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  1. Since so many fans ran wild with Sudeikis's "Empire Strikes Back" reference and were nervously waiting for death and destruction in the main characters' storylines every week, does that make season 3 the "Return of the Jedi" season? Who will be the Ewoks in this situation? The new Greyhound mascot finalists?
  2. Unfortunately, this is untrue haha
  3. Never seen an entire episode just pander to someone like this one did. Yikes. The entire thing was like a commercial for the Kardashian brand. Family members popping in multiple times, self-referential jokes(?) all over the place that wouldn't make sense to anyone who doesn't watch their show, an audience full of superfans shrieking. Not what I want out of SNL.
  4. James Austin Johnson is a star in the making. I LOVED his bizarre Trump impression videos but had never seen him in anything else before Saturday, and he was an absolute natural onstage/on camera. Totally comfortable and up to the moment right off the bat. I can't think of another time a new hire has been given the spotlight like that in their first episode, and I'm really excited to see what happens with him in the future.
  5. Ya know, I normally appreciate when characters get extra shading and layers, that's obviously how all humans are, but I've actually enjoyed that Beard had just been this unusual guy who happens to be 100% confident and comfortable in his own skin haha. It felt a little strange to see him suddenly expressing these self-loathing thoughts in this episode. I'm not sure how to describe this correctly... earlier in the season I thought the vibe of the show had become too easy and simple and everyone was just this happy-go-lucky group of friends supporting each other and every episode's storylin
  6. Thank you! This confirms my suspicion that people may be taking these quotes a little too seriously in the world of a show like Ted Lasso haha. Maybe I will be completely blindsided, but I just can't imagine why any of those comments would lead people to assume we're in for death and destruction all of a sudden.
  7. Can someone refer me to the interview where someone refers to the show as a 3-act dramatic arc and this season is supposed to be reminiscent of Empire Strikes Back? I keep seeing people using that as a reason to predict some wildly dark ideas (in comparison to the rest of the show) so I'd like to finally read it for myself! Thanks!
  8. Right, if that quote was in a Breaking Bad episode or something I could imagine it foreshadowing death or suicide, but in Ted Lasso it's far more likely to be about the bakery running out of biscuits. I would love an injection of some stakes, but I just can't understand why anyone would presume that something actually dark is going to happen. Especially since the show has gotten even FURTHER into sunshine and rainbows in season 2. Maybe I'm being set up for the biggest rope-a-dope of all time though haha
  9. Yeah it's kind of interesting to read through the last several pages of people expecting dark turns, deaths, deep dives into who knew what/when. In my opinion season 2 has taken a huge step AWAY from plot and the contrasts between characters, to the point that I feel like every character is borderline saccharine at all times. I guess if you squint enough you can think the characters themselves are all just 'acting' in order to hide their true anguish, but this just doesn't seem like the type of show to go that route.
  10. I haven't posted much about this dull season but I have a little bit to add. I think Katie is a good person who wasn't cut out to be the lead character of a season. She seemed uncomfortable in her duties, especially early on, and I don't think she ever got her footing. She seemed to forge good conversational connections with guys when talking to them one-on-one, but when she was trying to navigate the in-house drama and the actual romance/"sex positive" connections, she always felt like she was trying to play a part. I have higher hopes for Michelle. I gotta say, for the second straight B
  11. Yeah Catman is weirding me out a little, I can't quite put my finger on it. Part of it is ABSOLUTELY the cat suit, I can't lie, but his vibe is just a little strange to me in general. I appreciate that he's not at all the classic macho bullshit-artist contestant, but he has a weird mixture of blankness and intensity that feels a little off.
  12. 3 episodes in I really like Katie, I think she's sincere and charming and probably fun to be around, but I'm not sure she's really up to the task of being the lead unfortunately. There have already been several times when she's seemed FAR too gullible and susceptible to guys trying to manipulate the situation. I hope she finds some more solid ground and feels more secure as more time goes by and she feels more comfortable with certain guys. I REALLY liked the way she and Michael fit together, not only with his tragic situation but on their entire date, and I'm definitely rooting for them
  13. Thomas is so strange. On one hand, he seems incapable of lying by omission, or even "massaging the truth." He said straight up (without even being asked!) that he was originally there to create a platform for himself, and then admitted he was thinking about the possibility of becoming the Bachelor. That is probably true of 90% of people on this show. But the fact that he doesn't know how to communicate those things in a way that seems disarming or humble makes him seem like he's completely insincere about everything else that comes out of his mouth. To admit that you joined the show for attent
  14. I think something interesting about discussing this show is whether you are judging by a list of actions the characters do, or by how well the show portrays and executes the telling of the story of those actions. For me, OF COURSE all of this stuff is happening in an fictional reality of horrific fascism, war, oppression, and widespread abuse. My logical brain understands that things happening in that moral gray area don't fall into "good" or "bad" the way they do in our lives. But it's also my opinion that the show doesn't always portray things in ways that drive that point home very wel
  15. Yeah I definitely agree. There are tons of fascinating characters in tv/movie history who are supposed to be vague/mysterious/buttoned up/poker-faced, but through the writing and acting we as the audience somehow learn and understand WHY they are that way and for what purpose. I just get nothing from Tuello haha it just feels like a wasted character so far.
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