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  1. At the Inspiration Point zip line you are seated. I think it could be done with skirts. Poor Anna. I think she is actually a pious person and will stick with that two-timing jerk no matter what. Will Josh change? Hate to be cynical but I think the only thing he learned is not to use his real name and be more careful when he cheats. I actually gave him a pass on the molestation thing because of the way he was raised and by whom he was raised, and because the girls really seemed to put it behind them. But the Ashley Madison stuff was all on him. Be interesting to see how much of Anna we
  2. First kudos for the tree house. It looked good to me. As for Branson, I was there a few years ago...a great family friendly venue, when they are not trying to sell you a time share! Too bad they didn't do anything! There was a zip line at the top of Inspiration point and we went down it. Maybe it was too windy that day or maybe the girls with their fear of heights wouldn't even consider it. Also those girls are abysmally ignorant regarding real food. And if you don't know what something is you politely ask! And for a 'religious' family, they don't say Grace before they eat, unless you
  3. The labeling of the year changes doesn't bother me one way or another but my hubby gets confused so those notations help him out. I just tell by the husband's hair...grey or not.
  4. The scene with the Christmas necklace was out of Love, Actually, except in the movie Emma Thompson, the wife, never got the necklace. I missed something. What was the 'papa bear' stuff all about and why all the bats? Never have I watched a show that I enjoyed so much, yet hated just about every character (except Danny).
  5. Just finished watching Bringing Up Bates again and there is no comparison from one family to the next. The Bates are so much fun! Nathan has entered a courtship with a gal from the Bronx. They front hug...so much more natural. Kellie is always carrying around one of her grand kids. She really loves them. There is real affection in that family. They may have very conservative religious values, but I'll bet they're fun to be around. And re: Gil being on the board of Gothard's organization. Just don't think he approves of what was going on there. Perhaps remaining on the board to see th
  6. A few thoughts. This is definitely EMMY material. Kudos to all the writers, actors, director,. producer, etc.
  7. Don't know if anyone else has posted about this but Jana has an unusual speech pattern. When she pronounces a word that ends in 'ng' she adds a 'k' sound. And example would be 'walkingk'. It's subtle but I noticed it.
  8. Can't argue with this, but car theft is also illegal and it happens daily. There are ways to hide money changing hands, and unless one of the parties is VERY dissatisfied, no one would be the wiser. IF they adopt I'm betting on a private adoption.
  9. I love this commercial too. And I DON'T think he will walk out because he always does what he says he won't do. He's happy.
  10. I have 2 children adopted from overseas. The process was lengthy, difficult, and costly. As for foster care, I think Jessa and Ben might be able to do that. They are not cruel people (ignorant, yes) but so many times you hear/read about children who are abused in foster care. The need for good foster homes is apparently tremendous. They might look like a good placement couple. Their youth is a problem, in my opinion. I foresee some rabid fan offering them a baby through a private adoption. I always wonder how celebrities seem to be able to adopt apparently with less difficulty than us
  11. It's a very timely topic. In the rush to offend no one, colleges are stomping on free speech rights. College is not actually a place to feel 'safe' (except in the physical sense). it's a place to expand your horizons and be exposed to many different viewpoints, whether you agree with them or not. That's part of the learning curve.
  12. I love all the Cheezits ads with the cheese that isn't yet 'mature'.
  13. Well, I am a Republican and also pro-life, but I still think the Duggars are way out there! I definitely believe in birth control. Pro-choice before conception and pro-life after conception.
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