a middle-aged mother (I don't recall ever seeing her kids but I'm assuming since the moms know each other from school she has some) would have anything to gain from being the third in a threesome. I also thought it was stupid that she just blew off the couple when they asked her to move in. I'm sure if she just said no they would have been ok with it.
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