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  1. Aging myself, but I used to watch Brett Somers on Match Game way back in the 70’s. She was married to Jack Klugman.
  2. I can get past the bald thing. When I was single,I never would have considered a bald guy and may have even made that a “requirement if this show was around 20 years ago. I was into long haired musician types. I was at a sporting event and started talking to the guy next to me. He was bald. I gave him a chance and we have been married for over 18 years. Bao looks amazing…but I hate her bouquet.
  3. I hated the dress she chose. Yuck! I did like the look of the dance moms daughter, but it made me laugh when she talked about how the butt how was so unique. She clearly didn’t live through the 80’s and early 90’s. I thought she looked great in it. Same with the virtual appointment bride - looked fabulous!
  4. Watching today's case with the case about the pit bull NOT being a pitbull. Why in the hell does anyone pay $2000 for an "American Pit Bull"??? That's not even a recognized breed. You can find pit bulls by the dozen in every animal shelter in the USA. Whatever registration these papers are from is a load of crap.
  5. Was it Tyra's sister who is pregnant AGAIN?? And her mom seems happy about it?? JFC - these people are never going to break that cycle. I can't imagine embracing that kind of life.
  6. I can't get over inducing labor just because you're tired of being pregnant and it's convenient for you - especially for a first time mom whose body has never gone through labor before. Ever watch that documentary, "The Business of Being Born"? I found it very interesting.
  7. As I watched this, I couldn't help but think about Selena's neighbors and what they must thing about a house where they have 20 people crammed inside and are most assuredly loud and have so many people coming and going. The fight in the middle of the street? Dear god, I am so glad they don't live near me.
  8. What college pays to send the cheerleaders to a game like that?? I wonder if the cheerleaders had to pay their own way or something because that was a joke. She wins the a-hole award for me this week. She needs to go home and be a mother.
  9. I don't know what disgusted me more - Chris's BS or the show promoting dolphin cruelty. I think I would have to go with the dolphin cruelty. I wish people would get educated on the horrors of dolphin captivity.
  10. I know I am a bit late, but I was so happy to see the roller skater last week. Way back in the 80's I too, was a competitive roller figure skater. I will say that if that guy is winning at nationals and placing at worlds with a double flip jump being his "trademark move", the skill level has gone down considerably. People were doing triples in my day - not me, but the ones who skated world class and junior world class.
  11. Again, if they end up living there for a year or longer because Brandon can't afford for them to move out, does Julia remain a guest who is free to lounge around the house and do nothing? I can see for a few weeks or if she was truly just visiting for a few weeks, but she's going to be living there as a member of the family, not some princess who needs to have everyone cater to her while she does nothing. What if they move out and then have to move back in - are they both guests? Maybe Brandon's mom would be able to spend more time learning about Julia and her culture if she had more h
  12. So much of it comes down to what did Brandon tell her life would be like at the farm. My guess is he told her nothing because she may have decided not to come if she knew what their expectations were going to be. I don't think his parents would be quite so aggravated if Brandon kept to doing his chores. He is totally slacking because of Julia which puts more burden on his parents. Of course, this could probably all be producer driven storylines...so I take everything that happens with a huge block of salt.
  13. How long is she considered a "guest"? A week? If they are still living there in 6 months, is she still a guest who is not expected to lift a finger to help out in any way whatsoever? Bottom line is they are living in his parents' house. If they want to live according to their own rules, GET YOUR OWN HOME. If Julia was there visiting for a few weeks, I would agree with you 100%. However, she is not there is a guest visitor. She is there as part of the family and that means participating as a family member. I think they should have given her at least a week or so to get acclimated to
  14. And that will be fine when she and Brandon live alone and his parents aren't paying her living expenses. She shouldn't have to get into the pen to feed pigs, if she doesn't feel comfortable. Why not say that and then offer to do something else - throw some feed in for the goats, grab the eggs from the chicken coop. It's not too hard. I bet she has no issue eating the eggs the chickens provide.
  15. I meant what is Julia's plans for after they get married - sorry, should have been more specific. Does she want to go to school? Does she have a career? I don't know how hot the market is for go-go dancers in rural Virginia.
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