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  1. I've only heard the hot dog down a hallway when guys were teasing someone about having a small "hot dog". I wouldn't have equated that with someone "accidentally" having sex with someone in the sense that the comment was made on PT.
  2. Lurk


    He's Mr. Amy Roloff. Basically the same as a walking dead man/zombie now.
  3. I felt like Will was sugarcoating things about her trying to be a trainer. Don't just do a TH about his disappointment or skepticism on her following through on things. Say it straight to her face. The Blurred Out Frenchman looked to have long dark hair. I kept listening closely to see if he sounded anything like Darcy's Georgie. Could be a good side-gig for him to stand in as the French tutor (if he knows enough French). If Twitney's hair is thinning, I wouldn't pin all that on PCOS. Look at the hair of the people on 600lb Life. They all have horrible hair due to the state of their
  4. I thought there was some hope for sensibilities when Stacy was packing and didn't bring dressy shoes or clothes.......... Then they head to the airport, both of them wearing 20lb or more of jewelry. I'd hate to be behind them at TSA checkpoint.
  5. Lurk


    I was thinking purple - like Barney.
  6. I'm not either. She started them down that path. My comment was more what would happen if my significant other cheated on me.
  7. Lurk


    I think that's just a bad picture angle. She probably had the Sun photographer hiding further out in the bushes to take the pictures. 😄
  8. I'd be making Evelyn's grandpa's favorite soup and then sending him on his way.
  9. I was more grossed out how she was wearing gloves and a mask presumably to be safe. Then she kept grabbing the front of her mask, over her mouth, and then touching the pizza.
  10. I had to consult the googles because I had no idea what SPD is (never had kids). Found this in a list of symptoms. "Pain when you make certain movements like putting weight on one leg or when spreading your legs apart" So you're right in naming the cure. Auj, stop spreading your legs and moving that way! Problem solved.
  11. I don't think they have a balcony either. I remember Brandon's mom making some comments about how they had no windows or the only window looked out at another building? Something along the lines of "won't you miss seeing/having all that space outside"?
  12. My $.02: The French tutor speaks better English than a lot of Americans I know. Her French is appalling. I call fake BS, too. It was weird that Buddy brought out all the hotdogs/hamburgers individually wrapped in plastic. Although, the plates they had were plastic wrapped with what looked like burger toppings, all the desserts and sides were in individual containers. Made me think they were trying to be "covid-safe" by having individual servings prepared and sealed for everyone instead of everyone digging in to the same pile of food or it was catered? Where was the furniture Whitl
  13. Anne has irritated me from the beginning. Can't really pin down exactly why. Glad she's gone. I wonder if we'll ever really find out how Autumn broke her foot. Would be interesting to see their interactions outside the kitchen like we see some dorm time on HK.
  14. Since they run some sort of puppy mill in addition to having all the other farm animals, I would imagine the dogs would have some kind of pen or outbuilding. It is different having a dog in a house or an apartment when it comes to outside breaks. A lot easier to open a door and let them out to do their business than having to leash them up and go walk around outside with them.
  15. It looked like she had a pack of Marlboro reds in the same hand as the bag of chips. I noticed because it was kind of blurred out. So still pigging out and smoking.
  16. You KNOW I was singing that as I was typing it. 😁
  17. If someone said that kind of stuff about me to my friends, they would say something to me about it immediately. I know so much of this is scripted for drama. These friends with their heard-it-from-a-friend-who-heard-it-from-a-friend they heard Georgi say blahblahblah......
  18. Darcy and her "crying" all the time. Face all scrunched up, no tears. Reminds me of a 3-4 year old throwing a temper tantrum to get their way. Switch it on - scrunch up face, pretend to cry and then the whining starts. Once Mom caves in, it stops. She stops when she gets everyone on her pity wagon telling her it's not her fault, all the fault of the other person.
  19. Oops wrong thread. Moving response,.
  20. Possibly, on the eggs. I am hoping we don't get another "I can tote it" out this.
  21. They all bring their clothes to wear. They honestly all looked better in their street clothes.
  22. I recorded so I could fast forward as needed. I wish I could have found a .gif for this or a short video of him walking. All I could see when Angela was strutting around....... She never seemed conscious of squeezing into clothes when she was 100+ lbs heavier, either.
  23. I guess you listed those as one for each different show. All together, those could also describe an episode of anything in the 90 Days franchise. 😄
  24. IIRC it was something like $1800 in the sock. He said he had gotten the cash to give to Darcy to help with bills but she wouldn't take it. He didn't want to bother going back to the bank to redeposit. At least that's what he told their Dad.
  25. Looked like some sort of bondage outfit. OTOH.....Jamie is still in the same dress/jacket that shows way too much thigh and the arms on that jacket are like sausage casing. On Couples Cam tonight, she was squeezing into some dresses and her daughter asked if she had a baby in her belly. Scene leading up to that, she mentioned she gained some baby weight and she gave birth a year prior. She's had a year to either 1) do something about the baby weight or 2) buy some freaking clothes that fit. If you are going to be so "pro body positive", quit trying to squeeze into clothes like you're on the
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