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  1. Does anyone else think Byron looks a bit like Jim Carrey?
  2. This is not be relevant to the topic, but if you need a laugh -- Niles and Frasier and the garbage disposal. For the record, I too have a healthy respect/irrational fear of having to reach into a disposal.
  3. The joke I remember from my upbringing: Why don't Baptists have sex standing up? Someone might think they're dancing.
  4. I have a vague recollection of a dog in the house for a short period of time. During one of Jeff/Jordan's seasons????
  5. I wish I could muster up some sympathy for Nicole, but no. She could possibly have saved Ian. Dani may have voted him out in a tie anyway, but she didn't get the chance. Yet Nicole will wander around crying and whining that it's not fair she lost her puppy.
  6. Well, my first thought was Rachel, but her pregnancy would make that problematic. Second thought was Dan, but that could provide support for Memphis (or whoever he is today... I can't keep up.) I've seen Victor as a suggestion, but that would provide aid and comfort to Nicole. I don't think ANYONE wants that. There's always Jeff. I'll duck to avoid the rotten tomatoes flying my way. Same for Paul. A few others ran through my head, but I settled on ... Jesse! Mr Pectacular himself. BB seems to have a really high opinion of him. And he can be totally annoying with his
  7. AAAAAAND... We're off to a mesmerizing start. LOL Shame Raven's not here. I'm sure she could one-up this story.
  8. Sounds interesting. Would a knowledge of Survivor history be needed to enjoy the game? FYI - For some reason, at the top of the page it says "You do not have permission to vote in this poll, or to see the results."
  9. How did we get to page 3 and no one has mentioned the lovely EOE eye candy of Ethan and Yul doing yoga? Anyone have a screen cap?
  10. Thanks for laying out what I couldn't manage to synthesize in a post. My question: Is is possible for a show this bizarre to jump the shark? The bolded part of your comment is what pushed me over the edge. We've endured WEEKS of angst over Zeke's impending death date. It finally gets here, he dies, and then -FLASH!- he's not only alive, all the frostbite damage is gone. I almost deleted the show from my scheduled recordings, but I'm one of those poor suckers that will hang with something to the ugly, bitter end. If it comes back, I may try to stick it out.
  11. LOL!!! My husband was watching this with me for the first time. I told him I'm not even gonna try to explain what's happening in this show because I'm not really sure.
  12. Texas gal, here... I've always heard it referred to as semen. I don't know why they couldn't say that. I want to know WHY the containers were being launched. A sealed container that is heated generally just explodes rather than launching itself like a projectile. An (unexpected) abundance of shrapnel flying around inside the building should have been peril enough for fire fighters but wouldn't have been as spectacular, I guess(?). Yes, Austin, Houston, Dallas are much more progressive than smaller cities or rural areas, but there is still an abundance of regressi
  13. Austin resident here. The city of Austin has no tornado sirens. And we don't have basements because most of Austin sits on limestone covered with a thin layer of soil--too hard to dig into. Wouldn't they have had weather warnings from local news? If they were watching a subscription service or even a cable channel, those warnings would not have come through. You only get their notifications if you are watching the particular channel. I can speak to this because I compulsively watch bad weather warnings and reports, shuffling between channels to see who's reporting live. I don't kn
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