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  1. I've managed to stay away from this season of this shit because Mike is SO. DAMNED. TRIGGERING for me but I caved. Natalie is crazy, yes, and I don't think she gave one shit that she wasn't marrying for love but Mike's shrugs, gaslighting, and refusal to use his words like an adult to discuss something is painful to watch. I know it's reality tv and Natalie will go off to do Only Fans whatever it is F-list reality stars do but Mike ain't changing. Ever. He will do this again and again to women and Mama Mike and Buddies of Big Mike will always believe he is the victim. Do we know what happ
  2. Poor Zabel. He redeemed himself for not solving the other girl's murder by helping Mare solve this one. Such a heavy episode. I liked the scene when Mare met her prostitute connection. Who bought coffee, doing occasional tricks in order to be able to spend more time with her grandchild and zero judgement from Mare. It was a nice, oddly normal touch to have them connect like that. I'm almost 50 and still don't want to think about my parents having sex. I certainly couldn't handle the idea of my father having sex with another woman when I was th
  3. The frozen vegetable debate is giving me life. Thank you! I both love and am annoyed by this show. Of course we suspect the priest but then we're not supposed to because it's too obvious. But he's a clean-shaven guy who has a bigger frame than Zabel so he looks more like the kidnapper. HOWEVER, are we supposed to trust stand-in body type as fact? I don't know, that's why these shows infuriate me. I just can't with Douchey Richard. He's clearly in his 50s and wrote a book. One book as he points out. Get over yourself. Easttown really must be a pisshole if Mare is that starstruck over
  4. Why do these chicks who get pregnant by guys who are deadbeats in their own country think they can hold them to American child support/rearing standards? Tiffani is delusional that Ronald would have been a good father whether she stayed in SA or came home. Same for Kalani. These guys weren't providers before and having babies didn't change that. Tiffani and Kalani both want men they can control and shame but I don't get the impression either of them were setting the world on fire before these unplanned pregnancies. They're interchangeable for me and they both suck.
  5. Minor quip here but if the baby's surgery is a motive for murder it's a weak one. The brochure on her mirror said $1995 or something like that. The baby would either be on Pennsylvania CHIP insurance and/or Erin and the baby would be on Medicaid, in either case it would likely be covered. Roy from Scranton's house looked decent and he's planning a wedding, even if he self-paid for the surgery 2K isn't going to kill him. I rewatched most of the ep today and Richard Ryan (who I thought was Sam from True Blood the entire first episode) can go screw himself. He's needy, narcissistic, and I r
  6. Julia. Her not cute. Her fucking pain in the ass. Her schtick of "Cute Russian girl moves to American farm puppy mill" is already unsufferable and old. Her better enjoy it now. I was horrified that the producers obviously encouraged the cast to put pressure on Amira to be on screen with Andrew. If her story was remotely true she shouldn't have to be confronted by an emotionally abusive psychopath. No, her story isn't perfect but I'm leaning more toward it being true. Even shady TLC must have to do some fact checking (eg, the texts, where she was) in order not to get sued by Andrew who wa
  7. And "I'm still processing"
  8. I don't know what's more painful: watching these assholes just be their asshole-selves because it's 90DF, watching these assholes whine about COVID (knowing what was to come for the world), or reliving the early days of COVID through the lens of these assholes. It's all horrible.
  9. Mike. WTF? You're lucky crazy Natalie didn't garrote you with a fishing line with that stupid ass conversation. She had THREE WEEKS LEFT you balding bitch. Shit or get off the pot. Don't say "we'll see...progress is being made." Didn't they have a wedding date set already anyway? Give her the stupid ring or send her home. Natalie's intentions are totally transparent so I have to respect her for that. He thinks he is being coy and clever all the time when really he's a not bright, not attractive, not charismatic douchebag. THAT SAID getting a ring back now seems to be like the saddest goal
  10. I hate these people. Both the real ones and the characters they play on 90DF.
  11. I was more interested in this episode than I thought I would be. Except Kandy. Never Kandy. I live in CT so we were quick to mask because NYC was so hard hit in the beginning. Masks were impossible to get and fabric stores weren't open. We used an old pillow case and hair elastics to make our first masks. I felt for them when they talked about all the fabric stores being closed because we didn't *need* to go anywhere but they had to put together all their challenge outfits. I haven't been overwhelmed by the runway this season and now it makes sense. Too bad Ru didn't make fabric, em
  12. I am loving the Rebecca hate. I never noticed the Tarzan speak. Zyed seems like an intelligent guy and his English has definitely improved since their last appearance. It sounds like he's been taking English classes because some of the words he says almost have a British accent as the clasess/app he's using probably is geared to Europeans. Sure, he wants a green card but I also feel like there's a little of what Azan was going through -- overwhelmed by an American woman who is sexually free and can show him a different life. He might actually like Rebecca. But maybe more as a mom. Now I'
  13. Pretending that TLC isn't paying for the wedding, where does Rebecca plan on getting the money for a fancy wedding with a horse drawn carriage? Didn't she start the season whining how she was strapped for cash with all the money it cost to get Zyed over here? I'm Rebecca's age and divorced (once) and I would feel RIDICULOUS planning a wedding like the one she wants. I had forgotten she was married 3 times. Girl, it's the same damned guest list over and over! They're TIRED of ponying up for new dishes. And, as others have said, I can only imagine the dress she would cram herself into.
  14. Oh, I couldn't agree more. She's insufferable and they are incredibly mis-matched. My beef with Mike is that he didn't have to bring her here, even though the visa was approved. I'd like to think he was open to giving it another shot but his personality flaws are becoming more and more obvious. They're a toxic couple and they bring out the worst in each other.
  15. It took me a few days to catch up on my hate watching of Mike and Natalie. Dude. I know the whole storyline for you is about "crazy, unreasonable Natalie" but you are a Class A Fuck. She's what, halfway through the 90 days and you tell her that you're not engaged, the love is gone, and you're not ready to marry her any time soon. Neither of you are going to morph into the partners you want or expect within the next 45 days so cut your losses and move on. Mike, if you were any kind of decent guy and not a gaslighting prick you'd get Natalie a plane ticket so she could go someplace fun and
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