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  1. I really liked this episode. My favorite part was Sassy's beat-down (although not literally unfortunately) of Rupert. He really is a huge, stinking pile of shit. Go to the funeral...OK, maybe I can see that. Bring your young wife and your baby with you just so you can rub it in your ex-wife's face, AT HER FATHER'S FUNERAL?! Please die soon, Rup-a-doop. Other than that all I have to say is Keely would have to be minus a significant portion of her brain to go back to Jamie. I can't believe she'd even consider it and I don't think she really is.
  2. Why can't NBC stay with the 1500 through the entire race? It's 15 damned minutes! They cut away for commercial twice! TWICE! I know we could still see the race but it still really frosted my cookies.
  3. I Like It! First time I've ever seen it and frankly, I much prefer it to full court Bball. Bang, bang, bang, no messing around, and doesn't go on forever. Maybe this is just my short attention span talking but I thought I was awesome.
  4. If I packed every piece of clothing I own I wouldn't have that many suitcases.
  5. I was really put off by the opening for some reason. It seemed so joyless. I didn't like the presenter or either one of the frowny judges. I didn't even make it into the first challenge. I'll have to give it another try.
  6. I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. I think the reason the show didn't really work for me this year is because Ian and Poppy weren't together very much, and when they were Poppy always seemed to be screaming about something. I loved them in this last episode, totally on the same page. What was the deal with David and Jo at the end? Did she want to be David's assistant again so she could take over his job, or be the power behind the throne, or what? Or is she trying to kick her addiction to power by attaching herself to someone who is powerless?
  7. Loved Brad's smack-down of Jo. I've watched that half a dozen times. LOL Poppy continues to be absolutely horrendous. They went way too far with her character this year IMHO. I felt bad for her last year because Ian was a jackass most of the time. But, OMG, since she got a little bit of power she's gone absolutely insane. She's way worse than Ian ever was. She's got some serious anger management issues as well. A real hospital would have bounced her out on her ass as soon as she started ripping cords out of the medical equipment. I have to say, I'm pretty disappointed with th
  8. Amen! I'm damned if I'm paying Disney $30 on top of the monthly fee I already pay for their streaming service. I'll wait.
  9. Regarding Jake Lloyd, I thought he was a better actor in The Phantom Menace than Hayden Christianson was in The Clone Wars.
  10. Any bounty hunter that kills the little guy better kill the big guy as well, or their chances of enjoying the spoils of that bounty decrease dramatically.
  11. I get what you're saying, but I'm pretty sure there are some big-time women characters coming up, just from looking at the trailer. As far as Star Wars Rebels, I've never seen it, although I'm going to trying and work my way through all the SW animated content at some point. Also, how do you know there were no women aliens in the bar scene? LOL I guess I'm just not too bothered at this point. I guess we'll see where they go in the second half of the season.
  12. The Armorer is definitely female. Looks to me like she actually runs that clan.
  13. It reminded me of the old Adam West Batman series when Batman and Robin would be crawling up the side of a building and someone would open a window and make some comment. Maybe you have to be as old as I am to remember that :-). I am really loving this show. I don't mind the short episodes. They kind of fit my short attention span. Favorite line. "Hey! Spit that out!"
  14. I know nothing about the Mandalorian, except that it looks awesome and it probably will get me to subscribe to Disney+ when all the other stuff they've teased didn't tempt me.
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