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  1. I LOVED that line!! Thanks for reminding me.
  2. When I read these posts, I often chuckle a bit, perhaps click the laugh icon, smile to myself, etc. This made me LAUGH OUT REALLY LOUD! The dog even looked up from her nap.
  3. I think you hit the nail right on the head, she thinks everyone is laughing WITH her and not AT her. My question would be, what self respecting medical professional would agree to continue with a patient who speaks to them like that and disregards all of their advice? The answer: none. That makes me truly wonder about these doctors' professionalism. Guessing they are in it for the publicity. They are all, Angela included, laughing all the way to the bank.
  4. I agree, it's nice to see success stories now and then. IMO, TLC knows that these shows do not draw or keep the same number of viewers as the obnoxious failures. Just looking at the number of comments on this blog over the seasons, the successful patients never seem to have as many pages of comments as the Angies, Jeannes, Assantis, etc. (Or as many follow up episodes.) Comments often include how boring a particular episode was. I am not a statistician but I would assume the number of comments in a blog pretty much reflect the interest in a particular episode. Higher viewer ship equals better
  5. Did anyone else hear Jeanne's mother call Dr. Now, "Sweetie!" at the end of her one appointment??
  6. I do, too, but I think it would be more fair if #1 the dishes were judged without the judge knowing whose dish it was and #2 the scores weren't revealed to the judges as they went along. I suppose the latter is to keep the scores close. The former is because I think they already are informed as to who is to win each round.
  7. I did agree with your points in this post, but just included this part because it made me remember something that I wanted to comment on for a long time and kept forgetting! To me, Zied seems like a completely different personality from what we saw last season. He seems darn near terrified of saying or doing the wrong thing. He reminds me of someone who has been brainwashed into following Rebecca's asinine ideas or else. I'm guessing he must constantly compliment Rebecca to stay on her good side. He is so isolated from everyone and everything he loves and is totally dependent on Rebecca
  8. Well, that just goes to show how much attention I was paying to the show!! No wonder I couldn't think of her name. Thanks for the refresher. LOL
  9. The part you quoted struck me the exact same way. Like, I'm going home and now it's my family's turn to be responsible for my weight loss. I no longer take any responsibility for anything that happens to me. I can blame somebody else! YAY! Reminds me of (can't remember her name) blaming poor misunderstood CHRISSHUN for messing up everything with her weight loss and Dr. Now!
  10. i think they had to go get ready for her next wedding!
  11. I was also surprised that he mentioned her body odor. I can only imagine how badly many of his patients smell, so I'm sure he has developed an insensitivity to some of it, or a very strong professional non reaction. The only other person I can recall his commenting on was Steven What'shisface. For him to actually tell her that, my immediate reaction was, she must really be bad. He did follow up by saying he was fearful of infections. BTW, I always thought AZ meant A to Z, not Arizona!
  12. Emotionally, I agree that whoever ends the engagement, the other person should get to keep the ring. However, I think the law, in most states, is that an engagement ring is given in anticipation of marriage (which is a contract.) If the marriage doesn't take place, the contract is not fulfilled and the ring returns to the person who purchased it. I don't have a degree in law, but I do watch the Peoples Court when I walk on my treadmill and I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express a couple of times!! A bigger question is, why did Mike, after waiting almost 90 days and still not being sure if he
  13. I agree with your whole post, but especially about Andrew. Sadly, if (as Dr. Phil says, "The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior,") then Andrew will be with us at least 3 more seasons with TLC! (A la Coltee).
  14. And...maybe it's just me (my hearing aids do have a tendency to make certain frequencies irritating) but I also find her voice and way of speaking extremely grating. To me it sounds like she is constantly whining.
  15. What??!!?? Someone on this franchise actually using their head and maturity to make a reasonable statement. Someone wanting to have a solid marriage before having children??? We can't have this going on. Next thing you know, we'll have Angela using a purse to carry all her possessions around instead of her bra! Big Ed using conditioner for his hair instead of mayo! Has this franchise "jumped the shark??"
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