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  1. I think that Brandi would have me rolling . I was raised by a very ladylike woman. We write thank yous by hand, never cuss in front of her, and we do not watch more than an hour of television in her house a week. Guess what? She's been in similar situations and unless it was one of her children who was a perpetrator, she would politely giggle and MOVE ON. Etiquette=the art of making others more comfortable.
  2. OOh! All of this Peggy talk made me think-is she actually calculating enough to be sitting back playing no comprendo, absorbing intel so next season she can take everyone down and dominate the OC? THAT I would watch. Sadly, probably not going to happen.
  3. You know, Masshole Bambi Lydia seems like she's Christian because that's what good girls do, and she's a "good sweet girl". Alexis, however, seemed to be Christian because she truly believed. Both were sometimes offensive with their dogma, but at least with Alexis I felt like she was in it for the long haul. Edit: I'm not casting aspersions, she could very well be a serious Christian. I just see her defining herself as the good girl and not embracing the fact that she's actually a Heather or Regina George deep down. Embrace it Lydia! You might be more palatable.
  4. Shannon being a little off center(ok, a lot) does not exclude Lydia from being a shit disturber hiding behind innocent Bambi eyes. They can both suck, however I think I'd take a million Shannons over 1 Lydia. At least with Shannon you know where you stand.
  5. Lydia is just coming off as a holier than thou asshole. Shannon is a little loopy, and Peggy is already over it. Vicki can't figure out why everyone doesn't lurve her, and Meghan is reasonable but isolated. I really liked that Meghan admitted she owed an apology for being a jerk to Kelly . I hate episodes like this. Less fighting please!!!! Surely there's something entertaining they can do other than restaurants and cocktails.
  6. Just now catching up. I think Brianna looked fantastic at Vicki's party. Very nice! I think the nitrogen restaurant looks like fun.
  7. Two things: I remember press before Shannon debuted, talking about her insisting on doing the show, and that her housewife hunger was hurting her marriage. It turned out later the problem was hubby cheating. I often wondered if he cheated to punish her for doing the show, or if the mistress leaked this to the press. Shannon has alluded to experiencing some gaslighting so I wonder. It seems like the show hasn't really helped her. I do enjoy watching her when she isn't nitpicking or getting negative. Two: Ah, the days of Vicki and the kitchen botox with Laurie, where Vicki looked like a normal working mom and was so squeamish about her first botox injection. Oh, how times have changed. You can get great Botox in our little tiny town from a top doc in the field and Vicki is glammed up 24/7.
  8. I actually really enjoyed the Spartan training and race. It makes so much sense to show stuff like this, since they live in California and can train pretty much year round. I liked the beginning of OC when they focused on (some of) the regional trends we just don't necessarily adopt in places where its colder. People run Spartan here but it's not super common to regularly train for it. I'd rather see stuff like this than contrived parties.
  9. I'm liking Peggy so far, but Kelly is cuckoo for cocopuffs. That little zoom in of her with her face pressed against the glass door watching Peggy and Lydia was nutso!
  10. There's a little "sexy times" innuendo in the first episode.
  11. I loved the scenes with Erika and Kyle. It's a nice change of pace from another sobriety scene.
  12. I was barely watching the first episode. It was boring and there were a ton of holes in the story. Second episode had me hooked, and I am really liking the show now. I am only in two episodes though, so maybe it goes downhill. I'm hopeful that it will be great! Edit: Now that I'm done, I like it a lot. The only problem is that there are a lot of hiccups that take away from what the show can be. I feel like I'm watching an amazing show, then boom. A lot of filler that is annoying.
  13. I adored the pilates and laser treatment segments. I could do with more shopping, working out, and primping than fighting. It's exhausting to think how much goes into staying camera ready but it interests me. Anyone else?
  14. After GCB(only series I ever bought on DVD after cancellation), Leslie Bibb can do no wrong for me. I'm in until it's cancelled. I got a little Christy Masters(mmm) from Romy and MIchelle's High School reunion feel from the lead mom who kissed Katie. I think I could like this show a lot as long as it isn't all about how heavy she is. Just the kid peeing in the lawn should have moms giving her the stink eye.
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