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  1. To me, it seemed like BJ Novak wasn't having it with Joy.
  2. YES! I'm widowed, in my 50's and this is exactly what I want if it ever happens.
  3. I know she's said she went to Catholic School, but I've never heard her come out and say she was Catholic, or any other denomination. Perhaps she feels she's an expert on Catholicism since she attended their school? Who knows...
  4. I agree with this. The look on Elizabeth's face when that happened told me something more is going on. 😥
  5. I loved when Joy said "Use your brain, use your brain!" I use my brain to decide to keep on wearing masks when around a lot of people. Yes, I am "double vaxxed" too, but wear my mask for the benefit of my community.
  6. I agree about the stereotype in Nor Cal. I'm in Sacramento. Ugh...
  7. I think the downfall of Kody and Meri started when they divorced so he could marry his true love, Robyn. I think it really hurt Meri, and she never let on how much it hurt. Then she ended up being catfished and that was used to put all the blame on her.
  8. I think Chris is making this up with his ex so he can get out of the marriage, because he's not attracted to Paige. From the first episode, i knew he wasn't anywhere ready for marriage.
  9. I can't blame Bria for not wanting Lexi to give a speech. All she's ever done is bad mouth Matt.
  10. Every time I looked at her with that hideous braid, I thought it was her arm.
  11. There were a couple of times where Frank seemed lost. I agree about the dementia.
  12. I had to watch this show to see how it dealt with kidney failure. I was a full time caregiver to my late husband while he dealt with end stage renal failure/dialysis. I too noticed that the dialysis gang was really upbeat, especially at the end of the treatment. When my husband first started dialysis, he was so weak I had to take him in a wheelchair. He couldn't even stand up to weigh in. He had to get weighed while in his wheelchair. I know it's a comedy so they aren't going to make it look exactly like a real dialysis session, but two things stood out to me. When Drew sat in the chair,
  13. That scene with Glorietta and her mom was filmed at my pups' grooming salon!! I've been waiting for this to air!!!
  14. I understand she is still grieving. It's different for everyone. I can't recall how long she was off the show after her father's death. I have so much resentment for her now. My husband was very ill and I was his only caretaker, along with working my full time job, because we still had bills to pay. My 53 year old husband passed away last month. Because I had used up all my sick leave and vacation days to care for him while he was alive, I was only able to take five days off from work after he died. He died on a Thursday, so I took the three bereavement days given to me, plus throw in the week
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