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  1. So, next week two will go home? This season feels like it's been going on FOREVER.
  2. I'm glad Jason is gone and that Snaz is still there. Jimmy Snaz has been my top pick to win this season, but I also really like Bob.
  3. Bye K. IMO, Jordan should still have been there. I like that Jerell got the win after not needing the full 6 hours. I imagine many of them do finish ahead of the allotted time. Snaz FTW, though. I love that guy and his greasy Bret Michaels bandana. LOL. I'm also 100% behind a Bob win.
  4. Geoffrey FTW!!! Please please please please.
  5. I just love, love, love Geoffrey.
  6. Kelli & Monica look like they could be sisters. I was trying to figure out all through watching Cheer who Monica reminded me of, and it's Kelli. Totally.
  7. Jason is giant dick. I never saw his previous season, but holy douchebag.
  8. Has anybody thought that the Fox could be Nelly?
  9. Ricky and Jake should make top 4. I hope.
  10. I'm totally bummed Max didn't make it through. But Cali was never going to make it past the next round(s) anyway.
  11. I love Alex, sad to see him not make it. At this point I'm rooting for Max and wacky Will but I'm sure they won't get super far. I also really like Austin Ricky but was worried about him in eliminations because of the dreaded first spot.
  12. Ohhh, interesting. I'll head over to the Windy City forum to read the dirt. I'm not a big fan of Mina's and haven't seen enough of Jasmine's show to form a definitive opinion of her, but I love Leanne. I don't always love her designs but I really love her & Steve. I watched all of Alison's show and meh.
  13. The boobs are just way too much in that back tat from Jason. Some cleavage, OK, but it's just excessive. I also hate the BLACK ship in the background. It should have been a little lighter. I DVR'd the episode, but spoiled myself because that's what I do. I can't wait to see the episode though. It's been a LONG time since I've watched an Ink Master season from beginning to end, but I needed to watch because of the local (CT) representation.
  14. Oh man, Jake is out? I am a sucker for spoilers and I'll watch my DVR'd episode.
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