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  1. I think Heather would be an awesome pick for point. Like I said a few days ago, I don't really care who they pick for point as long as it's not squinty eyed Gina. I do not like her looks or facials. (I still think she's way too much of a "look at me" kind of dancer though she does seem to have toned down her extra-ness in the last few months).
  2. I want to know where you got seasons 1 and 2....they've never been available anywhere that I can find them. I have all of the other seasons and would love to have the first two πŸ™‚
  3. So yes....quite disrespectful and rude of her so called friends...guess they all needed another 10 minutes of DCC fame. (inserting a HUGE eye roll here because everyone knows I detest group dances like this at weddings)
  4. It will be interesting to see who point will be. I think Heather is gorgeous so she'd be a great pick for point. Maddie would be my choice though. I would have Maddie at point, flanked by Heather and Amy with Briana or Ashlee completing the diamond. If they went with one of the rookies from last year, I could certainly get behind Caroline at point. She is beautiful. As long as point isn't Gina, I'll be happy with whoever they choose πŸ™‚
  5. Yes...I will give her kudos for committing !!! πŸ™‚
  6. If she didn't want to do it...then her peeps should have respected that. That is so incredibly rude of them. Probably explains why she looks less than thrilled in the video. It's not original and it's not really that cute to watch. Save Thunder for the field.
  7. The destination was beautiful...I will give it that. I think all of the acrylic was tacky...reminds me of the tacky acrylic stripper heels...so that's a no for me (not that it matters even a tiny bit, lol). I think bridesmaids in white is ridiculous and Kelsey's wedding dresses, while they were "nice" they were generic looking (think Belks/JCP). Now that aside, the taco and s'mores bars....I am so there for that !!!
  8. He looks like Michael Bolton...and looks like a cocky asshole to be honest. I'm not impressed.
  9. Had it not been for her name...I would have never guessed this was Britney Schram...neither girl looks particularily good in this pic. Both look harsh and gaunt.
  10. Madeline Salter posted the exact message on her story as well...so maybe it's not a cryptic message ? Kat is GORGEOUS...probably one of the prettiest to audition since Kelsey Lowrance. πŸ™‚
  11. She did πŸ™‚ Had not seen this yet...that does make one wonder.
  12. I appreciate the information you've sharedπŸ™‚