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  1. UniqBlue69

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Yeah.. if MTV is trying to teach her a lesson, they're doing a horrible job at it. Instead of firing Jenelle or fining her for the lost wages incurred to the crew when she decides at the last minute she doesn't feel like doing her job and film, they're culling her social media in order to fill episodes for her segment. Coming up: watch Jenelle and her drunken 60-something mom "jokingly" threaten to kill a fellow cast member. Also on this week's instagram drama, watch Jenelle get into an "epic war of worlds" with a psycho hosebeast from a completely different show. And for the main event, you get to hear Jenelle's voice on a phone call to producers explaining why she refuses to film. Really, MTV? Yawn! This is just pathetic. She no longer brings trainwreck worthy entertainment and she's a pain in the ass to work it, so just let her go! While I wholly support MTV's decision to fire David, they had to have known how that would severely impact Jenelle's story. You can't have your cake and eat it too, MTV. Just let this boring ingrate go and spare showing us the twitter drama we were already privy to months ago!
  2. UniqBlue69

    Love & Hip Hop: Miami

    Meh.. I would dump everyone but Amara and get some reggaeton rappers and latino hip hop artists in there. This is the fourth installment in the franchise and the show has been on for 8 yrs, so it's understandable people are over the whole premise. Why not try to set the Miami franchise apart by adding a different flavor?
  3. UniqBlue69

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    But Teresa lied on the stand to the bankruptcy court even after they were indicted. That's why no one here is buying her bullshit and why the judge sentenced her to prison lol.
  4. UniqBlue69

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    Yeah, started by Teresa, but does the evidence really bear that out? No one on here believes Joe has gold for Melissa to dig. Melissa is gorgeous, has a banging body and has that exotic look that many men fetishize. And yet she chose a contractor/male exotic dancer. She could've gotten herself a Tom (Erika's husband) from RHoBH or that movie producer Lala snagged from Vanderpump Rules, if she wanted to. As many astute posters have noted, Teresa was never going to like any women that snagged her brother. Jackie tells her she didn't write her own book and she's ready to assault her with Andy's cards (LOL) but her brother basically calls her husband out as a lazy crook andTeresa's reaction is .. *blink* *blink* *blink* . We see you, Teresa!
  5. UniqBlue69

    S09.E17: Reunion Part 2

    Dang, I missed persway but I did no one else catch her saying she didn't know the tenicalities of deportation. Oh, Teresa, you really do you have your own language. 😄😄
  6. UniqBlue69

    Empire in the Media: Read It In Billboard

    It's looking more and more like Jussie staged this shit. If that's the official determination by Chicago PD, he can kiss his career goodbye!
  7. UniqBlue69

    Ex On The Beach (US)

    I'm guessing Farrah is elminated and that's why they're bringing back that loudmouth trashbox from last season to stir shit up. Ugh! I hate people who constantly shout and clap their hands to make their point. I'm finding this season more watchable because I don't have to hit the mute button every five minutes. Although, honestly, I'm mostly here for the droll narrator and his snarky observations. Props to whoever writes his lines!
  8. UniqBlue69

    2019 Awards Season

    Yay, I correctly called the Chalamet snub in my Gold Derby predictions. The supporting actor category tends to skew older and it's difficult to garner a nomination for a film the Academy is lukewarm about unless you're Meryl Streep. I also knew Yaritza would make it in and am kicking myself for not predicting the other Roma actress to make it in. When the 5th slot in supporting actress is wide open, the Academy tends to choose a contender from a movie they've seen and liked (e.g. Jacki Weaver, "Silver Linings Playbook," Maggie Gyllenhaal, "Crazy Heart"), which is why I knew Kidman, Robbie and Blunt were very unlikely. I predicted Foy because I really did think the Academy was gonna show more love to First Man than they did. Oh well.
  9. Season 33 is titled War of the Worlds and will premiere Wednesday, February 6.
  10. Nah, that's bullshit. Kandi wouldn't have been able to go on Big Brother wthout asking for permission from Bravo since she's under contract with them.
  11. UniqBlue69

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    They both were
  12. UniqBlue69

    BB in the Media: Outside the Fishbowl

    Wow, Kandi is a really random choice for the Real Housewives slot. She doesn't have a loud, dramatic personality like a Nene or a Ramona, nor is she cunning and manipulative like a Tamra or Vanderpump. Can you tell I watch too much Housewives? What Kandi is, though, is a savvy businesswoman, so I wouldn't be surprised if she brings her sex toys and makes sure all the women talk it up. Besides that, I can see Big Brother frustratingly chiding her to "please stop singing!" every 5 minutes. Although, she writes most of her own stuff so maybe she'll waive her fee if they let her sing unreservedly. Joey and Dina have both filed for bankruptcy so it's no surprise either is doing this show. Lolo is a pain in the ass but she has a competitive spirit like no other so I'd rather see that than some lay-abouts who just sit around waiting for their check. Ryan fills the cute, athletic himbo slot that Big Brother invariably casts in their regular seasons (e.g. Corey (S18), Clay (S17), Faysal (S20)). Oh wow, Tom Green?! I haven't thought of him since 1999. Is he still gross? Tamar Braxton is so frickin' extra, she'll bring the heat! Hopefully, she doesn't flame out spectacularly in the first week. I guess Jonathan Bennett is there to fill the gay slot but what about Lance Bass? He loves Big Brother! I don't know the rest.
  13. UniqBlue69

    The Wendy Williams Show

    Excuse my ignorance, but as Wendy's business manager, wouldn't her husband continue to profit off of any endeavor that was negotiated before the divorce? So as long as The Wendy Williams show remains on air, Big Kev is getting a paycheck, right? Ooh, I know Wendy loves this show (and the adulation that comes with it, natch) but I'd sooner see her ending it than letting her ex-husband continue to make money off what she's got going on. Even if Wendy wants a divorce, their business relationship makes it as such that it would be a big ass pain in the ass to disentangle. As Wendy would say, we'll be watching. 😂
  14. UniqBlue69

    S09.E07: Brunch Gone Bad

    I'm glad Jackie isn't trying to placate Miss Queen Bee Teresa by apologizing to her. What exactly should she be sorry for? She stated, matter of factly, that Teresa's husband is in prison, which is true. There was no judgment in her intonation or delivery; she didn't spitefully throw it in Teresa's face during the heat of an argument; hell, she didn't even drop this big, secret bomb since it's public knowledge that Joe is in prison so I'm not getting why Teresa is so affronted. Moreover, it's rich that Teresa takes umbrage with someone bringing up her "fambly" when her relationship started to sour with Caroline (as presented on the show; I'm sure there was more going on behind the scenes) because Caroline felt slighted that Teresa intimated the Manzo children were lazy and spoiled in her cookbook. So, Teresa, go have several seats!
  15. UniqBlue69

    Jersey Shore

    Renewed for third season. Mike will be in prison, Deena is having a baby and Snooki is pregnant -- what the hell are they going to film? Jenni's marriage counseling sessions? Ron's 159th overwrought phone call with the psycho baby mama? Angelina jubilantly accepting Vinnie's challenge to literally eat his shit in a bid to outdo her dirty self for more camera time? How captivating...