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  1. Per the press release, another 19-episode season. Blergh.. I felt like last season dragged through the halfway point.
  2. Spencer Pratt Calls His Co-Stars “Boring” & “Losers”; Says ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Won’t Get Renewed for Season 3 With Current Cast: “It’s Not Even a Maybe” He ain't lyin' but Heidi constantly whining about wanting another kid while he gorges himself on chicken pot pies ain't exactly riveting television either.
  3. Lol! I can understand the dislike for Jisela but I'll always have a spot for her. She was actually why I got into Road Rules because I flipped on MTV and saw her on that casting special and found it so refreshing to see a person of latino descent on my TV who wasn't on one of my grandma's telenovelas on Univision. Plus, I think she's totally hot (I'm a gay male but I'd hit that haha).
  4. UniqBlue69


    Teen Mom Farrah Abraham slammed as ‘disgusting’ after daughter Sophia, 12, poses with a pregnancy test on social media The photo in question: What's crazy is that I could see someone like Jenelle doing this to be provocative and get clicks, but I don't think Farrah has that kind of guile. She's just batshit crazy!
  5. If not wanting to be around a sloppy drunk is wrong, then I don't wanna be right! It's obnoxious enough at 25, at 45? It's just sad. If you can't hold your liquor, then just don't drink!
  6. UniqBlue69


    Farrah Abraham Slams Daughter Sophia for “Wasting” Her Time & Being “Rude” in Strange Instagram Rant This bitch is scum.
  7. Who is watching Carey Mulligan being interviewed on NBC? I know it's unkind to comment on a person's weight but she's vanishing! OMG she looks frighteningly tiny!
  8. So I was amped to see a new season of See No Evil start last week, because that's my favorite show on the network, only to discover I can only see the rest of the season if I subscribe to Discovery's new streaming site!? I've also noticed they're showing fewer originals on tv in favor of premiering them on Discovery+! This begs the question: is this a short-term strategy in order to boot sales for a fledgling streaming service or is this the new norm? Because I can't see what would be the point in keeping the linear network alive with a schedule full of reruns! Has anyone heard anything?
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watcçh?v=h-K566OQiCM "You're being a little aggressive" - Gizelle to Monique. Haha. Keep being selectively indignant, girl!
  10. Cowboy (S5 runner-up) is on MTV's Catfish right now. When you thought 2020 couldn't get more fucked up.. ETA: Now James Huling (BB17&18) is on. I can't!
  11. This show may not be "officially canceled," but let's be real, this show could easily go on even with the restaurants closed. Jersey Shore doesn't even film on the shore anymore; the Teen Moms on MTV are pushing 30 and Catfish is trucking along with episodes filmed entirely on zoom. Anyone here old enough to remember the Saved by the Bell episodes that took place at a beach club? These networks don't care about betraying a show's basic premise as long as they can make money and yet Bravo has made the curious decision to not start back production on this show. I think that tells you all you nee
  12. I was side-eyeing my tv so hard when that happened. Maybe our resident Challenge historian, @Lantern7, can help out and advise if a female elimination has ever come first first. I feel like the men's elimination has been first every season.
  13. More Uncle Nino? No thanks! I don't find his drunk pervy uncle act the least bit amusing.
  14. "Our next chapter in life will focus on developing our brand." I caaaaan't!
  15. "You racist, piece of shit bitch!" Well damn, girl, tell her how you really feel hahaahah!
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