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  1. It was. Tucker Carlson had him on pretty much saying the same thing.
  2. Watching David presenting the Dyson TSV now. JMPO but most of these products can be presented without an OAP Skyping in. I just don’t see any value added. I was just thinking the Q needs to present some more Diamonique sans the OAPs.
  3. Sorry but these parents need to suck it up. Some, but not all parents, act like their kids are a big inconvenience being at home. They need to chill and enjoy their kids. If their kids are in elementary school then put school in perspective. It’s elementary school. In the big scheme of life, grades in elementary school are not that important. Do the bare minimum, stop stressing and stressing out your kids. I was a SAHM. Loved my kids being home. Most of the time they entertained each other. Life doesn’t have to be scheduled.
  4. Watching Mary now. Every other OAP is bringing up the virus and using it as a sales tactic. Mary seems to just want to move on. Me: I’m watching because I need a break from this drama. Just STFU about it. We all need an escape.
  5. What’s going on at the mail Q? it’s Saturday morning and Amy is the host? Since when? Sandra on during the day this week. Unfortunately, Alberti on, too. At least he didn’t host the bra presentation. How many times are they going to present the TSV and Big Deal?
  6. Ginger Puss will be a keeper because we don’t like her and she’s awful. Kirsten is wearing an old headband that was left behind by Jeanne Bice.
  7. I think social media has more to do with the hosts’ big heads. Look at their Facebook and Instagram pages. Their followers fawn all over them. I’ve seen the hosts’ egos grow exponentially since the advent of Q entering the social media arena. YMMV.
  8. In Q-ville I’m sure the most anxiety producing aspect of this situation is the lack of shipments from China. I could see most employees being held hostage at the Q campus if there is an outbreak.
  9. Agree. Our Costco sells the pods now. But Amazon has good prices on the pods, too. They are pricier but worth it.
  10. Not really. They buy only what they need/use and buy on sale. They are frugal. And it’s so much easier to buy what you need online. No driving to the mall, find parking and fight the crowd.
  11. The young ppl I know would never go to Ross or other discount stores. They consider them sleazy. They shop on Amazon for cosmetics or Ulta.
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