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  1. I was in this position with a BF in the US Virgin Islands after a hurricane. No flights for a month.
  2. Most likely, this fabulous place. I bought mine there. https://www.theviewonelm.com
  3. God, Yara has the most childish whine -- every sentence ending in the downward pout. And it's obvious she's done with sex and that's A) the weapon she used to have the baby and B) having the baby in bed protects her from having sex. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm certain Ronald can do better than similarly whiny and useless mountainous Tiffany, who seems to spend most of her day spackling on eyeshadow. She is now complaining that "a man can clean, too..." Um, last ep she was howling that he wasn't paying attention to her because he was mopping. How does that work, now? Is he supp
  4. I've always thought the same. Also -- is there a way the US knows about a legal marriage in another country?
  5. I can't imagine summoning the energy Tiffany needs to stuff her pie hole with enough food to get that fat.
  6. Well, he could man up (which he seems to be doing) and add a moonlighting job, plus she seems earnest about finding work. There are many things she could start out with. An Amazon warehouse, something in manufacturing, fashion retail...and actually, she may have learned enough on the farm to work at a hardware or pet store. Then they would have three minimum-wage incomes, which might put them in a decent apartment. I think they might make it, and working may even out Julia's temper.
  7. This is apropos Natalie -- I would guess you can skirt green card rules when making YouTube vids? I don't really know, but income would come through ads, wouldn't it? Is that considered work?
  8. I wonder how many international marriages go unrecognized. How would the US know Angela married in Africa? Was the marriage even legal by Nigerian law? Any legal eagles here?
  9. She certainly finds plenty of time to stuff her fat hairy face.
  10. Well, the women signed up for it. Apparently unwilling to make their own damn living.
  11. Possibly because she speaks Portuguese, not Spanish? Just a thought.
  12. She already did the first time. I find her loathesome. Supporting such a family would be difficult even for someone in a monied corporate type job. It would be bad enough if both fathers were local, but what a mess. It seems her parents must be mostly the source of monetary and babysitting support. I wonder if she's back on the international dating sites. And Ronald, who seems a nice enough random guy, is stuck with expectations almost no one could fulfill, least of all he. I wonder how often all this goes on around us?
  13. No clue what this is or means Guessing Diana is occupied with another project and can't work on this one because of time and travel.
  14. Why? Clare didn't want him. Why would she care?
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