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  1. I agree. But when he first came on the scene some 20 years ago, his products were great. I loved them. Worked great in my kid’s long curly hair. I just can’t watch him anymore.
  2. How much you wanna bet that we will see the TSV again later thus year. Honestly don’t believe their how many ordered BS.
  3. Maybe a touchy subject or unpopular opinion. But when are the product reps be back in the studio? It’s obvious that a few of them have a camera crew there with them.
  4. Sunday musings: I don’t need a tutorial on how to put on socks. Mary Beth is an idiot. Mary’s hair color looks good. I think the Q has succumbed to not even sell items that are competitively priced. They are now just trying to convince us that we need useless, overstocked, overpriced junk.
  5. Alberti subbing for David just means I’m going to watch something else today. I’d rather see Mary Beth, Mary or Rick. Heck. I’ll take Carolyn over tight pants Alberti.
  6. Well. He’s on today. Wearing a Santa apron. He should have just worn a Santa suit. He would need no padding. He deserves a vacation for just showing up to work.
  7. Watching David. Shopping on Amazon. What does that tell you? The Q, even with free shipping, doesn’t entice me.
  8. His shirt is too big for him. Yes. It’s too big. Hard to believe. It looks like he just took it out of the packaging and just threw it on.
  9. I can beat that. Deer are nothing. How about a mountain lion with cubs? Now that’s scary especially when you have pets and livestock.
  10. And who can blame her? She was on the hour before ITKWD, presenting the TSV. I’d hit the wine after that hour, too.
  11. Costco has a six quart that is similar for the same price. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. I believe Mary is extremely savvy and knows what she needs to do to get ahead. I would think David loves her. Management loves her. Most of her colleagues probably like her, too. She knows the game and how to play it.
  13. On our table, it would take about two minutes before some hits the cord and the gravy boat and half my table hits the floor.
  14. Probably. Could see some low rent network picking this sh*t show.
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