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  1. Oh no...I'm sure you are correct 🙂 I haven't seen that episode in a long time. Hope your head unclogs soon!!
  2. Ahh...ok 🙂 I thought the way it came across, was it wasn't her school of choice, but couldn't remember the name of the university. Yeh...I remember Milan talking about hard school was in the podcast she did. She couldn't party the way she wanted to, and be a DCC 😉
  3. I love Chloe Arnold!!! ( and her sister and all of the others that dance in that group)! Agreed 🙂
  4. That was the girl that ended up taking a dance scholarship to a "lesser" school wasn't it?
  5. Yep... I think "cute" is definitely a mean girl comment. I wonder how Amy likes the fact that she's only point 1/3 of the amount of time that Maddie is? I always thought there was a subtle mean girl vibe about Amy and she proved it in this episode. I wonder how Amy felt when she saw the show where KaShara said Caroline should be point...Amy wasn't even mentioned. "Cute" to me...is kind of like our Southern "bless her/his/your heart"... 😛
  6. Me too on the the fillers...she didn't need them. She is a beautiful young lady and doesn't need the work.
  7. Who doesn't want "pretty twins" .....double trouble .....barf!!!!
  8. Amy may be the most senior vet, but that doesn't mean she should have point. I was fine with her being "co-point" until she made her snarky "cute" comment. Now, I'm just glad we have to only deal with her at point for a few 8 counts before Maddie takes over....Maddie went up a notch in my eyes as the point girl.
  9. Same here! I want more Marshall....I think he's one of the bright points of the show and they just don't show him enough!! I would love to see them show more of small group practices...practices being led by the small group leaders. I'd also like to see more solos and not just vet solos. Stop the montages of bad danceers at pre-lims... they aren't comfortable to watch...and I hate it when the show publicly embarrasses people. Now that being said, I see a 15th season possibly, but I don't think it will go beyond that. I think the show has been detrimental to the numbers that turn out for auditions. I think Dayton said it best when asked if she would re-audition a third time....and she responded "not until there isn't a show". I think a lot of talented dancers stay away because of this same sentiment.
  10. She's a class act 🙂 and has a maturity they need. She's a definite asset to the team!!
  11. yeh..my brother is a driver for UPS and my sister in law is a teacher...so they are definitely not wealthy. We did the studio with flooring ourselves, and it really wasn't that hard or expensive 🙂 and I learned how to hang full wall length mirrors and lay flooring. They have several girls in their studio that have studios at their houses as well. They aren't huge, but it gives them ample space outside of the studio to practice.
  12. I would be one of those people...if I roll my eyes any harder at the thought of her...I'll be able to check out my own arse.
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