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  1. No, because what I said is based on personal experience, not reading news articles, having been to the home of a friend who is an Air Force sergeant (not a general), living with his family of four in base housing.
  2. More likely, as someone else posted, she's playing a character that was created for her by the producers. Also, I know active military people with families, and while they don't live in luxury, they are far from having to live on a subsistence level with a $40 weekly food budget. Not only is that a lie, but it's also kind of insulting to the military. Some people seem to have a need to feel that they belong to the "in group." A few years ago the New York Times did a story saying that a cup cake shop on the lower East Side had the best cupcakes in the city. Shortly after I happened to
  3. I was at a restaurant last week where I swear they came up with recipes by posting lists of ingredients on the wall and throwing darts. I'm no chef, but so much of it seemed random to me. I'm sure it's all "inventive" and "edgy" and over my head. When I lived in NYC many years ago I loved going to the old school Italian and Spanish restaurants. But I think that many have a heard time surviving, even pre-Covid.
  4. According to an online search, there is something called "San Francisco chowder," but it's actually a New England chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl, so the incorporation of sourdough bread, very popular in California, is what it makes it "San Francisco." Sounds dubious, but there are apparently some restaurants in SF that have been serving that for decades. So is "California cuisine" the same as "spa cuisine?" To me, all these new additions to the food lexicon are amorphous and almost meaningless, since they seem to mean different things to different people. Not like classic French
  5. I hated Joe throwing the dish across the counter. Suddenly I felt I was watching Hell's Kitchen. (And just when I was staring to not dislike Joe, as I have in the past.) Autumn and Suu at this point seem to be the teacher's pets. I thought they made chowder in San Francisco, which has (or did, in the old days) a seafood centric cuisine.
  6. Yes, dinner for four was generous. But again, if you have to pay for your own transportation and New York hotel room (crazy expensive) that will be the most expensive "free" dinner ever. I've also had some very good jerk pasta dishes!
  7. I believe it was actually dinner for 4, but I had the same thought. They've been giving dinners at the "legend's" restaurant as a prize, but unless you happen to live in the area, who could afford it? If the show isn't springing for airfare/hotel it's a meaningless prize. And if they were springing, I would think they'd mention it. ("The most amazing trip to New York). I've spent time in South Florida and have eaten at a lot of traditional Cuban restaurants and don't ever remember seeing pasta on the menu. As you said, rice is the main starch, but they also use potatoes or even
  8. I say that is impossible if she feeds them any kind of meat, whose cost, even for low end cuts, has gone through the roof in the past year. Even chicken is several dollars a pound now. (My father was retired military and we used to shop at a PX. Yes, less expensive that the supermarket, but they're not giving food away). I think her story is a sympathy ploy. (Though it wouldn't surprise me if the show's producers are behind it.) People in the military don't get rich, but their salaries enable you to live at more than subsistence level. It reminds me of Melissa D'Arabian when she was on Ne
  9. I was really surprised that Tyler didn't bring that up. He praised the dish but they didn't even cook the chicken, so that seems like cheating.
  10. Sadly I feel he's in it for the long haul just to supply drama. Considering that the videotape already revealed he's a total liar I'm sure he will do more things that cause confrontations and team friction. He's also the oldest looking 23 year old I've ever seen. (As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm calling BS on many of the stated ages of the contestants. Morgana is another one who's 30 if she's a day.) Maybe it's because a lot of the chefs are really older that this seems like a fairly typical Hell's Kitchen season. In a sense, that's a relief. I was expecting it to be like America's
  11. Matthew should've gone first, but he went second, at least. A "food vlogger?" Cripes, well I guess that's consistent with the youth team. But as he said himself, someone posting videos to YouTube has endless time to perfect his dish and do "retakes." He should never have been on this kind of show, but I'm sure the producers knew he would eff up and be one of the first to go. Totally agree about Tyson. Surprising to see that in this "me too" era. There are other boxing greats they could've brought on this show that don't have his kind of checkered (to say the least) past. GR practically tr
  12. I had the same thought. I am ready to call BS on the age thing, because several of the contestants they say are 21 look mid to late 20s. If that Antonio is really 23 than he will die of old age by the time he's 40. There's another contestant that's already losing his hair, not impossible at 22-23, but extremely rare. I'm wondering if they shot themselves in the foot by announcing this concept, then couldn't find enough decent contestants 23 or younger, so took older contestants on the condition they go along with the lie. It's hard to believe that GR would think any 21-23 year old
  13. I would agree with that. I just don't get America's love affair with little girl singers, especially as none of them are anything special talent-wise. Just nice kids who can carry a tune. I remember someone posting here that the most talented girl singer ever on AGT was Darci Lynn, and she sang with her mouth closed. Something like, "I know it's not PC, but the mom is beautiful." So, nothing really offensive, but just stupid to be offering a gratuitous comment on the looks of someone who wasn't even in the act. I think that Heidi was thinking about that when she mentioned Howie
  14. A thousand times yes to this. Three tween girl singers out of 10 finalists??? And none of the other singers was anything special. The only standout act this entire season has been Bad Salsa, for me the best dance duo AGT has ever had. But they have no chance of winning, because America seems to have a hard time identifying with them. If AGT were really about talent they would win, but most people vote on the basis of who they identify with. Saying that this was "world's got talent" probably didn't help them, but they weren't going to win anyway. I bet they come in close to the bottom in
  15. Granted regarding observing the 14 day quarantine. But I'm still saying there are special exceptions, because an average citizen of any EU country is not allowed into the US even under a quarantine protocol, and same for any average US citizen wanting to visit the EU. So there are privileged classes (athletes, entertainers) who have their own set of rules. (I know, because I had to cancel a long planned for dream trip to Spain). Well, since the Max Major debacle showed that all these mentalist acts are a fraud, not much. Since there were pre-taped videos of Shin Lim, Darci Lyne, and Ko
  16. Why am I not surprised that Bad Salsa, the best act of the night, needed a judges' save, while two boring but cute tween girl singers were voted through? I hate to say it, but I just don't think that a lot of Americans can relate to a couple of young Indians with accents that the AGT producers think require subtitles. "Wokeman" is in no way, shape, or form a Vegas act, and if you're going to vote based on social justice issues, who deserves to win more? A young dude name checking current events or a black man who was unjustly sentenced to 37 years in prison for a racially charged crime i
  17. Serous question for the people out there who understand stage magic. Are all the mind reading and mentalists acts built around the judges or "randomly selected" audience members being accomplices? I know it's not real mind reading or clairvoyance, but I'd like to think there's something more clever involved than just telling people in advance what to say or write down. I've read comments here that she has a great voice, but if so, why bury it under background singers and echo effects as they did last night. Well, that was what I heard in the first 30 seconds, because I fast forwarded
  18. Watching Bad Salsa makes me happy, and isn't that what "entertainment" is supposed to be about, and not guilt tripping people into voting with social issues or sob stories? Bollywood movies have amazing dance numbers, and watching those two is like watching a Bollywood movie come to life. Their skill level, given their ages, especially the girl, is amazing. I hope they win. They've been the ray of sunshine on the show this year in the midst of a lot of doom and gloom. (And not just from Covid) The Bello Sisters thankfully had less smoke this time so you could see them better. (Can we kill
  19. Don't forget, "Wokeman" (great nickname) has his own sob story too. His first (Golden Buzzer winning) piece was about his dead little sister. And wasn't he wearing her picture on his shirt? Can't quite put my finger on why, but to me he seems like an opportunist and not really sincere. I feel it's like he sat down and thought, okay, in the present moment, what's the message that's going to win AGT for me? I may be in a minority on this site, but putting back story aside, I really enjoy Archie's singing. My favorite type of singer is the story-teller, who connects with the meaning of
  20. Yeah, that's where I was going with that. It's not like she grew up in the Bible Belt. (and even the "Bible Belt" is not what it used to be). Howie is clueless and also off in his own (very affluent) world.
  21. Howie is supposed to be the comedy expert, but Alex Hooper is nothing at all like Don Rickles. He's more like a cross between Rip Taylor and Richard Simmons. It's the first time I saw the Bello Sisters, so I don't know if they were just repeating themselves. Actually, I would say I still haven't seen the Bello Sisters, since the strobing lights and smoke effects completely hid them. I could tell they were women in (very) good shape, that's about it. They were probably not likely to go through over all the sob stories and "uplifting" messages, but bad stage design took away any chance the
  22. I think I watched this episode in record time, since I fast forwarded through the boring singers and also most of the judges' comments. No point in listening, since every performer is "amazing," "super talented, "a star," and "best act of the night." I guess if you don't get a standing ovation that means they didn't like you? I feel like it's been years since a live performance got any kind of critical or even mildly negative review. The hip hop based dance crews are all running together in my mind. The mask wearing by the salsa dance group was ridiculous. Way to virtue signal. For t
  23. But the sad thing is that Bello has not done well on AGT. Why would he even enter? He's certainly set himself up to be humiliated by losing to a bunch of amateurs, or marginal professionals. There have been some other seasoned professionals who have gone on this show, but they're built their careers in other countries, so it's worth it to them to get established in the US, and if they fail, it's not that big a deal. As for Bello, well, I once met him an a corporate event put on my then-employer. He had lots of attitude and was not liked by anyone who had to deal with him. So his la
  24. She's always come across as an intelligent, down-to-earth girl, not an entitled show biz brat. So after performing professionally since she was 10, as she gets into her later teen years it might be time to step away and experience a more normal life. Whatever she does, I hope she's happy. For me, she's always been a ray of sunshine and one of the three or four best winners of this show. She's also the exception to the rule about needing age minimums. (I still think they should have them).
  25. I'm one of those people, and have been advocating a minimum contestant age for years, but it will never happen. This show is built around kid acts and sob stories. (And if you have a kid act who has a sob story, that's gold). As someone else mentioned, had Simon been there, he probably would've pushed through that lame dog act. There's never been a dog act, no matter its quality, that he didn't fight for. Voices of the City Choir and Bad Salsa were no-brainers for getting through. I think both will be there at the end, but Bad Salsa will likely finish fourth or fifth and the choir h
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