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  1. Wow, Samantha's mother and sister have obviously written her off and are counting the days. I'm with 'em 100%. How does Samantha afford all that food? And to send her daughter to college? The "person" is just a barnacle on society. And what are the mechanics of such a mountainous person getting preggers? Does it ever occur to these people to eat a little less? It's also fascinating that they all have the time and devotion for elaborate hair, makeup, and nails. Her daughter is remarkable and kind, and I wish she'd just turn her back as well. The kid also needs to get her weight in check or here we go again.
  2. That's funny as theoretically (unless the doctorate was in actual music theory) it would be an MD, but performance equivs to PhDs are DMAs (Doctor of Musical Arts). If you want to bankrupt yourself enough to get one of those (and I have an MM and, er, the unfortunately acronymed BM), you're fairly likely to qualify for a teaching job and not have to do the under-the-hood piano mechanics.
  3. There is a Merkin Concert Hall in NYC, which is always an object of much hilarity among musicians. And expected to cough up an unbelievable ton of money to support two more people.
  4. I'm with ya. This girl saw how she would get to get a free ride off many sources by having a baby, instead of making something of herself. The second it looked like I would be sexually active in 1975, I went right to a public health clinic and got on the The Pill and then went on to actually have a life. This girl is plenty old enough to know what she's doing. I'm with her mom 100% on throwing her out. She'll figure it out. Everyone does unless their parents coddle them.
  5. Can you clue us in on what on earth this "PTV" is?
  6. This doesn't seem to have been said here, amazingly, but...Brandon isn't ready to step up to the plate to double bag it, but is totally fine with supporting a kid for the next 18 years? How does that work?
  7. Even for Daddy on a physician salary, $30-40,000 in annual rent is quite a ding. Bini's work situation was clear upon boinkage -- and most of us take that into consideration when settling down with someone. As much as I like the beleaguered Bini, I don't think he could care less about raising a child or even having one. He wanted to get laid, didn't think ahead, and the collateral damage will flee back to NJ soon. Doubt he will have any further contact with either kid, but the torture he endured this time may have taught him to double-bag it next time. Or choose a nicer, more stable girl to screw.
  8. I've been to restaurants that cook fish you've caught. Could it be the same in this case? Or perhaps there are street vendors or storefront businesses that do it...or it would make sense that the live-chicken place would do it, or one of the Bini relatives.
  9. Baptism is immersion in a baptismal pool or body of water; christening is the sprinkle treatment. I was christened as an infant yet attend a Baptist church and God ain't struck me dead yit.
  10. Jenny was likely "retired" or let go because of her toddler behavior. She is of an age where premature dementia is a possibility; her crying and yelling and whining would not work in the hospitality industry. Also, although I love the Indian clothing she wears and it looks great on her, almost everyone around her is seen in Western garb. I wonder why?
  11. I wonder how many (or how few) people in his circle of acquaintances are following the TV show, though Anyone with VPN can view it online, and i'm sure they are. What on earth does Yazan see in this bossy drip with all that gross stringy hair?
  12. Succinctly said. But honestly, Ari appears to be significantly developmentally disabled, and her parents need to cut her loose to sink, since they are clearly unwilling to address the elephant in the room. Bini is doing quite a good job of doing his best, despite the insurmountable circumstances. And Ari does not seem to realize at all that non-working women take care of babies...and the spouse's going out to work somehow...pays the rent. D'oh. Ari, you want him to stay home? YOU get your ass out the door and find a job.
  13. Hope Armando comes to his senses soon. His little girl is very well behaved, and asking for ice cream and a little inexpensive girl purse is not at all outrageous. I get the impression Kenny just dislikes women, and this poor girl will pay the price. And what kind of work could Kenny get in Mexico, where he doesn't speak the language and has alienated everyone already?
  14. Yeah, the brain-squeezing tight braids are a theme on this show -- the soap-making hippie with the South African dude has them too. I assume it's a combination of the same hairstylist hired by the show, and such powers that be realizing that grooming and hygiene is going to be such a problem whilst traveling, that binding the hair up that tight so it lasts a couple weeks is the way to go. Frankly, I've done similar while traveling, but not in that hideous infantile baby-doll sad variation.
  15. Completely baffled about the wedding plans for Morticia. Is she just honestly not aware she is already married and has TWO bastard kids? The Korean parents are going above and beyond.
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