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  1. Yeah Catman is weirding me out a little, I can't quite put my finger on it. Part of it is ABSOLUTELY the cat suit, I can't lie, but his vibe is just a little strange to me in general. I appreciate that he's not at all the classic macho bullshit-artist contestant, but he has a weird mixture of blankness and intensity that feels a little off.
  2. 3 episodes in I really like Katie, I think she's sincere and charming and probably fun to be around, but I'm not sure she's really up to the task of being the lead unfortunately. There have already been several times when she's seemed FAR too gullible and susceptible to guys trying to manipulate the situation. I hope she finds some more solid ground and feels more secure as more time goes by and she feels more comfortable with certain guys. I REALLY liked the way she and Michael fit together, not only with his tragic situation but on their entire date, and I'm definitely rooting for them
  3. Thomas is so strange. On one hand, he seems incapable of lying by omission, or even "massaging the truth." He said straight up (without even being asked!) that he was originally there to create a platform for himself, and then admitted he was thinking about the possibility of becoming the Bachelor. That is probably true of 90% of people on this show. But the fact that he doesn't know how to communicate those things in a way that seems disarming or humble makes him seem like he's completely insincere about everything else that comes out of his mouth. To admit that you joined the show for attent
  4. I think something interesting about discussing this show is whether you are judging by a list of actions the characters do, or by how well the show portrays and executes the telling of the story of those actions. For me, OF COURSE all of this stuff is happening in an fictional reality of horrific fascism, war, oppression, and widespread abuse. My logical brain understands that things happening in that moral gray area don't fall into "good" or "bad" the way they do in our lives. But it's also my opinion that the show doesn't always portray things in ways that drive that point home very wel
  5. Yeah I definitely agree. There are tons of fascinating characters in tv/movie history who are supposed to be vague/mysterious/buttoned up/poker-faced, but through the writing and acting we as the audience somehow learn and understand WHY they are that way and for what purpose. I just get nothing from Tuello haha it just feels like a wasted character so far.
  6. More random Tuello thoughts because he is such a strange character, simultaneously dreadfully boring and insanely powerful: I'm still unsure who he works for or in what capacity. He can arrest people and put them in custody of USA, Canda, and/or the International Criminal Court. As someone else mentioned, he also seems to have certain diplomatic decision-making powers and responsibilities normally reserved for the US Secretary of State. He mentioned having a "boss" for the first time in this episode, was he referring to the exiled US President?? He can apparently arrange phon
  7. I wish they would've reminded us viewers about that somehow instead of focusing on the Jezebel's bit and the "biting", I totally forgot and didn't make that connection in the moment.
  8. Tuello is one of the most boring people I've ever seen on a tv show
  9. Whatever the intent was, the sex scene reminded me of the scene early on in Breaking Bad when Walter comes home after doing some kind of "bad"/cathartic deed and finds Skyler in the kitchen and wordlessly goes up behind her and starts trying to have sex with her. Skyler is somewhat amused at first but quickly gets annoyed and then furious because he's acting so weird and pushy and she finally has to scream at him to stop before he finally does. Similarly to the scene in this episode, it wasn’t about Skyler, it wasn’t about sex, it was about power and anger and domination. There are obviou
  10. Unbelievable that it was just like "Alright welcome to Canada! ... Enjoy your hotel!... ok seeya later!" I kept saying she needed the full Captain Phillips treatment!!
  11. I actually wondered if Hannah would be revealed to be a hologram or something haha. I just can't imagine the conversations that had to lead up to them taking the real Hannah and getting her into that situation... "Hey parents! We need to borrow your priceless stolen daughter for a few days, don't worry it's an all expenses paid trip. Yeah we just need to bring her into this dungeon lair to torture her birth mother. She'll be safely enclosed in a glass box the WHOLE time we promise!" "Hey Hannah! Thanks for being here. Sooo we're gonna need you to hang out here with us - er, CHILL O
  12. This season seems to be an improvement so far, but there are still things that make me roll my eyes. The stakes are just all over the place, constantly changing from scene to scene. For example, the "Angel Flight" was clearly a giant international incident, we were told that it could start a war that could "kill millions." It presumably brought universal attention to the horrific atrocities being perpetrated by Gilead. But when we cross the border into Canada... it seems more like a cause for a pleasant suburban bake sale fundraiser?
  13. Yup I figured they were holding back on Biden appearances because they were fine-tuning some new angles and ideas for the impression, but it turns out they just have literally nothing. I totally understand how it's a tougher assignment than Trump or Clinton or Bush or any of the classic SNL presidents, but come on. I expected more from Alex for some reason, but it's like a gruff vaguely Southern-ish accent out of touch guy? That's the Biden they came up with? He has SO many little verbal tics and go-to moves that they should easily be parodying in their portrayal but instead it's kinda one of
  14. Siiiigh, Maya has a serious case of diminishing returns. It seems like she and several other former castmembers (Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig come to mind) all do the EXACT same bit any time they host or even make an appearance, which is putting on the big placid famous-person smile and saying SUPER WACKY things while expecting to be treated like a god, and then whoever they're talking to in the bit will just be like "ummm ok Ms. Rudolph?" We saw yet another very lame example in the monologue. In general, I enjoyed Maya as a castmember and when she's had supporting roles on other shows/movie
  15. Yeah it's a weird vibe this season. I do think Matt seems like a pretty nice guy - not a complete dud personality like Pilot Pete and not at all a disrespectful playboy like Juan Pablo or a famewhore or anything like that. But he just seems like what he kind of is: A guy who was pushed along into the role by his Bach-famous friends instead of a guy who was actively seeking out the role, or even seeking out a relationship. He seems like he would've been cool with finding love on the show, but if it doesn't happen he won't be phased at all. In my opinion he's just been a passive observer. H
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