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  1. I think the door is the opposite to suicide. It means you are in peace: as a human, you've reached your peak, the human Nirvana. Time to become one with the universe. I saw a reference to a short story called The Immortal, by Borges. I loved it when I read it, back in the day. It's about a guy who is looking for a race of immortal humans. He thinks they will be wise and admirable, but when he finds them, they turn out to be like lazy beasts. Because everything they could learn or do, they could do it in the future. Without time, there is no purpose, no meaning. Anyway, I loved the episode. Didn't cry, but it was sweet. I'm glad we saw different paths and so many old friends. I'm going to miss this show a lot. Its humanity and optimism are amazing.
  2. I remember having read that the human mind can't really grasp the concept of eternity. In any case, I simply think that humans aren't made for eternity. Unless there's some spiritual evolution and we become something else, something inhuman, eternity is bound to become torture. So the twist about Patty and the others sounds very logical to me. Otoh, who knows what's really on the other side of the door? I mean, if there's something like a God in the show's universe, crossing that door could actually lead to another level of existence that goes beyond humanity. However, I don't think the characters have ever mentioned the existence of a God. I loved the episode and it was a joy to see Lisa Kudrow as Patty. Chidi's reaction to her was one of the best things in the world. And ffs, one of Tahani's godparents is the Big Ben!!!!
  3. I agree that there must be something wrong with the Good Place, mostly because in my opinionl, really good people could never live happily their lives while knowing that other good-normal people are being tortured forever. Maybe that's Team Cockroach's new mission.
  4. I'm not sure this episode was the right choice as l season finale. I guess I expected something more focused on Elizabeth and I wasn't really interested in Margaret and Roddy. However, I loved the scene with the two sisters, and the conversation between Elizabeth and the retiring PM.
  5. I don't think Uncle Nazi deserved such an epic shot for his death. You know, the music, the slow-mo etc. He was a Nazi and a traitor, after all. However, his moment of final vanity was amazing, so true to himself! Also, I was surprised to see Wallis so affected by his death because half of the time I got the feeling that she despised him. I loved how much Philip hated him, but I guess Elizabeth needed to have that little last moment with him. I'm not very familiar with Camilla, but the actress doesn't remind me of her at all. Is she good? Anne is a total badass.
  6. I'm surprised Philip and the dean became such close friends, but I loved it when he asked for help, which was an echo of the episode when young Philip was in his boarding school. I guess that Philip, after all, has always enjoyed being part of a group: his school, the army...So yes, it makes sense. And who knew he was an idealistic? I guess Elizabeth knew that the priest/dean was interested in psychology? It was too much of a coincidence.
  7. Oh, wow, the actor who plays Charles is amazing! And poor Charles, btw. He's starving for affection. It was like The Speech of the Prince.
  8. The scene with Lord Mounbatten and princess Alice was a wonder. Anyway, Elizabeth and Philip have really shitty relatives, heh. Judging by the show, I agree with Elizabeth: she would have been happier raising horses.
  9. I'm curious about the real story behind this episode. Didn't know princess Anne was so smart and sensible.
  10. I was surprised when she admitted she couldn't cry or maybe feel grief, I don't know, but seeing her crying at the end maybe means that she's been forced to repress her emotions for so long that it's normal to become a bit robotic or numb. It was touching to know that she's been back several times.
  11. Wow, this episode was insanely good! Margaret is a fascinating character and I'm often sorry for her. I just loved the way she handled the White House situation and the scene where the PM is telling the Queen about the limericks had me rolling. Anyway, I must agree with Philip: she would have been a terrible queen. She can't stop being Margaret and I guess that sometimes you need to stop being yourself in order to become the Queen, even if it goes against everything you want or need.On the other hand, I think Margaret, unlike Uncle Nazi, really takes the Crown seriously and wants to honour it. Tobias Menzies is amazing as Philip. My new theory is that he's the spiritual heir of Alan Rickman.
  12. We're back! Loved the bit about the stamps as a comment on the change of actors heh. Elizabeth and Philip's relationship seems way more relaxed and mature now and the actors have great chemistry. Sadly, you can't say the same about Margaret and her husband.(I mean the relationship between the characters, they seem to be unhappy).
  13. I was just trying to say that there's nothing wrong in offering the other cheek (if that's what you believe) because it doesn't mean that you can't call out someone's horrible behaviour. You totally can, but you'll try to keep true to your principles and beliefs while doing it. Chidi has been being kind to everyone and he has influenced the group a lot.
  14. Re: why should we be nice towards people who aren't nice to us. I don't think that we "should", but personally, I try to stand by my principles, which means that I try to do what I believe is right even when others are not. That's the whole point. So if you believe in pacifism, you're not supposed to hit someone who's hitting you. If you believe in kindness, you're kind to people like Brent because it's not about them, it's about you. Of course, we're humans and we fail, but the way I see it, that's the general rule. However, I must say that I think they're approaching Brent's problem wrong. He seems to have a lot of insecurities deep down and I'd be targeting that. In any case, maybe he's too of an asshole to want to be better, not without a major breakdown. And even then, a whole eternity of torture seems a bit excessive: that should be reserved for people like Hitler. Michael's line about trying to be better was very touching and I think it touched Bad Janet too, as well as the fact that she wasn't turned into a marble. And omg, Brent's book! It was so horrible, hahaha
  15. I'm sure I'm not the first one, but this episode made me realise that The Good Place is actually christianity vs buddhism. Or rather their respective concepts of Good and Evil. The old system is Christian, with no room for second chances (you go to Hell or Heaven and that's it) and the one the characters are developing/creating is buddhist, with eternal room for improvement. Even Janet and Derek evolve every time they die and get alive one more time. And I like the idea that some demos were only into torturing humans because they thought it was the right thing to do, since the humans apparently deserved it. Michael isn't the only demon able to evolve as well -we saw it last week. After Michael's speech, there might be hope for some of them, too.
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