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  1. Since they went to 5 couples, they've drug out the pre-wedding stuff for at least 2 hours on 2 nights with the respective pre-wedding stuff for the couples shown getting married that night. This season is off to an awful start with the 2-3 hours already spent on the matching and couple info last week. Then rehashing couple info tonight with the pre-wedding stuff. I haven't looked to see how many hours the show is next week...... I think they could have done some of the pre-wedding stuff and all the weddings tonight in 3 hours. That's another reason I record the show so I can FF. [eta: Ju
  2. I'm running a little behind since I recorded it so I can FF through commercials. Just came to the part where she said he wasn't on the list.
  3. I don't know if this has been asked/answered before..... Do the couples have any say in the decorations or theme for the wedding decor or is it all picked by production? Kind of wondering because the runner on the floor said "It's you" on it and they know each other. After the way that Dr. Pepper asked Bao about her list of people to exclude, could he have been on that list so the panel knew they knew each other?
  4. Yes! I couldn't remember Mia's name or Myrla's. I'm not always good with names.
  5. She's the one I think looks like the one that got arrested at the airport.
  6. He is weirding me out with his facial hair. The way he has it trimmed around his mouth. It's all raggedy on the top of his face, yet the bottom and his hairline is so straight. It makes me think he's one of those guys that takes off his t-shirt and it still looks like he's wearing a fuzzy t-shirt. Some of these people remind me of people from other seasons. I can't remember the current people's names though. A couple of them: One of the girls reminds me of the girl that got arrested at the airport on the way to honeymoons. One's sister reminds me of um..... Dr. Viviana? tha
  7. Well, then Yara and baby could go to bed, let Jovi and family chat for a while and clean up. It didn't seem like they were having a drunken free-for-all that would have caused a lot of commotion. Due to editing, we don't see who cleaned up the table and kitchen. I've never had nasal polyps (or pull-ups as Mike said), so I wasn't aware they'd want you to rinse. I just know from oral surgery, you don't do anything like that until the next day to give things a chance to settle. Uh.....hard pass for me! lol
  8. I could see them taking money for assistance from the government. They never stopped at taking money, perks, etc. from being on TV. I'm sure they panhandle for "love offerings" when they do or did speaking engagements.
  9. I think they will be, too. I don't like the dynamic of having the contestants up in arms and accusing each other of being there for the wrong reasons instead of focusing on exploring a relationship with the love interest. Then having the "hosts" and love interest giggling and kibbitzing like high school mean girls. [edited for grammar error]
  10. Oooooh...... When I was thinking of charter guests that were nice, I couldn't remember exactly who it was that was so nice with Capt Lee. After consulting the Googles it was her and her husband. She (and her family/friends) waffles between doing something nice for the crew and being an obnoxious ass. Too bad she (and her family/friends) couldn't be like that the whole time. Thanks for making me look!
  11. It may have been. I'd have to consult the googles. I thought the way they were sympathetic with Capt Lee was nice and showed they weren't as bad as most attention-whoring-wannabee charter guests.
  12. I didn't remember ROII being such a drunkard mess on their first time on the show. I was horrified for the rest of the guests. They have had some good charter guests on the varoius BD shows before - the Touhy's, the guests who lost a child to addiction and the lady with cancer were some that I remember. Maybe not the shit-show drama we've gotten used to, but a far cry better than a lot of the mess. They seemed more like people who would charter a Mmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeega Yacht! Also, if we keep having to hear Sandy say she couldn't diagnose Matt's medical issue (or anything else this seaso
  13. She did say "pop your penis". I think that's the frontal-twerking-air-humping maneuver he did. [eta: I do not think that anyone needed to see a closeup of his crotch with his Nigerian manly bits flopping around in boxers. Episode should have had a PG-17 or even an R-rated disclaimer before any of their bathtub scene aired. AVERT YA EYES!!!!!]
  14. So many things....... Yara & Jovi - put the baby to bed and let everyone talk around the table for a while. They may even help clean up the mess for you! Best part of a good holiday is sitting around chatting with family. Jovi is probably used to partying all the time because I'm sure there's not much else to do while he is overseas working. He exhibits a lot of the same ways of a sailor who's been on deployment. Tiffany - quit thinking cold-shoulder shirts will make you look thinner or sexy by showing skin. Give Ronald a break on the kid thing. He's probably not had any e
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