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  1. I think Meredith and Alexandra will be the next cuts. Meredith has not impressed me, and Alexandra...she is so "meh". She's tried out 5 times, finally they are giving her a shot in TC, and if she wants to stay she is going to have to step her game up.
  2. Jennifer Lopez= GOALS....She is amazing!!! ARod...eh...don't give a flip about him.
  3. I just have to laugh at her...she was a JOKE in tc for dcc and she is a joke in this as well. She just rubs every nerve I have the wrong way. From her fake crying to her voice....just tell her "bye Felicia" already and be done with it. Don't subject the viewers to that torture. (and for the record...I don't watch BB at all...have never seen the first episode but I feel for the people who do that have to deal with her).
  4. I think certain sports bra type tops tend to give anyone a uni-boob effect. I know they do me.
  5. Completely agree with you on Miranda (except for the highlights...I like her lighter ones. I had her pegged as a 2nd leader as well. I also think Alexis was the replacement for Lauren. Lauren would have been a 2nd leader had she not retired. I never have seen anything weird about them either.
  6. I don't like Lisa's at all...it has aged her 10 years. She was fresh faced looking prior to this...now she looks harsher and older. I like the highlights in Miranda's...it makes her hair look not so heavy looking 🙂 but the spotlight in this photo is making it look gray. I love Miranda so I'm glad she lightened it up a bit.
  7. Group leaders are points for small groups...so Amy, Maddie, Heather and Tess.
  8. Same...but as I've said 🙂 I have been Team Victoria since last season.
  9. I think Lily looks great and Caroline looks awesome. I'm Team Victoria and have been since before she auditioned last season. Gina...everyone knows my opinion on her so I won't subject people to it again...for now 😉
  10. As much as I would love to see Maddie get point....I won't be disappointed if Heather gets it. She would be amazing. My triangle wish would be Maddie at point flanked by Heather and Amy.
  11. See...and to me it looks like Gina is finishing before anyone else. Lily actually looks better than the other rookies...but everyone sees things differently.
  12. Possible new vets: Caroline, Ashlee, Briana, Alexis (but my guess is Caroline and Ashlee) Rookie candidates: Amanda, Taylor P, Kelcey...I have yet to see Kat do anything so I couldn't decide about her. The only thing I know is that she appears to be very flexible in yoga pics she's posted.
  13. No it isn't...PT school is right up there with nursing school (I'm a nurse and it was brutal). Forget having a life 😛
  14. There's been talk that KaShara may have just wanted to be able to spend more time with her bf. She said when she retired that 4 years was a good run/enough time. There's also been talk that she may be moving home. Going back to KY would make it impossible for her to be an AS. Both of those are nothing but speculation, because having my own family from her tiny area in KY, I can't see what she'd be coming home to other than family.
  15. Lol....I'll give you that 🙂 It does 😛
  16. Of course they did...it was posted all over their IG stories (inserting HUGE eye roll here and big yawn).
  17. LOL...I just about snorted my coffee over this 😉
  18. I had Miranda pegged as a second leader since the end of last season. I'm guessing you don't have to be on SG to be a group leader thought they almost always are. I don't get the "grandma" look people say they see. In the videos I've seen of her dancing she looks fine to me...I think she's beautiful. Sometimes solid and dependable goes a very long way. I was more surprised at Gina, to be honest, because her "me me me " vibe just does not scream leadership potential. It just makes me want to scream NOOOOOOOOO! I'm really hoping Gina leaves after this season. I do not want to see her as a five year vet. It took her five times auditioning. She was only in training camp one other time and she was injured and had to release herself.
  19. I know....instead of the smooth bob? I love her kinky curls! And yes...even though I hate the dance, Holly is doing what she is supposed to do and she is killing it. 😛
  20. I love Holly...I think she is probably one of the most talented dancers to ever grace DCC.... However, I do not like this dance. The twerking kills it for me. Like you said...just get a pole for the picture to be complete.
  21. Taylor looks great ...but that's about all I can say about this pic. Let me clarify: Yes...all three girls are beautiful but I do not like the posing, and I despise smirks even on beautiful girls. It just gives off the "mean girl" vibe. Smirks are right up there with flipping duck face for me. Sorry 🙂
  22. I'm all about Travis for Point 🙂 He is awesome!
  23. Ashlee was the number 4 picture underneath Victoria. Her yellow sticker "ML" was on Victoria and I believe she put one on Ashlee's as well. She did not on Tara or Malena.