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  1. Orillia

    "The View": Week of 7/15/2019

    I think they purposely used the worst picture of Meghan that they had . Good job production . They must not like her either . And where was Abbie's picture ? Remember her ? ........ who ?
  2. Orillia

    The View in the Media

    When did being in the top 4 become a thing ?
  3. Orillia

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    You can add me to that list. Sunny drives me up the wall. But seeing her shut out Meghan this week made me like her just a little tiny bit. However , to be fair, if she was doing it to anyone else I'd think she was being an idiot. The fact that it's Meghan , makes it ok and is getting funnier by the day.
  4. Orillia

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    Meghan has some nerve calling anybody mean. Just take the gh out of her name.
  5. Orillia

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    You can rest assured that Meghan feels your pain . After all , no one understands torture like she does .
  6. Orillia

    The View in the Media

    Because she's stupid
  7. Orillia

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    They really should start listing this show under situation comedies .
  8. Orillia

    S21.E05: Live Eviction #1; Head of Household #2

    It cracks me up how everyone voted Ovi out , he had to go, but they all acted super excited when he got to stay.
  9. Orillia

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Yeah and I'm sure television will never recover
  10. Orillia

    The $100,000 Pyramid

    I thought that the lady who won $150.000 was one of the best contestants I've seen in a while. She was cool calm and collected , didn't get flustered or frantic and gave great clues. And just as important , she wasn't an over the top personality but seemed pretty normal. I'm happy that she won the big money. That clue giver who kept saying "perfect" each time his partner got a right answer was getting on my nerves , and fast. Maybe it's just me. I agree , Alyson stunk. Felt bad for her partners.
  11. Orillia

    "The View": Week of 6/24/2019

    I think Meghan should be given some sort of medal for her bravery. After all , how many people have what it takes to give their opinion everyday ?
  12. Orillia

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    He just knows.
  13. Orillia

    "The View": Week of 6/10/2019

    So , Meghan tries to throw shade at Whoopie during the houses discussion . When Whoopie explained her side of the situation , Meghan hits back with " I feel that's a rich person's problem ." In other words, She really can't relate because after all , she's just one of the common folk. As usual her scathing attack went nowhere, Loved Ana pointing out that she only invited her friends to her wedding.
  14. Orillia

    Mary Kills People

    It really is too bad that there is only one episode left, This season has been excellent
  15. Orillia

    "The View": Week of 6/3/2019

    Let's just hope that people in the audience wearing McCain hats doesn't become a thing . Unless of course they say Meghan's an idiot.