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  1. ok, this is getting ridiculous. what is wrong with her that she feels a need to post these every day???
  2. Well, bold is one way to put it, very rude is another. Telling him that could have waited until the reception at least. Her attitude is bad right off the bat. Imagine what her response would have been if she was matched with the virgin guy. She would have been critical and mean when he sang to her. gouges on her nose? guess i missed them. skin cancer maybe? regardless, he seemed pretty happy with her and she seems to be a happy and fun person and he liked her.
  3. Well, if the guys did not know, they why wouldn't they go talk to Jake when he showed up surprised to let him know it was nothing he did, you know, show him they were not rejecting him? I am surprised that Vincent or Ryan would just run away.
  4. what? you don't think her really wants to murry her? sure, his pernts don't approve, but, so what..
  5. do we think she actually took this of herself or got her loving husband to take it? either way, why does she feel a need to share these posed "look at me" pics almost every day? is she 12?
  6. sister and honey are somewhat different, but ok.
  7. Well, i think that would have been rude to do, so they just accepted it as his way. When they do it to you, you aren't on live tv, so a bit easier to say something.
  8. Yeah, but he discussed all that sex stuff at the reception and she seemed somewhat appalled, so just from that, why would she want to give herself to him the first night?
  9. or says the name after a delay because she's trying to remember whose name goes where it says "fill in with next panelist's name" on her cue card she may have a bunch of awards, but if there was one for talk show host, she would be on the bottom of the list to get nominated.
  10. Yeah, i'm thinking the producers think that the viewers of the previous season really liked Lizzie and would be interested in seeing her previous "journey to love", since a lot of people probably googled it. I know I did. i'd rather watch more about her than Ming or the social media obsessed gal who was falling out of her skimpy pink child's dress this episode.
  11. And, if it's too much to ask of him to listen to her for 2 minutes, when he is supposed to be wanting to get to know her, then how will she ever feel safe talking to him in the future about any of her feelings? I think he's too narcissistic and not a good fit for her, maybe not for anybody.
  12. Yes! All Whoopee does is ask, well, what did You think of it to each of them, versus Joy seeming to have listened to what the others have said and modifying her question to get a different side of it. Or maybe I just prefer Joy. Whoopee adds nothing to the show at all.
  13. I'm guessing Daddy is still supporting her, with Jamie's happy consent.
  14. Yeah, I am pretty sure that is what's happening because Lizzie had that awful blond hair and makeup at her first wedding as I recall. Otherwise, no, would not want to see her getting experiment #3.
  15. i think one or two occasionally would be ok, but almost every day with that particular look? nope she thinks she's a lot more attractive and interesting that she really is
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