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  1. Didn't know if anyone had seen this--seems Bekah had been reported missing: https://www.northcoastjournal.com/NewsBlog/archives/2018/02/01/not-missing-in-humboldt-bachelor-contestant-bekah-martinez
  2. I heard she had a family member that was ill, so she had to retire from DCC. and go back home
  3. This has probably been said already,and I just forgot (which is pretty normal for me) ,and may even not be correct, but I figure Erica was supposed to be paid, performing or not, at HoF. And since she is on the clock, she is covered by Cowboys' insurance . They kept her in the locker room so she would not injure herself further. But she toddled off. If anything would've happened I think the Cowboys would've been liable. I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back. It was very inappropriate for her to do so. If I were one of TPTB for the Cowboys, I would've kicked her out in a New York minute. You don't mess with people's pocketbooks
  4. I was trying to figure out what the shirtless guy and his gal were doing there too. ??? That being said, I thought both videos were a tad amusing.
  5. I must be the biggest sap in the world. When Christina was being told about her kicks, from K&J on the Tower, and she tilted her head and looked upward, I thought she was so pretty and precious there. (You get these waves of "Awww. Poor thing.) When The DCC performed at the HOF,I teared up I was so proud of them. Jenna, those eyes. Baby Doe. I felt sorry for her, too. Maybe this show and I are a lot closer than I thought
  6. I agree with you on #1. I love Jenn K. I also love Brittney Schramm, and Courtney Cook., Mackenzie ( the cute little one with the ankle weights). Yukos fine, too. I think she belongs there.
  7. I would bet that Judy would have her make it into finals, so she could rake her over the coals like she did the Minchew girl
  8. I think she has Christina's upper mouth look, and can't help but think it is dental cosmetics.
  9. Just rewatched, and i thought Rae Lynn was adorable. She probably was fairly new at watching the DCC, closely, so she noticed hairstyles, muscles, and how hard it looks to be able to do that. It took me a few years before I became an armchair critic. She loved the choreography to her song. I thought that was sweet. And for what she offered them, well, she gave she could. She said not to give up.
  10. I sure didn't see "sorry" either. The only sorry I saw, if there was any, was "Sorry, I got busted." Completely flat affect when confronted. Must've worked several times with others, but didn't this time. The smile when she came out wasn't a "trying to be above it all" one. I thought it looked devious., like she thought she pulled one over on them.
  11. I think if holly would have admitted it, she wouldn't have looked as bad as she did. Would've been an oopsie, and K&J would have least known she was being honest. It's the lie that did it, I think.
  12. I was really proud of Brennan last night because Judy said that she was the only one (in her line) that got it right. Brennan said that she had been practicing at home over the year.
  13. I don't know. It says that Weekly was standing on her driveway. I was surprised that she has already met Demi 5 times (once backstage), and this one her 6th. Some "contest", huh?
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