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  1. I'm not surprised, because one of the things we didn't see in this past leg was that while Nicole was running up the clock tower stairs, Victor was being attended to by medical because his legs were so cramped up from all that biking, and he could barely walk by the time they arrived at the pit stop
  2. I saw that as their main issue in this past leg, because out of all 5 teams, the two of them were at the biggest disadvantage with the tandem biking due to the height difference, because from what I saw on TV, Victor seemed to have no problem with the pedaling, while Nicole looked like she could barely reach those pedals, and I suspect that caused most of the difficulty in this episode.
  3. Production must have wanted to increase the difficulty this season, because Art wasn't the only one to cramp up during a leg.
  4. I wouldn't say that the detour/roadblock (don't remember which it was) that Maria & Tiffany couldn't complete was them being far worse at something than anyone expected, but rather a fail from production, because they were unable to contemplate that a team made up of two women wouldn't have the physical strength to complete that task, whereas every other team remaining was either M/M or M/F, where the male member of the team could easily knock out that task.
  5. Floyd said that when they were biking to the market the first time, he put grass in the basket and then put the eggs in that basket, which also makes me wonder if they were allowed to do the same on the jump back over the ditch, and just didn't choose to, or they flat out weren't allowed to do that until they'd gotten the eggs in the bike.
  6. Yeah, and Becca & Floyd really didn't take that U-Turn personally, because they understood that it was just a way for Victor & Nicole to save themselves, and they also knew how hard it was to U-Turn a team they were close to. And the friendship with Britney & Janelle is also still going strong, because I remember seeing Brit show up for Victor's proposal to Nicole
  7. No kidding. Even Chris couldn't get some of the boating done right, and you'd think that someone who's used to vacationing on lakes and being in the outdoors would've known how to row a boat.
  8. I'd rather see her race with Brian, because I never liked the way DJ acted so disrespectful to her
  9. I get that the U-Turn is part of the game, and I didn't mind them choosing to do that specifically. Like I said, it was more the general celebrating/gloating about Nicole having to do the U-Turn on her birthday that made me not an Afghanimals fan this leg.
  10. That was Nicole who asked the question, and I don't blame her, because having to bike almost everywhere that leg must be seriously exhausting, especially when she seemed to be having the hardest time even reaching those pedals.
  11. And if even Colin & Christie, who seem to have not that noticeable of a height difference and are both relatively athletic people, had their struggles at first with the bike, I can only imagine how hard it must have been for Nicole & Victor, especially when it looked like Nicole could barely reach the pedals on the bike
  12. That was one of my favorite parts of the episode, because Becca would've been me at that market, albeit with less colorful language than I'd use
  13. I'm surprised at their missteps in the political game, because Nicole won BB by playing an under the radar political game, so I'd have expected her to handle that part of the race well
  14. Those were my exact feelings on Leo & Jamal. As much as I'm a Nicole & Victor fan, U-Turns are part of the game, so that itself didn't bother me. What got on my nerves was Leo & Jamal gloating about it and seeming like they were rubbing salt in the wound. We get it, you want to win/want revenge, but don't be cocky dbags about it
  15. I would agree except that this season also featured Rachel, and I prefer Nicole's whining to Rachel being way too over the top/taking everything so personally
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