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  1. And didn't Johnny basically make it a condition of their relationship that she is not to participate in reality tv? That totally doesn't sound controlling. 🙄
  2. Misshapen.. yes! He got a peanut head lol. But I like Kyland's smile-- it reaches his eyes. Maybe that says something about me 😬🤔
  3. Am I the only one who is immune to X's appeal? He reminds me of a skull-- all bald head and teeth. Give me Kyland with his puppy dog eyes. 😍
  4. The final season of Dear White People totally lampooned this show, which was fun because the writers clearly watch this shitshow. The funniest part was the fake host adding Weinstein and then Polanski to her name as she signed off.
  5. Exactly. When I read Wendy had co-vid, I immediately thought, "how convenient." You're not fooling anyone, sis.
  6. Julie: ::earnestly trying to drum up suspense:: Hey guys! Stay tuned for an epic battle between the CO and Alyssa! Who will win?! Stay tuned! -Back from commercial break and a shot at Alyssa morosely sitting to the side as she just dropped out SECOND in the competition- If that doesn't perfectly encapsulate this dull af season lol
  7. Who's ready for the shitshow to start up again?
  8. The discourse going on here is reminding me of those buffoons who organized a straight pride parade, because in their feeble minds, gay pride is somehow discriminatory.. HA! Or, in another instance, I've actually heard several arguments on how BET should not exist because there is no such thing as WET. I'm not black but I have no problem with the cookout because I get how it is to want to advance and empower your particular disenfranchised group. I'm totally ambivalent about the cookout, and therefore do not feel equipped to articulate my points properly, but I appreciate the discussion. Thank
  9. "You might fool them.. but you don't fool me." Tiffany is astute AF but she just signed her death warrant. No way X is gonna let her stay past final 6 lol.
  10. This season is sooooo boring. It's basically BB12 sans Rachel's desperate, albeit amusing, attempts for camera time.
  11. So, who's enjoying the kindler, gentler Love & Hip Hop? Me no gusta! I miss the ratchetness lol. Plus, this season seems so disjointed. I forgot Spice was even still part of the cast until they featured her last night. And that rapper with the boyfriend in jail with two kids livin with her mom somewhere else.. what is her connection to ATL? I ain't feelin this. I might have to break up with this show, which is a shame because it filled the void of delicious trashy goodness that Flavor of Love left.
  12. Per the press release, another 19-episode season. Blergh.. I felt like last season dragged through the halfway point.
  13. Spencer Pratt Calls His Co-Stars “Boring” & “Losers”; Says ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Won’t Get Renewed for Season 3 With Current Cast: “It’s Not Even a Maybe” He ain't lyin' but Heidi constantly whining about wanting another kid while he gorges himself on chicken pot pies ain't exactly riveting television either.
  14. Lol! I can understand the dislike for Jisela but I'll always have a spot for her. She was actually why I got into Road Rules because I flipped on MTV and saw her on that casting special and found it so refreshing to see a person of latino descent on my TV who wasn't on one of my grandma's telenovelas on Univision. Plus, I think she's totally hot (I'm a gay male but I'd hit that haha).
  15. UniqBlue69


    Teen Mom Farrah Abraham slammed as ‘disgusting’ after daughter Sophia, 12, poses with a pregnancy test on social media The photo in question: What's crazy is that I could see someone like Jenelle doing this to be provocative and get clicks, but I don't think Farrah has that kind of guile. She's just batshit crazy!
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