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  1. Classy, Tyler. Blur the other women out. Just post a pic of your wife if you don't want a group photo.
  2. Zach turned 30 this year. From a random tabloid article: While it’s unclear what Zach does for work, in March of 2021, the Teen Mom OG star revealed that he was in the process of becoming a realtor in an Instagram post that read, “Money Monday! Starting the process of becoming a realtor, excited to start this next journey.” He continued, “I’ve been [an] entrepreneur my whole life so this is my next big goal!”
  3. I think this may be a new low for both TM franchises: 414,000 viewers for this episode. Maybe everyone was watching baseball games. https://showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-tuesday-10-19-2021-top-150-cable-originals-network-finals.html
  4. Well, she cheated on her first husband with Donn. Then she cheated on Donn with Brooks. So there's that...
  5. For most pregnancies, 3D ultrasound won't give any more usable information than a standard 2D image. That's why most healthcare providers don't use 3D ultrasound regularly. https://www.babycenter.com/pregnancy/health-and-safety/3d-and-4d-ultrasound_40007980#:~:text=ultrasounds during pregnancy.-,Is 3D ultrasound better than 2D%3F,t use 3D ultrasound regularly.
  6. Farrah's grandmother filed for an elder abuse protective order against Debra (EMBA) Danielson. https://starcasm.net/farrah-abraham-grandmother-protection-order-debra-danielsen
  7. A camera was pre-positioned to film the two lawbreakers on jet skis who just happened to ride under the bridge and into the restricted area. It's almost like the producers had planned some sort of drama involving a couple of guests and Malia. But the shows are unscripted, right?
  8. David is dreaming again. I think if he bought a boat it would look more like the one below this photo.
  9. And shame on that producer for sucking up to Amber and acting like her being accepted to an online program with a 100% acceptance rate is some great accomplishment.
  10. Speaking of ratings (which are slipping), The Ashley reported that producers are putting together a Real Housewives style get-together, with cast members from each series participating, in an effort to boost interest: The Ashley hears that the premise of the special show will be to bring girls from the shows together at some sort of health retreat, where they will stay together in a hotel or spa setting, discuss their issues and hopefully renew interest in the sinking franchise. “The producers are hoping that, by putting girls who never work together in the same setting, it will be i
  11. To my knowledge, none of the above have ever had to wake up every morning and go to work just to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves and their children. So they remain children, and will probably still be sniveling and whining about their domestic situations ten years from now.
  12. What was the point of taping Tyler's segment with his "friend" when Tyler completely talked over they guy every time he tried to say something? They might as well have taped him driving down the road talking to himself.
  13. Plus, it would be great if it was an open adoption and the birth parents were all up in their business for years and years.
  14. That's my recollection, that she said she had a degree in psychology from Berkeley.
  15. According to her LinkedIn page, she received a BA in Mass Communications. She may have taken some Psych classes. Education University of California, Berkeley Bachelor of Arts - BA Mass Communication/Media Studies 2013 - 2017 Activities and Societies: Cal Sailing Team, Chi Omega Sorority, Berkeley Investment Group https://www.linkedin.com/in/delaney-evans-35b489197
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