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  1. I don't know why they dumbed him down. He goes from reading literature to watching cartoons? Not that you can't do both but it was like he gave up one for the other. It was like it was two completely different characters. As I have said before I think the idea of Steve worked better than the character of Steve. I could totally have seen Miranda with a blue collar guy who was smart and challenged her. Miranda was very practical. She would have wanted a guy who was an equal partner with her. And IMO Steve wasn't that.
  2. Miranda herself didn't think Robert would be interested in her. She thought he would go for the hot cheerleader.
  3. Does Meghan have fans? Maybe. Are they going to tune into the View because of her and tune out if she isn't there? I doubt it. Just like any villain on the Real Housewives shows Meghan loves people will watch to see what trouble she will cause.
  4. The writers might have written her that way but I never saw her that way. Kim Cattrall played the hell out of the role and made Samantha my favorite. Of the four women Samantha's backstory was practically non existent. The only thing I remember finding out was she worked at DQ (I think). Having read the Carrie Diaries I can tell you I would much rather read the Samantha Diaries. While Charlotte hoped for the fairy tale she knew if it didn't come she would survive. But Carrie wasn't ever going to be happy till she got her happily ever after with all the pomp and circumstance that comes with it. She might have told Big a small wedding was what she wanted but how easily it turned into what it turned into showed she really did want a big extravaganza. I wasn't an Aidan fan but she could have had a nice life with him. Would it have been jet set? No. But he loved her and she said she loved him. She just wanted more. Before a publishing house came to her with the offer of making a book of her columns what was her plan for the future? Just continue to write a column that clearly didn't pay her enough because she had to take a freelance job at Vogue just to get out of debt. Even when she went to Paris with Alek she didn't have a plan. She even said her editor didn't go for the idea of Sex in Paris. I've said before Carrie wanted to be what used to be called a socialite. She didn't want a 9-5 job. She didn't want kids. She wanted her job to be Carrie Bradshaw and expected that to somehow provide for her. I never bought Miranda moving to Brooklynn. I get that she did it because it was more affordable but she wouldn't have needed a bigger place if she hadn't married Steve which I also never really bought. I just didn't buy them as a couple. I might have bought into it a little more if she had wanted to marry him to give Brady two parents together but she had the epiphany that she still loved Steve while in a happy relationship with Robert. To me it smacked of the writers positioning everyone for a happy ending.
  5. Yes. Thank you. And Megan does this every day. So Andrew Yang never voted in Mayoral elections in NYC because he thought whoever was Mayor was doing a good job? That doesn't even make sense to me. Just because you think a mayor is doing a good job doesn't mean the majority of everyone else in NYC thinks that way. His way of thinking is why most incumbents win reelection. Because voters aren't engaged enough to take the time and vote. And since none of her fellow cohosts pushed back on Meghan calling that Russian guy (sorry forgot his name) another Nelson Mandela I'm guessing it's because they don't even know who he is. I'm inclined to believe Meghan does know and doesn't care. As you mentioned on another post METHINKNOT this guy isn't Putin so that must mean he is better. Meghan sees things in simple terms. If one thing is bad and this other thing isn't the bad thing then it must be a good thing.
  6. I'm reminded of the great quote "Better to remain quiet and let people think you are a fool than speak and prove that you are a fool" or something like that. Meghan tries so hard to make people think she is a smart educated political pundit and ends up proving that she is the poster child for getting far in life because of your last name.
  7. I feel like I say this every day. It's because Meghan is a narcissist. She thinks she is relevant to whatever the topic is.
  8. But is she really learning and listening? Forgive me if I am a little leery of Meghan professing to be woke (finally) to the social injustices that have plagued our country. It wasn't that long ago she was condemning Colin Kapernik for kneeling to draw attention to those same social injustices. Call me a cynic but IMO this is just Meghan trying to be on the right side of history. When it comes to racial issues and Meghan all I will say is the apple doesn't fall from the tree.
  9. I stand by my belief that if the election had went the other way Meghan would still be burying her head in the sand. She just wants to keep her job.
  10. This is true. I did not know Ana before I started watching the View again in 2017. And yep compared to Meghan she sounds rational and sane. I will be curious what Ana will be like with a new administration.
  11. Chandler was my favorite. As mentioned above he was funny and a good guy. And I like Matthew Perry. The next three spots can be interchanged between Rachel, Monica and Joey depending on the season or hell even the episode. I liked Rachel a lot after the fallout from Ross saying Rachel's name at his wedding to Emily. She was having success with her career and she wasn't tied to Ross and she had a fab wardrobe. I liked Monica after she got with Chandler. It was nice to see her happy. I think they were one of the best sitcom couples ever. I remember reading an interview with one of the writers and they said after all the drama with Ross and Rachel they wanted Chandler and Monica to be fun and it worked. Joey to me was a stereotype in season one but Matt Le Blanc turned him into lovable goof of a big brother. But while I could understand his infatuation with Rachel I loathed the show trying to portray them as a viable couple. I like Ross and think David Schwimmer played him so well but some of his storylines made it hard to root for him. The above mentioned smothering Rachel when she got the job with Mark comes to mind. I don't think Phoebe was written consistently throughout the series. Lisa Kudrow is a great actress but I found most of her storylines not as enjoyable as the other characters. But she did have some great lines.
  12. I'm not normally an anxious person but that episode I swear it felt like it was happening to me. I am someone who is on time, well actually usually early, and watching Ross impatiently waiting for his friends to get ready made me nuts. It was a very good episode and had some great lines but honestly it makes me uncomfortable watching it.
  13. Oh hell no. If that was even briefly something that crossed their minds they should be ashamed of themselves. As I said before they have seriously underestimated how much viewers liked Samantha and Kim. If they are trying to recreate the original series and the appeal of those four main characters they need to rethink that. Those characters are a lot older and the world is a lot different. If the writers can't take the characters into this new decade then they need to just not try at all.
  14. I didn't watch the season Rosie P was on but from everything I read here and elsewhere was she was a nice person and good actress but not cut out to be a talk show host.
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