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  1. It was a great, consistent gig. Harrison would have been doing it for another 10 years if he had the choice. Hence, the payout.
  2. My expectation is that all of the stalking and threats happened due to his own gay panic, whether she actually knew or not. And my other expectation is that his management, ABC, Fleiss and Co, etc. would have dropped him immediately after Cassie's restraining order was granted were it not for his story. This coming out tour and the subsequent Netflix series is probably a result of a lot of behind the scenes deals that have happened over a long period of time. I'm guessing everyone professionally close to Colton has known for over a year.
  3. And that was the last time Ru did her own face.
  4. It's probably just a bit too classique for either ABC or Fleiss. The first HD seasons of the Bachelor franchise started in 2010.
  5. The edit is powerful. As an example, we would have thought the same thing about Bianca had she been edited out of her season. Bianca's strengths were in the rootedness she had in her character and her wit, but the fact that she brought one dress in 10 different colors would have only been amplified up against every other queen on her season. Doing one character and point-of-view really well usually gets queens pretty far in this format, at least in the seasons prior to Violet's.
  6. I think the British thing is throwing people off. She has a similar vocal quality and "grit," but Mel B is no soul singer and is certainly no soprano. The woman is essentially a tenor considering her vocal range and sound. Remember, Michelle Williams lived in London for a time while performing in Chicago, and she competed in the British version of Dancing with the Stars.
  7. Any of those four as bottom three wouldn't shock me at all. I think Analyse is technically the worst at comps? She'd probably be a waste of a vote if the goal is to get one of Jack(son) on the block.
  8. Jack and Son are very reminiscent of Derrick and Cody, but it's actually two Cody's that think that they're both Derrick.
  9. Don't even feel bad. Tommy would know how Jackson feels if I was in that house. 😒
  10. Maybe until someone from the other side gets HoH, like Kemi. They are still in the same alliance together, nominally. (But Jack might play sweet for votes, because I can't imagine a scenario where both Jack and Jackson aren't both up on the block together if she gets HoH. But dumber things have happened.)
  11. Ovi is an interesting casting choice, genuinely. He's clearly intellectually intelligent, but lacks any sort of emotional intelligence or social skills or grace. His conversation with Tommy is one of the first times we've seen him connect with someone over something he's passionate about and one of the first times we've seen him give his perspective about the game. And Tommy is only there because he really wanted to be in the hammock tonight. (He has said it's his favorite spot.) And Jack is Jason Mimosa. Jackson is Beavis.
  12. My daily reminder that Tommy left a Broadway gig to be among this group of crazies: Apparently, no one was supportive of him doing BB except his "goofy" pops. And it's his dad's B-Day.
  13. I missed Ovi's, oddly enough. My feed jumped ahead to Holly. Like, everyone else, I'm sure he thanked the entire cast, the experience and/or his family at home.
  14. She's likely workshopping what she's going to tell Jack after she doesn't put up Kemi.
  15. Kemi has seemingly figured out that she's going up on the block next to Kat, and that Kat is responsible; Meanwhile, Christy is having second thoughts about backdooring Kemi, and Jack is attempting to talk her off the ledge by using motivational speaker platitudes.
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