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  1. I think I was so focused on the fact that the writers had never met with Jensen and Jared before the start of a new season, that I didn't even take notice of it. I get it in the early years, when they were just pretty WB/CW meat that turned out to be talented and committed to the show. I don't get it after Kripke left. I really don't get it in the past 5-7 years.
  2. Thank you, @gonzosgirrl and @Casseiopeia. I did see that interview. I guess I didn't take it as seriously (where those words are concerned) because he seemed to me to be trying to explain what he meant by it wasn't a brainstorming question.
  3. I have repeatedly seen people say Jensen said they were told to "take it or leave it," but I have never seen Jensen say they were told to take it or leave it. Will someone please share the source for this?
  4. Jensen talked about taking home the boots in an interview, I don't remember which one(s), and he put a photo of them on his Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHyc8A-g_zC/ (this link wouldn't embed). Just for anyone who hasn't read the latest article on the boots, Jensen isn't wearing his SPN on The Boys. While selecting his wardrobe for The Boys, when they gave him a choice of boots, he chose the same brand, but a different color, as the boots he wore on Supernatural.
  5. It's this movie: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7070818/ Who is Justin?
  6. I didn't care about Jack's ascension. None of that is how I would have had things play out, but it's over and I'm too mad about real world stuff to expend energy on it. (Jack never mattered to me, except that he mattered to the Winchesters and Cas.) So to clarify, I like how 15.19 ended for the boys. They were free, and the future was theirs. That's why I preferred it to 15.20. That's if you accept a framework like the one in The Good Place. In the real world, while death imparts a precious quality to life I don't agree that it gives it purpose, so much as urgency. Episode to episode,
  7. Yeah, my feelings keep shifting. I tweeted out a GIF of Bobby saying, "Balls" as I was watching (at the point Dean died), but I didn't even hate it. It's hard for me to separate my feelings about the show ending (I'm sad, even though I think it's well past time, because I enjoyed it more often than not for 15 years) from my feelings about how the show ended. I fully expected both boys to die. I fully expected a heavenly reunion with their loved ones (and think we would have gotten more of that, were it not for the pandemic). If you had told me one died first, I would have known it was
  8. I mean, Dean won. He never had to watch his cholesterol intake. Can you imagine Dean Winchester having to swear off bacon cheeseburgers for any significant length of time? Talk about Hell on earth. And what about once a doctor tested his liver function?
  9. The execution was my biggest beef with the end of Buffy, too. I liked the narrative, as I do with SPN, but that last leg was almost painful to sit through (and SPN was on the air more than twice as long). Maybe it's too heavy a lift to end a long running show in a way fans will find fitting. It seems to me that more than once during the run of the show, Dean said he was going to go out like this (I mean not in details, but he wasn't worried about a retirement plan and maybe even said that). Ah well, at the end of the day, I'm glad the writers didn't ruin Supernatural for me. They left i
  10. It made me feel better to see Miracle, too. And I was glad Sammy had him after Dean's death. It just dawned on me, now that Supernatural is over, none of the shows I recapped for TWoP are on the air. I only did SPN for the first half of season 4, while Demian was injured. He and Tippi both covered it so well, and much longer, but I still think of it as one of my shows too. That might have actually dawned on me last spring, but I forgot about it until just now.
  11. I did love Dean's farewell words to Sam. I loved that they kept the dog. I also loved that they were Agents Singer and Kripke.
  12. I'm pretty sure it was along the lines of, "My friend Donna Hanscom said if I ever got in a jam to call Agent Bon Jovi." I'll have to watch again, or find a transcript. I just remember it was ambiguous, because it ticked me off. It also ticked me off that the writers don't know Dean well enough to know he wouldn't have left his bed a mess like that. The man had a domestic streak a mile wide. No one on this show can cook scrambled eggs, btw. They were tight little curds in this episode, and in the episode where AU-Charlie was singing the praises of her GF's eggs.
  13. It was pretty much said that Cas was out of the empty by the time Dean got to Heaven. Dean didn't loaf around for eternity. He had a beer with Bobby, took Baby for a spin, and met up with Sam on a bridge. Bobby outright said time works differently there. We don't know what they'll do for eternity. We do know it's happy. In other words, a lot of the assumptions you're bringing in your post weren't shown in the episode and some of them were ruled out by the episode. We don't know enough to know what it will be like, imo. I forget the wording, but when I heard the line,
  14. I really do think they were hampered by Covid restrictions, but they should have better adapted the writing to that. What I wish they'd addressed is when Jack-god brought back the rest of the people he wiped out during his hissy fit, whether he brought back Donna, Eileen, and Jody Mills (i.e. all the people from Sam and Dean's reality who he'd taken out). I'm glad Jack (with an assist from Castiel) made Heaven more heavenly. I don't see why they had to kill Dean so soon. It's not like the episode was chock full o' plot. Like many have said, I'm not angry, but I'm disappointed.
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