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  1. llongori

    Blood & Treasure

    SWAT reboot starring Shemar Moore has lots of supporting white guys.
  2. llongori

    S38.E15 Survivor: Edge of Extinction Reunion

    At the end of the reunion, Jeff said something about Aurora, and I had a legitimate "Who?" moment. LOL So many comments were made about her invisibility over the course of the season and I thought people were being over dramatic about it. I guess not...
  3. llongori

    S38.E13 Idol or Bust

    You may indeed be odd, but you're not alone. Where everyone else is seeing arrogant and cocky, I'm seeing someone enjoying the crap out of his time on Survivor. We haven't seen hours of him whining about being hungry or cold or sick or whatever. He just seems to be having fun, something you can't say about many of the cast. Having said that, I really don't care who wins. However, I'd rather watch Devins running around and laughing than Aurora 24/7 with that "I-smell-someone's-dirty-socks" look on her face, whining that no one wants to be in an alliance with me.
  4. llongori

    S37:E11 So Smart They're Dumb

    Happy Birthday, Khaleesi!! Where has she been all season? This is the first post I can remember seeing in a while.
  5. llongori

    S01.E09: Dead Reckoning

    I so wanted Ben to say NO when Grace told him he needed to leave. They don't need to be "married" but there's no reason why he needs to leave RIGHT NOW. He knows he needs to stay near Cal. If he doesn't, Cal will just come to him when Cal feels the need. Grace doesn't understand and doesn't want to understand. His first priority should be to protect his kids. I like that Josh Dallas is getting to show more range as an actor than he was allowed on OUAT. The storylines need some improvement, but he's doing well with what he's being given.
  6. llongori

    S20.E09: Mea Culpa

    It's nice that he's lost the perpetual "deer-in-the-headlights" look he always had when he was on DAYS. LOL
  7. llongori

    S01:E07 The Domino Effect

    OT: I saw this episode of House recently. It was when House had quit after his drug rehab and Foreman was heading the group. There were conflicting diagnoses coming from Foreman & other members of the team, so the patient, who ran a game-development company, put his symptoms out on the internet. The correct diagnosis came from House.
  8. llongori

    Texas Flip N Move

    I agree. This season, the hubs and I have noticed too much talking and not enough work. And not enough Casey & Katrina.
  9. llongori

    S06 E08: Black and Blue

    I figured as soon as they got hot and heavy she'd probably get killed. At least she's still alive.
  10. llongori

    S37:E07 There's Gonna Be Tears Shed

    If Elizabeth had access to an idol, Angelina would have screwed over HERSELF. LOL Elizabeth's one vote would have evicted her. That would have been epic!
  11. llongori

    S37:E07 There's Gonna Be Tears Shed

    Angelina is big time entitled. When she found out the others were changing the vote, she had a bit of a tantrum. We saw her crying. She was angry that they would dare go against her decision. And then to get back at the others, she told Elizabeth that she was the target. The Goliaths should be terribly concerned that she would go behind their backs to try to derail what they decided to do. I was SOOOOO hoping that she would be blindsided tonight.
  12. llongori

    S20.E07: Caretaker

    I said, based on Stone's closing, I wouldn't convict her. He phoned it in, no passion, no emphatic assertions of her guilt. He sounded like he was bored and just wanted to be done. I've heard more compelling arguments from a high school student trying to sell me 4 pounds of cookie dough. I also said the whole trial part was pathetic. Neither lawyer did a good job. We saw no expert testimony, which should be key in a trial where the accused is asserting insanity. We're left to our own devices to discern why she was not guilty for the deaths of the children but guilty for the husband. As someone mentioned upstream, it's like they skimped on the trial so we could have more angst from Benson and Rollins.
  13. llongori

    S20.E07: Caretaker

    I'm rewatching this with the hubs. Sasha Alexander, the mom, out-acted everyone in every scene she had--fondling the shoe with the daughter's blood, telling the psychiatrist about the bug on the ledge over the grill... She really made it look like everyone else was just phoning in their parts. Overall, the trial part of this episode was lame. The defense attorney was unpersuasive. And even though I knew the mom was the killer, I wouldn't have convicted her based on Stone's closing argument. It's a wonder they convicted her of the husband's murder.
  14. llongori

    S37.E06 Aren’t Brochachos Just Adorable?

    I would have loved for Lyrsa, after her torch was snuffed, to turn and look Angelina in the eye, take the coveted jacket and dramatically toss it into the fire.
  15. llongori

    S02.E03: Three Words

    I just started watching this season. I can't get past how Theo got to be a doctor, much less a superior surgeon. Every time I hear him speak, I'm transported back 30 years to the dimwitted teenager.