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  1. IAmJ

    S22.E08: Week 8

    YES to all of this. I am bilingual and well into my 30s and I still get asked to "say something" in my native language. I travel a lot all over the world but this type of request only ever comes from Americans. It drives me crazy. It serves no purpose other than, as you said, performing for the asker and allowing them to develop a superficial view of how the language sounds, as opposed to translating something more specific for them, which at least could be informative if they were to retain the information.
  2. Right?! This was my laugh-out-loud moment of the episode. Sweetie, you're a 3 on a good day.
  3. IAmJ

    S05.E03: Bring on the 90 Days

    YES, this is the TV character reference I've been trying to think of! Also, "bankrupt man's" is *Italian chef kissing fingers* beautiful.
  4. I'm not proud to admit it but I had the Extended Scenes episode on in the background the other day while I was working and I do remember hearing her say in a bonus scene that her boyfriend is Muslim and that it makes it easier for her family to accept him and it makes for an "easy life" for her. Can't imagine why this would make her life easier unless she was Muslim herself.
  5. I thought the guy had a look of sheer terror on his face throughout the episode. Like, "What the hell did I get myself into?". Certainly a huge sacrifice and a big life change.
  6. Oh my gosh, the Kentucky to Panama City ladies were a riot! I wasn't even going to watch the episode but I caught the beginning and they pulled me right in. They were probably the only couple on this show that I'd want to hang out with.
  7. IAmJ

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I thought the bar was pretty low there, but then, at the end, he also talked about the "proudness" he feels.
  8. IAmJ

    S02.E01: New Couples, New Journeys

    Funny, I briefly talked about this episode with my Filipino MIL and she sort of sympathized with Daya's pouting about the flowers. She said that in her community back in the Philippines, they associated any non-rose flowers with funerals and would not imagine getting non-roses for a living person. That is not to say that Daya is not entitled and overbearing (which it seems like she is), but I wonder if this could be a factor in her dissatisfaction with the flower choice.
  9. IAmJ

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I couldn't see the appeal either. If I remember correctly, they introduced them as lawyer (him) and family therapist (her). I couldn't imagine taking her seriously as a therapist. She seems very childish and spoiled.
  10. IAmJ

    Giada At Home

    Based on today's episode, sage is yet another ingredient that's lemony.
  11. IAmJ

    The People's Court

    It stopped me right in my tracks. Let's not forget the goatee dyed black and the fact that he was wearing TWO watches.
  12. IAmJ

    All Episodes Talk

    Not that I would ever be tempted to use any of her recipes but it drives me crazy to hear her walk the viewers through a recipe on what claims to be a cooking show and use descriptors such as "a bit of X", "some Y" or "a whole buncha Z". Use precise measurements or drop the pretense of being a culinary show. Another pet peeve: using standard pronunciation except for potaytuhs. Always potaytuhs. Because it doesn't get more down-home than this. Overall, one of my favorite shows to hate-watch. The chemistry among the family members is delectably terrible. Ree's attempts at humor are reliably cringe-worthy. Must-watch television.
  13. IAmJ

    Giada At Home

    Adding another great entry to her flavor description bible, today she said parsnips taste licoricey.