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  1. I think it's both. I use Cascade Platinum tabs. My dishwasher is a mid-range Whirlpool that is at least 12 years old. It was in our house when we bought it and it definitely wasn't new then. Since I switched to the Platinum four or five years ago, I've been able to tell a difference. It even keeps my dishwasher door cleaner. That said, I still have to scrub and effectively wash bakeware that I make mac and cheese or lasagna in. My dishwasher doesn't do a great job on baked-on stuff like that. Maybe newer/fancier ones do.
  2. So I just saw the Northwestern Mutual ad where the dad is mowing the lawn and his daughter asks to go to Jessica‘s house. They’ve taken out her very dramatic “Uhhhhhhhh!” and replaced it with a scene of her texting on her phone and bobbing her head. Nothing else has really changed as far as I can tell. I wonder if they got a ton complaints about it. Interesting.
  3. There was also one where a couple went on vacation, the husband had some accident and they had to dig in to their 401K. There have been a couple of others where the clients don't appear to be rolling in it. I know they show the golf guy, but I think they do a good job showing a range of financial situations. Especially compared to other financial services companies. And I really like the bearded guy. I can't figure out why I like him, but hate the Chevy bearded guy. lol
  4. The thing that cracks me up about that ad is just HOW much food is on the table, perfectly plated of course. I paused one day and counted at least 10 things - and I don’t think I counted everything. That’s a minimum of $60 before taxes and tip. For Dominos. And also? Their wings are possible the worst I’ve ever. Soggy and so tiny.
  5. tanyak

    Surviving R. Kelly

    I think they were afraid she would run way. The mom said that after the first visit in the hotel room, she basically would not shut up about it. It seems they were worried about what she would do next and wrote the first incident off. They thought they were managing it by requiring an adult to be present. OK. Fine. But after the second incident at the studio, I would have been done with it. At that point, Kelly had showed them TWICE he wasn't on the up and up. They lost me when they agreed to let some record label lackey be in charge so that she could what? Tour with Kelly? I didn't quite understand why she couldn't stay home at that point.
  6. Yeah, it was kind of funny, but I was expecting more. I really did enjoy the whole "season," thought. "But that's his grillin' hand!" lol Yeah. I find it interesting that the campaign is using Prince, Whitney and Michael Jackson, who have all died somewhat recently. But I can't tell you what the ads are for -- Capital One?
  7. tanyak

    Surviving R. Kelly

    Dream Hampton/Lifetime did a great job with this. I had no idea he was this sick. I knew about Aaliyah and I had knowledge of the "pee" tape, which I've never seen. But like the documentary said, they pushed the trial out so long, it really went off of minds. Then he drops Chocolate Factory and DH and I are walking back down the aisle of our wedding to "Happy People," and "Step in the Name of Love" was one of the songs that set our reception off. *sigh* I didn't know that he has been molested. I was peeking around another site, and several folks said that the older sister is rumored to have been at least of the molesters. I also didn't know that R. is illiterate. Does anyone know why the older brother, Bruce, in in jail? I was so happy when Michelle was able to get Dominique. Seeing her in the TMZ video dressed as a boy broke my heart. I also know that she likely didn't get all those tattoos by freewill. I wonder who called the police on her mom? My bet is that Joyceline probably found out that she had come up to the room. I felt awful for the Careys being reduced to throwing rocks at windows at the studio. I also think they just made bad decision after decision after decision. They still deserve none of this.
  8. I’ve been watching a lot of the bowl games. Northwestern Mutual must be a sponsor because they’ve been replaying a lot of the commercials that aired last summer. The one where the dad has the swimming pool built, Anna Baker the architect, etc. The bratty teenage girl in the swimming pool one has always bugged the hell out of me. But in re-watching it, I’m even more irritated. At the very beginning, you see the mom stretching out in a chaise lounge on the side of the house. So why is the brat bugging her poor Dad, who is trying to mow the lawn? And if the dad has $20,000+ to put in a pool, it looks like he has 25 bucks or so that he could throw to a neighborhood kid to mow his lawn. The whole commercial just bugs. On the other hand, I haven’t seen the one that I liked the best out of the whole series. The one of the student in Italy drawing. I’d much rather see that one 50 times a night.
  9. Dear Lord. GMC sponsors Monday Night Football. In the 50 minutes since I posted, I’ve seen this blasted commercial FIVE times. It did allow me to confirm that the red vehicle is an SUV and not a minivan. Lol
  10. For that matter, what exactly does he need one for? He doesn’t strike me as the weekend fixer type. Maybe they have a boat to tow. That commercial also bugs because dude just went out and bought $100,000+ in vehicles.
  11. Oh no worries! I, frankly, assumed as you did at first. I didn’t totally put it together until the reception.
  12. I assumed Oliver was wearing a traditional Filipino(?) wedding outfit. At the reception, he’s changed clothes and is wearing a tux.
  13. tanyak

    Holiday and Seasonal Commercials

    Oh, Christmas commercials. It seems like there are a lot of retreads this year. I do like the one for a car company (don't know which one), where the girl is in Arizona (?) trying to decorate a cactus or something. In the middle of the night, her parents whisk her away and she wakes up in a snowy area. The one eye-rolly thing is they show her running into the cabin. It's snowing hard as heck, but the three perfectly parked SUVS (whatever brand) don't have a flake of snow on them. lol I hope GMC has retired that tired campaign of the obnoxious people making fun of their neighbors for buying gifts and decorations while they bought themselves a new SUV. Those make me so stabby.
  14. I’m Black, and I kind of sit on the fence about this. On one hand, I think that it’s less offensive to wear make up if you’re dressing up as a specific person. Years ago, I went to a Halloween party and a good friend of mine wore black face to be Rick James. This was during the height of the Dave Chapelle show. Without the make up, he might as well have been Kenny G with that wig. Lol I wasn’t offended at all. However, that was a decade ago, around the same time as Whitney thing. Today is a very different climate. While I wouldn’t be offended if my friend portrayed Rick James today, I would definitely question his judgment.
  15. But I want to stay unspoiled. lol And also, Someone did spoil Dayton’s eventual cut. I do wish there was a thread for unspoiled people who.only.watch.the.show. Haha.