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  1. Aw, Confirmed Indian John really loves decorating his truck! I hope he volunteers every Memorial Day to pull a float in the town parade.
  2. Sara seemed SO wise when she said that she needed to focus on learning how to be a mother and she just didn't have room for Shawn. Then she agrees to meet him. I hope she's only doing it to get more episodes for Sharp Entertainment money. I didn't even care that she was working him for a tanning session and breakfast because Shawn deserves to have his bone marrow stolen from him for being so entitled and, yet, completely worthless to humankind. Dare I say, Lacey looks really good?! She snapped back really well after the baby and her face looks less plastic. For as much as she looks bette
  3. They are so, so very boring and I FF through their scenes but good for them, I guess. She's an ex-con so her job prospects are limited, he's a poker player with a Masters that he's apparently never used so his prospects are limited also, at least according to the job coach he saw when Brittany was pregnant with their #2 (her #5?). So if they're making some bank from Sharp Entertainment it's better than they could do in the real world. They want to come across as the responsible parents who beat the odds so I hope they're putting something away for the kids. Unlike Shawn. Who turns my stomach.
  4. Compared to? Any income Sharp pays them is more than these two chuckleheads would make otherwise.
  5. You guys, I drove from CT to NC to see my parents yesterday and as I was crossing the Chesapeake bridge/tunnel all I could do was laugh hysterically wondering which Virginia Beach exit Chon and Chane were and if Chon was out of chail. Then I realized I could also look for Daonte and Nicole and THEN I realized I could find Tarik and Hazel while I was at it. That's what 10 hours alone in the car will do you for you. Daonte and his friend are the best couple ever to be on a reality show. The Post Malone/Machine Gun Kelly comment slayed me as did his friend's statement about the sky being bl
  6. The last scene of Rachel with her friend installing the security camera was the smartest thing I've ever seen on any reality show, never mind one that involves marriages with career felons. I think she's still in for a world of misery by keeping Dougie Jr. Don't get me wrong, I love that she did, I love that he has a chance at a normal life with her, but Doug will always be part of her life and her cabinet may not be enough for him to rage out on when he realizes Dougie Jr has no use for him in his life.
  7. Oh Rachel, you're so cute and you seem intelligent. Why are you doing this?!
  8. I was so proud of Daonte for saying he was going to turn her phone off and seemingly peacing out of that situation. But, since this is a show and we have more episodes, I'm assuming that he doesn't. I can't hate on Pickle for having some confidence in her sexuality since she clearly has issues in so many other areas of her mental health. But she worked in the prison system! This dude has been in prison since he was an adult and was in solitary for I don't know how long, of course he has issues with intimacy! Doug would be entertaining to me if his son wasn't fighting both nature an
  9. Thank you RealReality. I thought there were multiple shit aunts involved but then I thought maybe Dougie's mother was one of the women he was screaming at. Whenever I hear Stan speak I can't help but think of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jagh6HIURT8 @Auntie Anxiety I can't wait to join live chat!
  10. Folks, I have binge watched 2.5 seasons in the last 2 weeks to be able to join you fine folks! NO REGRETS. This cast is spectacular. I saw the ramen noodle memes and now that I know the people involve -- sublime. Amazing. TV perfection. I do feel for Daonte despite his willful ignorance. I had no use for Shawn and his stupidity because he had 6 kids he should have been focusing on. Daonte seems like there really is something off about him. I wonder what his service time was like in the Marines. Can someone please recap how the Doug/Dougie fight went from 0 to 100 in 3 seconds?
  11. I've managed to stay away from this season of this shit because Mike is SO. DAMNED. TRIGGERING for me but I caved. Natalie is crazy, yes, and I don't think she gave one shit that she wasn't marrying for love but Mike's shrugs, gaslighting, and refusal to use his words like an adult to discuss something is painful to watch. I know it's reality tv and Natalie will go off to do Only Fans whatever it is F-list reality stars do but Mike ain't changing. Ever. He will do this again and again to women and Mama Mike and Buddies of Big Mike will always believe he is the victim. Do we know what happ
  12. Poor Zabel. He redeemed himself for not solving the other girl's murder by helping Mare solve this one. Such a heavy episode. I liked the scene when Mare met her prostitute connection. Who bought coffee, doing occasional tricks in order to be able to spend more time with her grandchild and zero judgement from Mare. It was a nice, oddly normal touch to have them connect like that. I'm almost 50 and still don't want to think about my parents having sex. I certainly couldn't handle the idea of my father having sex with another woman when I was th
  13. The frozen vegetable debate is giving me life. Thank you! I both love and am annoyed by this show. Of course we suspect the priest but then we're not supposed to because it's too obvious. But he's a clean-shaven guy who has a bigger frame than Zabel so he looks more like the kidnapper. HOWEVER, are we supposed to trust stand-in body type as fact? I don't know, that's why these shows infuriate me. I just can't with Douchey Richard. He's clearly in his 50s and wrote a book. One book as he points out. Get over yourself. Easttown really must be a pisshole if Mare is that starstruck over
  14. Why do these chicks who get pregnant by guys who are deadbeats in their own country think they can hold them to American child support/rearing standards? Tiffani is delusional that Ronald would have been a good father whether she stayed in SA or came home. Same for Kalani. These guys weren't providers before and having babies didn't change that. Tiffani and Kalani both want men they can control and shame but I don't get the impression either of them were setting the world on fire before these unplanned pregnancies. They're interchangeable for me and they both suck.
  15. Minor quip here but if the baby's surgery is a motive for murder it's a weak one. The brochure on her mirror said $1995 or something like that. The baby would either be on Pennsylvania CHIP insurance and/or Erin and the baby would be on Medicaid, in either case it would likely be covered. Roy from Scranton's house looked decent and he's planning a wedding, even if he self-paid for the surgery 2K isn't going to kill him. I rewatched most of the ep today and Richard Ryan (who I thought was Sam from True Blood the entire first episode) can go screw himself. He's needy, narcissistic, and I r
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