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  1. Darcy was always a mess with the awful surgeries, fillers, and extensions, but she looks shockingly unhealthy to me right now. Mentally and physically. She just needs to go.
  2. I haven't watched in years but watched last night... and nothing has changed. Meri: I want my house in the trees. But I don't like trees now since I have the MOST GIGANTIC HOUSE IN FLAGSTAFF FOR JUST ME. But I didn't SAY I don't want to live in the trees. She killed me in the "meeting" saying how she didn't say x or y, but at no time did she ever say where she NOW wants to be. Keep em hanging on Meri. It's so obvious Kodi is just done with her. I'd like to know Sobbin's end game. I guess pretending to kowtow to Meri's whims lets her be the martyr? It's nice to see Christine and Janelle get out and walk. I'd have to get away from the sh*t show on the regular. The only interesting thing for me, not having watched in a hot minute, is how Kody seems much less enamored by Robin. He really seems to dislike both her and Meri, and has nothing more than a friendship with Christine and Janelle. This is gross but wonder if he even sleeps with any of them anymore? Maybe Robin...
  3. The logistics have me hung up too. I want to know but then again I really, really, really, really don't.
  4. Oh I so hope she doesn't get drug down by the giant anchor that is Tammy! On the other hand, poor Michael if he has to care for Amy post-surgery (not that big a deal, spouses do that) AND her troll sister.
  5. 1. uhhhh… none but I guess if I had to choose Nigerian Mike or Syngin 2. Bunny boiler is beautiful and also bat poo crazy 3. man has my answer to this changed drastically as time has gone on... I think none of them will make it long term but Julianna and Michael probably have the best chance. 4. No giant "whoa" but probably Mother in Law Robert and her "I'm a porn star" followed by Anny's revulsion... then like 2 episodes later a stripper is grinding on her, she's asking for threesomes and talking on camera about a woman giving her oral sex. 5. Sister Robert and her "do you not know he's like... poor?" -honorable mentions: Juliana on her bike in a skirt going to have coffee with her fiancé's ex wife; Tania every time she talks about all her goals like she's achieved ANYTHING in her life; Tania's sister calling her out early on about what a bitch she is; Mursel's hatred of all things American; and, every fashion choice ever made by Big Ang.
  6. Yes to all of this. You can see when Amy is away from Tammy (like at dinner with her husband) she doesn't act a fool. She also seems to be trying- adding different exercise, trying to improve her food choices, etc. I think it's completely and totally selfish for Tammy to want Amy to wait on weight loss surgery. Also, if Tammy had 3 braincells to think this out, who does she think is going to take care of BOTH of them if they have it at the same time? The jealousy of Tammy is going to tear them apart if Amy doesn't break free.
  7. Ironic that the Trump supporters BIg Ang and Mikul are being kept apart... by Trump's own policies. Sometimes Karma is quick.
  8. Tami becomes less likeable with every passing moment and although I hated them both at first, Amy is actually becoming MORE likeable. Particularly when she's not with Tami. I did appreciate Dr. P basically saying "yeah if you want a drink go get it yourself." I mean that's pretty basic. and Tami wants to be "in on" the discussions re: her moving out? Well sweet cheeks, it's not your house and you're pretty much a terrible person making them miserable. They can, in fact, make a unilateral decision to bounce you out on your ample behind. Both would benefit from actual nutritional education. WHile Shrimp Creole was very likely a much better choice than she would have made (and delicious) does Dr. Procter not try to put them on high protein diets? Shrimp Creole is really carby. (disclaimer: I haven't watched anything with Dr. P before, just Our Reverend Saint Dr. Now, and I missed part of the episode with the original consultation).
  9. Was anyone else surprised at how good most of them looked in the Carnival costumes? Those were really beautiful. I always thought Marlo was kinda bigger but she looked tiny this episode. Why is Nene still here? I mean really. She gets along with NO ONE. She's had beef (most of it stupid) with every one of them, it's just who has she sort of apologized to most recently. And I'm with everyone asking why Yovanna is even there. Lastly, I no longer care who recorded Cynthia. Why does it even matter, I mean I actually like Kandi for the most part but her entire functionality on the show is as a parrot- someone tells her something and she runs to the next person to repeat it. At least she can live well without this show, unlike most of the others but what she does (and Sheree was the same) is no different than recording someone and playing it back. Cynthia cares less who recorded her than anyone else. But hey I guess Nene needs a storyline and this is it.
  10. Yes I think this is a better point than what I was saying above. Dr. Now sometimes quotes exactly how many calories one must be eating per day to maintain certain weight levels. If Amy or Tami gave up just a little of what they'd eat the weight would fall off quickly, at least the first 100-200 (maybe even 300 for Tami). I'm not a scientist but to main 600 pounds I'd think she's eating at least 4000 calories per day if not more. I did an online calculator which only went up to 500 pounds and it said 3600 per day to maintain 500, so I'm estimating. I really want someone out there to actually TRY to lose weight prior to resorting to surgery. Surgery should be a tool, not the entire toolbox, or it will never work.
  11. Just cannot root for these two. They are pretty terrible and I don’t see them even attempting to change. Why should they really? They've monetized being fat. Tami will die in the next 5 years. Amy will follow soon thereafter. I want to be sad for them but they are just not likeable people. And they're pretty mean to each other but then again, their fat mom is horrible too. And I really, really, really hate hearing any of the super morbidly obese people claiming they’ve “tried every diet” while eating bacon infused lasagna. I know it’s easier said than done (I’m currently on a journey to lose 60 pounds, 57 to go ugh) but calories in calories out. Just be honest and say yeah I like to eat and I eat and drink terrible things and don’t exercise. And while I'm complaining, Tami did another of my super obese pet peeves- oh I can't walk because of my knees popping out of place. First, that's very likely NOT happening. Second, your knees probably do hurt because you're so overweight and you don't use your muscles at all. Push yourself just a TAD and you'll start to see results. Sorry this just super frustrates me as the parent of a 113 pound child facing a major orthopedic surgery next month who continuously pushes herself to her limits even in severe pain. Yet we regularly see people who don't want to walk 30 feet.
  12. One more thought: From what I’ve always understood, EACH guest does a pref sheet, right? I remember distinctly past guests saying “who put X on their preference sheet?” when something was served they didn’t like. So why are we acting like the posted sheet in this forum is the only one? I thought I heard the 2 specific guests both say they had said NO cheese.
  13. I’m so disappointed in who Ashton really is. I loved him last season but he’s horrible this season. As is Tanner, and even Brian for his support of his idiot Brus. For an entire crew who hates Kate so much, there are an awful lot of people trying to shove their tongues down her throat. All the Kate haters, even you have to admit it’s horrible that she has been continuously harassed by these guys and physically assaulted multiple times now. I don’t care if you think she’s a “bitch” or snarky or whatever, NO ONE “asks” for this kind of treatment. She’s clearly a victim of harassment by at least 2 crew members, with no one doing anything about it to defend her. Also, neither Courtney nor Simone have a tenth of what it takes to do what Kate does. Simone is deluded. Kudos on the math degree, you’re terrible at being a stew though. I have 3 degrees, that surely wouldn’t make me a good auto mechanic. Exactly! And it seems both lied about their prior experience, or at least Simone did. How was she ever a stew yet can't open a bottle of wine?
  14. Best days of Kenya's life: Winning Miss USA then WAYYY below that getting married... and where does Brooklyn figure in? Wow, priorities.... the more I see the more I think this isn't a character, this is who Kenya is. What evidence do we have to dispute that? She has no relationships that haven't failed in any part of her life. Kandi is so pretty with short hair, many women can't work that but she looks so good with it. And Marlo is looking pretty (except that monstrosity titty sling dress she wore to Cynthia's party).
  15. 2 things I forgot- I'm so sad that Natalie is insane. I liked that couple even if I disagree with her pushing for a baby but wow, last night her crazy came flowing out. I don't agree with his alien worship but there's no signs at all that he hid the fact he doesn't believe in God. If that was such a fundamental difference for her she should have called it off long ago. And now she wants to blame a language barrier? um what? Now I do believe he should learn to speak her language too, but we've seen no evidence she can't understand him. Also, people keep saying for the prenup to be official/upheld, both need their own attorney. Not true. I'm an attorney. Is it a good idea? Yes. Is it necessary? nope. It just has to be fair basically. In this case I can't help but think she's doing a DAMN good job of setting him up to say "but I didn't understand, look at this footage" even though I think she's lying. In this case particularly, I'd spend a couple grand to get her an independent attorney to look over the final prenup, although it is not a requirement in any way in general. (I've seen this statement here and on other sites)
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