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  1. And Sunny went to Notre Dame law school. That is nothing to sneeze at.
  2. Jennifer Lopez might know something about this. I do think Big thought Natasha was "wife" material. His first wife also seemed like Natasha. When Carrie and her friends had lunch and they were talking about The Way They Were I think there was a lot of truth there. However when Carrie thought complicated I thought drama. She always wanted her and Big to be farther along than they were. Or more than they were. I can see where Big just wanted someone who was easier.
  3. Carrie never respected boundaries where Big was concerned. As we have talked about several times on this board her inviting Big to come to Aidan's cabin was so wrong.
  4. Am I remembering correctly that she was with Big in her apartment while Aiden was out of town?
  5. I've always liked Bridget Monahan. Poor Natasha had her husband cheat on her with Carrie and poor Bridget had her boyfriend Tom Brady leave her while she was pregnant for Gisele. Carrie disliked Natasha for obvious reasons but at the end of the day she did sleep with her husband. Natasha was lot more polite than I would have been.
  6. I almost always watch on Hulu and it's true. I have read about things that happened live here on this board and when I watch it on Hulu it's missing. Why anyone feels it's necessary to not show Meghan as she really is is beyond me. But you know this isn't the first time a blond Republican has been protected on the View. I can remember trying to find clips of some of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's worst moments and they all seem to be missing.
  7. Meghan has made it perfectly clear she does not like people of color protesting. She criticized Colin K for peacefully protesting. And criticized BLM protests. But when a bunch of white people were protesting mask mandates she implored us to understand and respect them.
  8. That is such a white privileged thing for her to say. Not surprised but still.
  9. If you have Hulu it will be uploaded. But probably not till late. They used to upload episodes in the evening but since they came back after the holidays they haven't been on till after I go to bed. I watch it in the morning before I go to work.
  10. I'm guessing she didn't have a publicist present for this interview. A lot of times when a woman is confident she is called a bitch and I think that is totally uncalled for. But in this instance.......
  11. When Ana said Nepotism Barbie did anyone else think she was getting ready to call out Meghan? If Meghan and her tribe hate big government so much perhaps they should leave the running of it to people who want it to function the way it is supposed to.
  12. She was also usually pregnant or post partum when she was on the show before. I agree she has really stepped up to the plate. And she seems to be enjoying herself. I love her laugh.
  13. https://pagesix.com/2021/04/15/john-corbett-reveals-he-is-part-of-sex-and-the-city-reboot/ For anyone who is an Aidan fan this is good news. For me this news makes me think the reboot is just going to be same ole same ole.
  14. https://www.thecut.com/2021/04/meghan-mccain-hair-carmen-currie.html Meghan's hairstylist speaks out.
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