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  1. I figured she would be willing to talk at some point. Staying silent doesn't get her anything but talking might get her a lighter sentence. She might be at the top of the pyramid but I think there is plenty of reasons to go after men who were provided girls by Epstein and Maxwell not least of which might be they are still engaging in those crimes.
  2. They arent even trying to get things right. If they can't get the timeline right (for fuck sake they are writing the episodes so at the very least they should get that right) what hope is there they will get anything else right? It's insulting to viewers and I wish I could say it's insulting to the cast but we know both SJP and CN had input so they must have been on board with all of it
  3. The article said she is unvaccinated. That should automatically exclude her.
  4. @Ms Blue Jay I remember you and I and our fellow SATC board posters migrating to this board and speculating what would happen to the characters in the reboot and none of us had Carrie throws up on a date, Charlotte publicly berates Harry for rightfully expecting an I'm sorry after Charlotte knocked him down and Miranda starts an affair with an asshole in Carrie's kitchen on our bingo cards. I will never understand why the writers have done this.
  5. If they wanted to tell all those stories then they should have created a new show and wrote those stories. Maybe I'm taking this too personally but I loved SATC and even though I knew this reboot was going to disappoint I was looking forward to spending more time with these characters. But it is now painfully obvious I care more about these characters than these writers do.
  6. As I said before it seems like these particular writers had stories they wanted to tell. But they aren't stories that work with these characters. I think they thought fans would be so happy to see the characters again they would just accept whatever they gave us. And from the interviews the writers are giving there does seem to be a theme of if the viewer doesn't like it then they are the problem.
  7. I was a Friends fan and I always thought Chandler was the cute one not Joey. And he was funny. My kind of a guy. I don't think Jason Momoa is all that. He is attractive if that is your type but he just isn't my type.
  8. Can you imagine being given the opportunity to write the next chapter of some pretty beloved characters and this is what you come up with? What in the serious fuck were they thinking?
  9. I knew it. I knew the writers would act like they are telling some insightful meaningful empowering story with Miranda. Sorry not sorry but for me it's a story about a wife cheating on her husband and not considering the ramifications of that.
  10. When I was in my mid 40s I did online dating. Men my age didn't want women my age. They wanted women in their 20s. You know who did want women my age? Men in their 30s. They wanted women who were more settled in life, not looking to get married or have kids. When I first heard of this reboot I initially thought they would have one of the women deal with the realities of dating when older and apparently the writers thought vomiting on a date was one of those realities.
  11. If we are just going by looks I do think Carrie had men that I would have considered out of her league. I always thought they seemed like an odd couple. SJP was with Robert Downey Jr and if you believe the rumors JFK Jr. briefly. But her and MB have been together for well over 20 years and have three kids so good for them.
  12. The sex on SATC was always presented the way the sex was for each of the women. There was never an agenda. They weren't trying to tell us something. It was just the women having sex. Sometimes it was good. Sometimes it wasn't. But the sex on this show I guess we are supposed to see as part of a bigger story. And it is more graphic. Not with showing nudity but with showing the act. I am not a prude but I did not need to see anyone's hand up Miranda's hoo ha. That has to be deliberate. They don't want us to think she is doing anything wrong. Something I thought I wou
  13. Before the disaster known as AJLT aired I thought this season would have the original characters and we would see what was going on with them and through them we would be introduced to new characters that would be the focus of a season two if there was a season two. It seems like maybe they were going to do that but then switched gears and now we have this mishmash of something that isn't working on any level.
  14. I still buy heels but they are more likely to be a wedge or a chunky heel. I have hundreds (literally) of shoes in all shapes, colors and heel height. My granddaughter knows she inherits them. Could I still pull off a stiletto pump? Maybe. For a couple hours. I used to think the pain of wearing a high heel was worth it but as I have gotten older I no longer feel that way. When we see Carrie (and therefore SJP) wearing hers on the show she is only wearing them for the scene. It's not like she is walking numerous blocks in those things. I'm keeping the blond and it's long but not q
  15. I thought of Robert too. That man can give an orgasm from across the room. It does seem like they were trying for some sort of theme to tie the whole episode together but failed. Again.
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