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  1. I cancelled my recording yesterday afternoon when I read the preview of the episode. Bye bye Crazy Pants Leah.
  2. Wow -- glad I didn't waste an hour watching this last night. Off to delete my recording. I cannot STAND Leah. The need to be the center of attention just highlights her insecurities. And Sonja, god, someone please go look through her purse and medicine cabinet. She cannot be taking only "water pills". She needs to go to detox.
  3. I'm the same age as Delores, I think. I've been told to get one annually after 45 and I don't have a strong family history. She's been avoiding it, no doubt in my book.
  4. Thankfully that's changed a little bit. The Giant on Washington Blvd has a decent selection; same for Safeway in Cherrydale. A Giant down in Bailey's Crossroads also used to be pretty good. It's an easily attainable name if you are cool with making 1/2 - 1/4 of what you currently make. I am in law school higher ed now. Career counseling.
  5. Beating a dead horse, but I've also never heard "Rosh" or "Yom". My husband's family is Jewish and I'm from NY and never heard that. I'm in Virginia now, and relieved that our county finally closed school for high holidays this year. They also added Diwali and the first day of Ramadan to the holiday list. (Arlington County)
  6. Lurker forever (back to Mighty Big TV) but I just created an account to say that everyone studies for the bar exam differently. I'm barred in two states, way back when before the UBE, and I worked 40+ hours a week while studying for both (except for the 2 weeks leading up to the exam) and passed both on the first try - VA and NC, not exactly easy exams, and I didn't go to law school in either state. I wasn't a rockstar academic, but finished in the top 40% of my mediocre law school. People need to chill out about it. Do what works for you. I would have pissed half the day away if I wasn't
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