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  1. They've definitely amped up the violence. Episode 4 of Season 5 was almost nothing but explosions and machine gun fire, and it was not well directed. It was often difficult to figure out who was blowing up who. Gandia and the government's super commando team are like comic book villains. And it defies plausibility that the Professor's rag tag group of misfits could fight them to a standstill. One of the dumb things about this show is the idea that you can put a machine gun into anyone's hand (ie Stockholm) and they suddenly can fight like a trained commando. Another thing that infuriates
  2. But most Americans can relate to southwestern food, which is heavy on meat. I think a lot fewer Americans can relate to Asian cuisine. (I mean real Asian food, not Americanized Chinese.) And many people are adverse to spice. Even GR made a comment during judging about how much heat there was in all of Suu's dishes.
  3. I made a similar comment earlier this season. I was dreading this season, because with a group so young I was expecting the drama to be out of control. But other than Kiya, and to a lesser extent Bree, it was probably the most mature, level headed group they've had.
  4. The judges' comments on all these shows need to be taken with a grain of salt. They can be edited after the fact to fake out the audience. Happens all the time on Chopped, where the chef who seemed to get the most praise in a round gets sent home. I don't remember hearing that. I think they just can't have been a professional chef. Lots of people go to culinary school and then don't pursue cooking professionally. Ugh. Forgot that. Who knew an octopus even had a beak? Well, I've never eaten one and have no plans to.
  5. She had mentioned her travels to Japan and love of Japanese food, but you're right, it was not a huge emphasis in her cooking. A couple of times she did something Japanese or Japanese influenced, but she did way more Italian or "New England" cooking. I can only think it was something the producers encouraged her to do in the finale. Well, at least we didn't have to listen to Joe lecture her on proper Italian cooking and over-pronounce everything. OMG, a lot padding. But the 2 hour finale of Hells Kitchen was worse, as they spent about 20 minutes interviewing the finalist's families and
  6. Totally. That was a bad idea to have the eliminated contestants be a peanut gallery. Their comments were obtrusive and added nothing. You could see who had the biggest egos by how much they talked. Anne, Alejandro, Tay. (actually, he talked constantly at the beginning and then calmed down.) At one point, one of the judges asked Alejandro for a commentary, as if he were also a judge. Stoked his ego but did nothing for the show. Abe, who had been my favorite, said nothing the whole night. Much to his credit. I don't begrudge Kelsey the win. Apparently she has some advanced technical skills
  7. I preferred Megan on a personal level, but she didn't seem mature or experienced enough to take on a high pressure job. She is listed as a "line cook," so that means no managerial experience. Trenton is an "executive chef," so while I have to wonder what kind of a restaurant has a 23 year old executive chef, on paper he's more qualified. Kiya had no chance to win this because of her total lack of social skills. I'm sure she had no idea how bad she looked with her childish "I hate Trenton" comments. It struck a sour (grapes) note throughout this episode. Other than Kiya, this season was re
  8. I had previously posted here about Kiya getting bleeped every other word. Steve wasn't that far behind, at least in his talking heads. I don't know if it's a generational thing or a chef thing. The contestants on Top Chef, many of them not that young, also curse a blue streak. Of course it's a common thing in our society in general. From my old fart perspective, when every other word is an F bomb, it completely loses any impact. It also shows laziness and a lack of command of the English language. Regarding the first challenge, I thought it was really silly to have people voting thro
  9. Joe is this show's primary perpetrator of crimes against the English language, but Aaron is a close second. I find Joe far more more annoying though, because his mistakes often come when he's trying to show how learned and erudite he is. Such a pompous ass.
  10. I was in agreement with your earlier posts about GR not picking a winner who didn't fit his desired image. So the boots of Brynn and Steven were surprising. I still can't see Kiya winning for the reason you state. I laughed at Steven's backhanded compliment about how she's done well for someone from Barrelville. For a moment I thought "Barelville" was a made-up name for a hick town, like Podunk. Then I remembered she actually is from Barrelville. Though except for the woman chef from New York (Emily?) I think all the contestants are from small towns. What exactly is a "protege" anywa
  11. Though there have been some "older" chefs that I've liked, and they often have more of an appreciation of what the opportunity means. Blanking on his name, but I liked the Irish chef from last season. What I don't miss is the snide comments that the young chefs often made about the older ones.
  12. Ah, got it. Of the guest judges at the "Michelin table" I didn't know any of them. One of the women judges was credited with some other kind of Michelin award that I take is a step down from a star. Just how common are Michelin stars? Everyone seems to have one.
  13. I felt bad that Abe got eliminated on a team challenge rather than something he cooked. The truth is that the producers decided for whatever reason they didn't want him in the finals and were looking for a reason to eliminate him. I think he was one of the best cooks, if not the best cook, on the show. Very impressive at his age. Chicken trips up more people on cooking contest shows than anything else. It can be tricky to judge temperature. I've cooked chicken in multiple different ways for decades, and I still sometimes have to put it back in the oven or pan after I thought it was done.
  14. I agree, I think Gordon is into looks and image, which eliminates Kiya and Meghan, but not Trenton, who's only just a little pudgy and arguably kind of cute. Actually, If you're talking about choosing a head chef, I don't think you can fault GR for considering image. I don't think Kiya would command respect in a professional kitchen. She's unpolished and immature and can't speak more than five words without getting bleeped out. I think that if HK is really about finding a head chef, and not a cooking competition, than she shouldn't be Top Five. I thought Steve's passion for cooking really
  15. What is it with Autumn's "many" visits to Japan? On a bartender's salary? I was expecting them to explain that but they never did. She is probably one of the best cooks, but all her tattoos kind of put me off. It was fitting that she and Michael were paired together last week. The tatted couple. (And I've always thought Aaron's tats are stupid. A rich kid trying to look "street.") I may be the only person here who liked Anne. I thought she was always sincere. I preferred her to Kelsey, who somehow gives off a fake vibe to me. I'm tired of hearing about her kids every week. Joe's comm
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