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  1. Dan H doesn’t dye his hair. Probably why I like him. Same could be said of Alberti but I don’t like him much. I don't dye my hair either. I’ve earned every gray hair on my head and proud of each one. I’m sure the hosts are under a lot of pressure to look younger on TV. Dying your hair helps with achieving a youthful look. But I think Carolyn would look gray.
  2. If I had a full time job, my elderly mother, one daughter and six grandkids living with me, I’d have no time for a boyfriend. I’d be exhausted. How many nieces and nephews does Michael have? Are they all from the same mother? A good lawyer will unravel any prenup Juliana signs. She just signed under direst and didn’t understand what she was signing. Michael’s wife is kinda a bitch. Syngin needs to get into Tanya’s and go on a 30 day road trip. Anna can bring any man into her life — after her kids leave the nest. She needs to focus on them for now. Russian dude will be back in Russia before the 90 days are up. Emily will be better off in the long run with him in another country.
  3. That’s because David is probably supporting her and probably talks to her daily. The others are immaterial. 😆
  4. That set wasn’t a full place setting. No bowls. No cups or saucers. If I'm buying Lennox, I want the entire place setting. I knew when a saw the Christmas china on David’s mother’s table, I knew were going to see some Christmas china from Lenox.
  5. David takes good care of his mom. He makes sure he pays for the best. The old Cheryl’s cookies OAP, Mary, is on. Desperation is palpable. Now they have David’s mom pimping Q food. Geez.
  6. Saw this on Instagram. Looks like the Q is bringing out the big guns to garner more sales: Free shipping, six easy pays, and Momma Venable.
  7. Bought this for my hubby. We need it. He should love it.
  8. Pretty sure that can be said for most of the Q hosts. I’d be drinking too if I were a Q host. Probably the only way I could get through three hours of presenting lame, boring products.
  9. Brett looks as annoyed with Alberti as I am. The Q must really hate their customers to pair Alberti and Kirsten together. Can Alberti pants be any tighter?
  10. Is it me or is the Q showing two different sizes of the Amazon fire during its presentation?
  11. LL and her hubby will be found guilty if they go to trial. Her daughter will lose her following because the scandal will be rehashed in court and brought to the forefront again. Felicity Huffman did the right thing. Plead guilty, paid her dues, and moved on.
  12. Natalie said she left her ex because her mother did not like him. She just looking for a baby daddy. I think she really doesn’t care who it is as long as they are both taken care of — and mommy approves.
  13. My kids are in the Q demographic. They loved Lori L because of Full House. Now not so much. They feel the same way about her daughter. She cheated the system. They know it. They would never follow her let alone care what she has to say. I don’t think they are alone. The Kardasians are another story.
  14. I just saw this. I could eat one pound in one sitting. Best part was the OAP tried to show us what a great deal they were by serving them as individual appetizer with toothpicks in each ravioli. If I served raviolis in that way to my family, I would be excommunicated.
  15. 🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you for posting what I’m thinking. I don’t think Sarah wants him .... period. She's “friends” with him for the kids’ sake.
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