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  1. Also John Ritter's son Jason Ritter was in Season 1 as an FBI agent.
  2. I was watching the holiday special that had Benjamina, Rav, the guy who dropped his cake in Season 1(?) and the older lady named Sandy. The signature was to make six individual ice cream meringue desserts. They were running out of time and they kept running their desserts one by one to the freezers. There was a counter/table next to one of the fridges and I kept thinking it would have been better if they could prepare at a counter and then just pop them in right there. But they probably can't turn their backs on the cameras for too long. It just seemed like a really bad design to have them make ice cream and then have the freezers so far away. Only Sandy's firmed up enough.
  3. This could just be me, but I didn't see Paul cut into Alice's pork pie cake. I watched the judging twice and didn't see it. They could have left out some of the dramatic crying and included the cake. I really wanted to see that because it looked amazing.
  4. Also I think it should be "every day" with a space between every and day.
  5. I'm loving that Jeremy's picture is being posted every couple of pages 😀
  6. I knew Henry wouldn't win it all so he had to leave sometime, but he was my favorite so I'll miss him a lot. In past seasons the bakers were shown having a deep love of baking in their personal lives - baking in their college dorms, baking from a very young age, etc. This year I haven't really seen that being shown. And I've noticed they complain a lot about what they have to do. I remember Ruby saying once something like no one looks forward to the technical and I thought then it was pretty bold statement. But this year all the contestants are saying things like that constantly.
  7. It looks like Bravo has released the official cast. Link to ETOnline here. Bravo here I've lived in the DFW metroplex since 1991 and now in a suburb of Dallas. I was mostly curious to see if Rhonda Aiken (Troy's ex) would be on, which was a rumor. Good thing she's got more class than that. I'm sad. I love this area and they're going to make it look so trashy. I was hoping RH would avoid Dallas. Although I was really amused this morning while driving to work I was listening to the radio and they played this really big "BREAKING NEWS!" audio. Then the host said "The Real Housewives of Dallas cast has been announced." I got a good laugh out of that.
  8. Carrie [on the phone to Tim]: Hi Tim, it's Carrie. I've been looking through some stuff and section 489 of the NYC building code...you're pool's in violation buddy. Doug and I are going to take it down! Doug: cannonballs in pool Carrie: See you in court, numb nuts! -King of Queens, Swim Neighbors Puppy
  9. This is one of my all time favorites, too. Robert Goulet says "wow, that is some hair" when Carrie walked away, and when she comes back says "were you just talking about my hair?" and Rober Goulet said "he said you look like Pete Rose." LOL Earlier in the ep Carrie tells Deacon and Kelly that she got carded at the store and then Doug says quietly "because she looks like a weird boy." OMG died laughing that entire episode.
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