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  1. Whatever happened to the days when this was a half decent business show ?
  2. I've heard Keifer and Vic talking a few times about how they're two of the greats. One time he told Vic that he knows 100% guaranteed that they will both be asked back next season along with 4 of the others, Jed Ty Beth and I forget the other one , because this is the greatest cast in the entire history of BB ....... and he'd know ! It'd be hilarious if he was the second to go tonight. Him and Vic could talk about how they almost outsmarted everyone. They were just playing such a complex game that the others just didn't get it.
  3. Meghan is such a deep ,caring person that she doesn't have time to deal with those fluff topics when there are real problems in the world. Her latest selfies should be posted soon
  4. Apparently production tipped off Vic that a blindside might be coming and of course she went right to the triangle and told them all about it. She even got a " don't talk about production " warning. When the house guests talk production they refer to it as bananas to not be too obvious. Now for the best part ..... when they went to the storage room , the fridge was locked and there were bunches of bananas everywhere. Oh yeah . the entire house is now on slop and bananas. Just so you get the idea , when we say don't talk about production , we mean it. So basically production ruined w
  5. There's a ton of videos on YouTube. You can usually see most of what's really going on. Lots of game talk and plotting. So many things don't make the show.
  6. That was my favorite part and I wish they would have shown more of it during the episode. I hope she reveals the truth during her goodbye message. However, watching Beth comforting Austen and Brey and jumping into the bed between them was hilarious. She was so broken up about it . You'd think they were just sentenced to 25 years of hard labor. Love the acting
  7. Well , it only took about 5 min for Meghan to finally answer the question about the press conference. Blah, blah blah ... oh yeah, the question.
  8. The Meghan McCain Show starring Meghan McCain
  9. I think they'll gradually speed up the conveyor and add more and more rocks so it won't be quite as easy to count. My biggest question is if the HoH is supposed to be invisible , will they be able to tell anyone that they won? Some good potential here but a lot of questions.
  10. Whenever Meghan starts out with " I've got a couple of things to say about this" , you know you can kiss the next 5-10 minutes goodbye. Look out when she says she has a lot to say.
  11. That was the happiest I've seen Meghan in a long time. She sure was fast to let us know that she was still there.
  12. Have you ever thought of emailing the View about Meghan ?
  13. Maybe she couldn't come up with a new hairdo
  14. So Meghan"s over Dr. Fauci. You mean like how everyone's over you ?
  15. Let's hope that this becomes an ongoing thing.
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