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  1. Count me in on that. Personally, I would be more interested in someone adopting a shelter animal. But that's just me.
  2. Oh, come on! Grass growing is way more interesting! And more intelligent. Yeah...what exactly is with the guests lately? They run from the ridiculous to the ridiculous! And that shopping stuff? Please! It's NOT QVC and doesn't ABC commercial us to death anyway during the show? Anytime now I see that shit, I check out. Wow! Jed must have had an extra espresso today because she just WOULD NOT SHUT UP!!!!! And ladies? When you are all talking on top of each other, we can't hear a bloody thing or know who is saying what. What's wrong with their director? Why isn't this being addressed? I
  3. Sheesh.....so some poor schmuck is going to take that on...marrying Grimace?!!! Sir? You have my sympathy. This show is excessively riddled with commercials at the best of times but I agree with other posters about how Trevor's segment seemed especially shortened by ads, ads, and more ads. And if that wasn't bad enough, then they bring that bloody shit out to sell. Greedy much? I PVR anyway so I can zip through all those annoying ads but still...seems like I'm zipping some days more than actual watching! What is with ABC these days that they've had to up their ad quota? Too much now, guys
  4. Maybe it's just me but I found Kevin Hart to be slightly judgey when they were discussing the recent dust up with Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher, especially towards Bill Maher. I really thought he would cut his fellow comedians some slack. I refuse to believe that he has NEVER uttered a word, phrase, sentence and afterwards immediately experienced regret. On Thursday's show, I wanted so much to be able to reach through my TV and throttle that annoying woman - and you all know who I mean - when they talked about Comey's testimony. Why doesn't she just admit it for once and for all, YOU VOT
  5. My biggest complaint about this show is how the characters will do and say the most STUPID, DUMB, IDIOTIC, ASSINE......ETC. THINGS and I can not list them here because it would take too long. I know it's a TV show and yes, we are supposed to "suspend our belief" but come on! It leads me to think, what the hell are these writers getting paid for? To crank out ridiculous situations and have these characters react in ways that no one would NOT IN A MILLION YEARS?!!! It's a zombie apocalypse....not a plague that made everybody suddenly stupid....or did it? I think Kim used up all her em
  6. Is it me or does Whoopi seem even more rude than usual? Maybe she's fed up - she is leaving at the end of this season, yes? Or has that too changed?
  7. I did. How telling was that? I'm trying to remember if Kim was this bad in Deadwood but it was too long ago. I'd have to re watch a few to see. Agree about Madison treating Nick like he's the second coming. Wasn't this guy a useless, lying, stealing junkie POS? Mummy has a short memory.
  8. Nancy Pelosi was quite the disappointment, for me. I found her very "subdued" - her voice sounded like she had a cold? Was fighting a cold? Whatever, she wasn't the most interesting guest. I was expecting a more passionate diatribe against Trump.
  9. Oh....great. View Your Deal which only means they're going to be selling more shit. What is this? QVC?!! What's the problem, ABC? Not enough commercials? That's surprising because it feels like EVERY FIVE BLOODY MINUTES you're taking yet another break! I hope Pelosi has her Trump wrath stoked up. I love Kevin Hart and Bloomberg should be interesting. Niecy Nash? Not so much.
  10. Sunny made me bolt up and take notice when she completely mangled the pronunciation of the Canadian province featured in the musical Come From Away. She said "Newfindland" the "find" sounding like "fin" in "Finland" when it is "New-FOUND-Land" or as it said here, "Newfundland." Would they have not checked this before going on air? Star Jones is still an obnoxious, arrogant snob and didn't it seem like poor Vanessa Williams hardly said a word? And as far as Kathy Griffin goes, as other posters have pointed out, they did way worse to Obama for his entire term so can we all just cut he
  11. She came across as being rather....humorless. Didn't enjoy her segment at all.
  12. <Gag> Ewwwwwww....that scarf just grosses me out!!! I don't know why - maybe it's because she wears the stupid thing CONSTANTLY - but it looks like it could stand up and walk off the stage by itself. Jed's outfit? Somewhere a little old lady's favorite drapes are missing.
  13. Did she put some uppers in her coffee today because she was louder and more obnoxious than usual and would not SHUT UP. And I am sick and tired of her hypocrisy - admit it....YOU LIKE TRUMP! I bet she voted for him. She must have because no one else sticks up for him like she does. Can we start a petition to get her removed? She really, really annoys me. I too thought the segment with Sara was "staged." Just something about it didn't feel authentic.
  14. Jed was especially annoying today. Again, she was shrieking over Sunny, defending Trump and Jed? Don't you dare say you never defend him because YOU DO....CONSTANTLY! Today? She really needed to STFU. And that hideous dress - she on her way to a garden party? I hope Franken tears a strip off her.
  15. I always thought that Rumsfeld and Chaney were two sneaky, devious, evil MoFos. I see he is still a vile little man and the fact that he was defending Trump didn't surprise me at all.
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