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  1. Nandor is damn hot! Not the sharpest tool in the box, though. Yes, he was happy, but he would have followed the others to that roof, so I'm glad Guillermo rescued him. I thought his depression was an interesting touch. Being inmortal can't be easy, vampire or not. The world around you changes, but you don't, and in addition to being the oldest in the house, he's always been the most melancholic.
  2. It's out in the cinema in my country and I loved it. Visually it's breathtaking and the actors do a great job. It reminds me a bit of LOTR in the sense of it being a product made with love and devotion. I can't wait for the second part.
  3. The ending was like 3.6 roentgen: not great, not terrible.
  4. I loved Ella trying to check Amenadiel's wings and halo, and I also laughed when Lucifer sang that song during the party, but other than that, it was boring. I'm over Rory.
  5. We know that the Wife had a handmaid, she says that her husband didn't notice her relationship with her lover because he was too busy with the handmaid. Mrs Kayes is too young to have been part of the terrorist attack against the USA government. Not all the Wives deserve to be killed, but that one did.
  6. Yes, she deserved it, because she was okay with helping rape Handmaids, kidnapping kids and purging people. And the spark of joy in the eyes of the enslaved women when they find the body says they were perfectly fine with Emily's actions. The fact that she was victimized by Gilead ( and she wasn't falsely accused, btw) doesn't make her innocent of everything else. Most of the older Wives are Wives because their husbands created Gilead, which means they murdered more than one hundred million people. I like Serena, but she totally deserves to be shanked in prison.
  7. Soldiers die all the time while following orders and anyway, Alma and the others had the possibility of staying in the van. They chose to run, knowing that they could be killed, but that was better than the breeding farm. The Wife Emily killed wasn't innocent. She told Emily that she hadn't been in favour of the university purges and it's heavily implied that she had been in favour of everything else. Also, she didn't show any regrets about her life as a Wife and it was clear that she didn't give a shit about handmaids or gender traitors.
  8. I just realized that for all that Gilead is some sort of theocracy, we've never seen them attending religious ceremonies. They don't seem to go to Church and the only time they read the Bible is during the Rape Ceremony. How is the religious side of Gilead supposed to work?
  9. I think Tuello saw Serena as a victim first. Even Wives are second-rate citizens in Gilead. Also, she's beautiful, and humans tend to equate beauty with good. But his idea of her became shaky when he heard she had forced June and Nick to have sex and in this episode, he saw the real Serena. Imo, Tuello was disappointed, not jealous: the fact that she wanted to stay with Fred was proof that she has no moral compass and that she doesn't give a fuck about all the horrible things he's done. I doubt Tuello will want a relationship with her.
  10. I loved Fred's death. Maybe it makes no sense from a logical point of view, but it was deeply satisfying from an emotional point of view. And while personally I suck at revenge, I understand why some people might need it or might find it useful. June is simply too "damaged" to leave the past behind, especially knowing that Fred was going to be free. After all, she's never been really all that interested in healing. The thing that gets her heart pumping is revenge. And that's why she's going to leave, because she knows that she's not ready to go back to a normal life. She wants to fight agains
  11. I think Aunt Lydia might try to keep Janine in the Red Center to manipulate the Handmaids in a way an Aunt can't. In her twisted way, I think Lydia loves Janine so she wouldn't mind to keep her around as long as Janine is useful to the Cause.
  12. Well, I wasn't expecting that! I'm sorry for Dan and his loved ones, although I have to say that I was rolling my eyes a bit when Amenadiel started to say that Dan was the best man in the world or something like that. He was mostly okay, don't get me wrong, and he doesn't deserve to be in Hell, but I'd say that Chloe and Linda are better people, for example.
  13. Nice one! The beginning was hilarious and the episode had great lines. I may have cried a bit when Maze realised she had a soul. also, poor Dan, lol
  14. This was funny and I loved the final twist.
  15. I liked the funny bits about/with God, but not the dramatic ones. The smug, cryptic style is irritating. But since God seems to be hiding something, maybe it'll be explained later.
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