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  1. They better be for that price. Unfortunately I bet the nuts get broken during shipping. Those Tovolo spatulas are calling my name. Not a bad price. Wonder if amazon has them or similar?
  2. Yes, David, your cutting board is a conversation starter. 🙄 Just what I always wanted. A kitchen decked out in items with the ITKWD logo. What’s next? ITKWD branded cookware? Useless gadgets? KitchenAid mixer? Now overpriced potstickers.
  3. Does Renee thinks that wearing a Hermès belt elevate her polyester cr@p? Many think that our days are numbered. So why not spend it all? Just wouldn’t spend it on her goods. Renee’s assistant has a face mask on now. I said it before that there is crew at their homes to film. No one is wearing masks.
  4. Great minds must think alike. 😂 Know what CNAs make. No way they can afford a Lexus. I feel sorry for Asuelo. It’s obvious he’s not firing on all cylinders. Out of his element. Kalani treats him like a child. Her parents and family hate him, lying in wait to see him fail. They all need to back off. Paul is another one with lack of mental sharpness. Glad to see his mother create some boundaries but she is hurting her grandchild in the process. Paul will never hold a good job. Karine is a mess. I understand that Paul’s mom is fed up with him but if I were her, I’d take in Karine and the baby. The baby needs a safe place to live. Paul can live in his car.
  5. She gives some good advice but I’m not convinced her quick, dramatic weight loss was all diet and exercise.
  6. I noticed that the cookies were not on Temptations trays. Most of the food today is overpriced. Except for the wine. Did anyone notice the misspelled shrimp sign during the potsticker presentation? It said SHIMP. The Q really has such attention to detail. 🤣
  7. Leave it to the Q to use a pandemic to its fullest to sell a $50 soap/hand sanitizer dispenser.
  8. Dan H looks like he lost a few pounds over the last months. Hadn’t see him in a while. He looks good. David looks awful. When the Q plays old promos of ITKWD, it’s obvious how much he’s aged and weight he’s gained.
  9. Kirsten comes off as a narcissist to me. It’s all about her. Know a few women like her. She a martyr. Other women hate her because she’s thin. I’m struggling as a mother. Blah. Blah. I feel sorry for her girls. She will surely put her insecurities and warped self image on them. I didn’t. Was not a fan. Was glad he left. But I do agree, the Q needs more male hosts.
  10. Too funny. The awards are fixed. The winners are the products that the Q wants to win. AKA which company has paid the Q the most for the honor.
  11. They can. Well. Let’s just say the Q has an unlimited budget for lawyers. I often wonder why no tell all, too. My guess is that the former hosts want to be employable. Writing tell all can damped future job offers. Or once they leave, they don’t care enough. Steven Bryant is a bitter troll who is full of himself. Any tell all from him would be part fiction and part ego. Not for one minute I believe he voluntarily left the Q.
  12. Junior is lucky the chase boat was there; otherwise, he and the crew would have been goners.
  13. Jeanne wasn’t nasty in the beginning. But her attitude definitely deteriorated as time went on. Pretty she didn’t care much towards the end. Kim doesn’t seem as nasty yet. Pretty sure she could take anyone down a few notches in a heart beat. I can see her line slowly replacing QF. Her clothes are nice but over priced.
  14. Kim Gravel is the new Jeanne Bice. Her inspirational words of wisdom sounds like she’s channeling Jeanne.
  15. I liked it. Especially you could freeze in it. Perfect for a RV.
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