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  1. As I recall, ages ago she talked about keeping up with Jon Stewart by watching him online. Considering her early adopter history, she probably streams a lot of what she watches. Not sure if she still watches Ice T and Coco, now that most cable channels require a cable subscription to watch. I found the interview with Jane Sanders interesting, allowing for some interesting insights into an unconventional campaign. I get that some people just want her to just reflect their opinions but she's been very even handed with Democratic candidates. Chris Hayes is the one who has been asking challeng
  2. Thanks to the Vulture link. It explains how badly Beharie was treated which was ridiculous.
  3. I understand the concerns of erasing their heritage. Still, I feel like there's something limiting about saying that when a PoC is cast in a role, the character has to have qualities that are based in their ethnicity -- and since there have been qualities to Alex Parrish that take her ethnic background into account, there's a minimum. I feel like we just got past a hump where we were telling networks to stop defining a PoC character on their ethnicity, that we can have a variety of experiences. Now we're saying they're not defining PoC characters like Alex and Joan for not having enough "c
  4. If my husband weren't still interested, I'd be done with The Walking Dead (and Fear TWD). I'm fully hatewatching it now and if my husband weren't into it, I be keeping up by reading one of the flood of articles that come out the next day.
  5. Oh holy bleep, do they know the basic facts of what they're talking about? Springsteen is known for devoting long periods of time in his concerts to politics, not politics in the TV sense which is mostly gossip about politicians, but telling the stories behind a political issue and why the issue matters. It's like all the times people (usually conservatives) complain about an explicitly political piece winning an award and the winner's acceptance speech bringing up politics. It's like getting outraged that Instagram is no place for selfies. At this point, Kirstie Alley is fully in
  6. Frank was working my last nerve, while Reich started the discussion patiently waiting for his turn to talk, I thought Frank was doing his best Bill O'Reilly impression, acting like volume, interrupting and continuing talk after you've said what you were going to say. Reich started interrupting when it was clear Frank wasn't going to let Reich made a point uninterrupted but Frank was clearly not in the mood to have an actual debate. I got nothing out of that segment.
  7. Late last night there was an interesting conversation between Chris Hayes and Chris Matthews. Basically, Hayes tried to explain to Matthews that questions like "Is Sanders ready to be the next Commander in Chief?" and all the implications of the question -- the way "Commander in Chief" has become a shorthand for following a certain foreign policy view -- illustrate the kind of Beltway insider thinking that explains why people like Matthews have such a hard time understanding Sanders' supporters. To some degree, Hayes was finding nice ways to tell Matthews to get his head out of his own ass and
  8. In the US, "homosexual" has become associated with the rabidlt anti-gay right who have embraced the term to the point that when they reprint news wire stories, they have a scrip that changes any mention of gay to "homosexual," presumably because "homosexual marriage" and "homosexual rights" don't poll as well as when you say "gay marriage" or "gay rights". At this point, the term is theirs. They're the vast majority of people using it in the states. Perhaps in the future it can be reappropriated back the way queer has been but until then it's a word that doesn't put you in good company.
  9. Something pointed out to me in the debate over the Iron Fist casting -- SHIELD has the only major Asian characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No Asians in the Netflix corner, none in the movies.
  10. Crap, crap, crap. Sorry about forgetting to spoiler tag that, grumpiness clouded my head. As I recall, Showtime treated Fuller terribly with Dead Like Me. One season had two clip episodes because of how small the budget was and an executive told Fuller he wasn't capable of knowing if Rebecca Gayhart was pretty or not as a gay man. (I guess Fuller didn't want to write her out of the show?) I didn't know homophobia prompted Fox to treat Wonderfalls so badly. The part line at the time was that the network got scared when CBS announced they were also making a show about a young woman who h
  11. I read on Twitter that there are two more lesbian characters expected to die in the next few weeks. Does anyone know who that was referring to? This is getting to the point where I'm starting to worry about the patrons at Jessica's favorite bar on Fresh Off the Boat. ETA: I hear it happens on , a show that previously had two gay male characters (at different times) and killed them both.
  12. Not always. The teenage characters who play 15-year-olds who take five seasons to turn 18 are usually played by twentysomethings. However, the characters of Jude and Connor are younger and those usually do get cast with teen actors. The Fosters has been going for a few years, now and according to a Fosters wiki, the character was 13 when the show started. Wow. I didn't know there was so much drama on the Fosters set. I've dropped any show I can't watch on Hulu that I don't watch with my husband so I'm behind on The Fosters. I figured the little screen time Jude got was about him being so y
  13. In hindsight, I was surprised the guy getting therapy from a dream ghost because he was debating if he was going to leave his wife didn't turn out to be involved with the prostitute who has been breaking up marriages all over town.
  14. My regional nitpick about TV weddings is that the ceremony is attended by everyone. Where I come from, only close family and friends are invited to the ceremony and everyone is invited to the reception afterward. That's usually because there's a good chance the church isn't close to banquet hall where the reception is held, probably a half-hour to an hour drive unless things are scheduled at an odd hour to avoid traffic, so there's often a chunk of time between the two. Plus, since the person in charge of decorating the church usually has a role in setting up the reception, anyone who drives f
  15. I've seen the first two episodes. It's pretty amazing. Sometimes I wish Ellen had a PoC friend because it feels a little uncomfortable for me from that angle but overall it's an amazing series. Ellen and Ian are just too adorable together. I'll be honest, I find myself putting off actually watching episodes because they tackle difficult topics. The Brazil episode was excellent but sometimes hard to watch and I'm putting off watching the Jamaica episode.
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