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  1. But Sunny and Ana have been very vocal about their displeasure of what is happening at the border. If they had been absent from the interview without an explanation that would have looked fishy. I agree. But unfortunately it's the times we live in where people see conspiracy theories lurking everywhere.
  2. Just more evidence Meghan McCain is a garbage human being.
  3. Al had it last year. Did Ana have it last year? I don't remember her saying she had it at that time.
  4. That was why I asked earlier if they did daily testing or if this happened only because VP Harris was scheduled to be there. Maybe it's protocol for wherever her and President go and ABC was unaware of it till the last minute.
  5. And now those exposed people will have unknowingly exposed many more people. Manny sees patients. Ana presumably is staying in a hotel while in NYC. Sara's kids.
  6. Do we know if they test every day at the studio or were they testing today because of VP Harris being there?
  7. Covid is so transmissible right now because of the Delta variant. I will surprised if Joy and Sara don't test positive shortly.
  8. https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/21/entertainment/the-view-anniversary-memorable-moments/index.html I had forgotten about some of these.
  9. This. I have never once wanted Stabler and Benson together. And I have watched from the very first episode. I always liked the fact they didn't have any romantic feelings for each other. But now that his wife is dead all of sudden they have the hots for one another? Lazy predictable writing.
  10. So she is finally acknowledging she is selfish self centered and lacks empathy for anyone not like her? About time.
  11. Yesterday's discussion of hot topics was a throwback to Barbara Walter's original vision of the show. It was like four friends hanging out talking about things. It's ironic Whoopi just signed a new contract because the past two shows without her have been so good without her.
  12. Out of all the sad/stressful/tragic things Darlene has went through it's her breakup with Ben that makes her turn to God? Yeah I'm not buying that at all.
  13. I have no problem believing Sara was naive at 22. But I know I wasn't and I don't think Monica was either. I wasn't a big fan of Psych but loved the West Wing. It is nice to see Dule continue to have great success. His Charlie might have been the only character on WW who never annoyed me.
  14. When I first read that sentence I read Graham Norton as James Corden. Don't like either of them. And can't stand Andy Cohen if only because he foisted the Real Housewives on us.
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