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  1. "May I have one of those, Madam?
  2. From the tabloids: The 29-year-old MTV star, whose estimated net worth is reportedly around $1 million, took out a federal Paycheck Protection Program loan for Kailyn Lowry LLC for $31,018 which was approved in April of 2020. On the loan, Kail reported that her intended use for the funds was payroll. Kailyn Lowry LLC is at least in part used for her Coffee Convos Podcast which, according to the loan filing, has five employees. The mother-of-four also took out a PPP loan for her haircare line, Pothead CBD Haircare, which is listed under her company, Pothead Inc, to the
  3. Definition of humblebrag: To make a seemingly modest, self-critical, or casual statement or reference that is meant to draw attention to one's admirable or impressive qualities or achievements. Exhibit A:
  4. You can see it in the girls' eyes: "Here comes another lecture for the cameras, and we've been told to sit here and be all attentive." I did love it when Leah was listing all of her healthy lifestyle points, and Addie said "and you vape." Too funny.
  5. He sold zero. If I recall correctly, there was a 5 shoe minimum required by the company, and he only got a couple of orders. On a personal note, I found out there are "vanity" shoe companies that operate along the same lines as private label cosmetic firms that will stick your name on their stock products for a price.
  6. If I recall correctly, it is a reference to Ashley saying she would let her daughter know she is standing on the shoulders of her grandparents.
  7. Amber pretending to be a college student. Doesn't realize it isn't called "homework" after you leave high school.
  8. Briana Tweeted and then deleted this post, after The Ashley reported the firing of producers because viewership has recently sunk to 400,000. Incredibly, the series has still been picked up for another season. https://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2021/07/09/exclusive-well-known-teen-mom-2-producers-fired-after-show-ratings-sink-to-new-low-network-feels-producers-have-allowed-the-girls-to-call-the-shots
  9. Harvard Extension is not playing with Farrah. She's been locked out of a class and of course screaming about it. LOL. Would love to learn the details.
  10. Someone on Reddit matched with Andrew on Bumble in Indianapolis, but he didn't follow through. Here's his profile if you are interested.
  11. Farrah sees nothing wrong with putting a video of her 12 year old daughter in a bikini on Instagram, or doing sexy poses with her at the base of the Eiffel Tower when she was even younger. Disgusting human being.
  12. She has no time for school. She's busy going places and doing things (all the while being promoted by her mother). Her Instagram: S O P H I A L A B R A H A M Artist Born on @mtv ⭐️ Tween Queen 👑 🎤🎵 🪄 LINK IN BIO IMPACT♥️ACTIVATE 🎶 AccountManagedBy @farrahabrahamdirect.me/sophiaabraham https://www.instagram.com/sophialabraham
  13. Those Harvard extension classes in creative writing and literature are really paying off.
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