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  1. I don't know about anyone else but if I never hear the word "ren-tull" again, I'll be happy as a lark!
  2. Well, she DID make that vision board, you know...................
  3. I guess the ever pressing question of "Is you ovulatin'?" won't be answered until next season... Prison foreplay, but foreplay nevertheless (probably more for chLacy than them!)
  4. I am SO confused about all this buying of property and houses! They bought the Coyote Pass property in order to build THE house (in Kody's mind, anyway), but since then Christine has bought a house and now Robyn has bought a house and land that cost over a million? So, this negates the all-under-one-roof story line, and now they will each have a separate home that will not be on the Coyote Pass property? How in the world do they get approved for all of these loans--TLC must be co-signing for them. I just don't get it. And BTW, here's a link to Robyn's new house......https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/9508-W-Hashknife-Trl_Flagstaff_AZ_86001_M23229-00642
  5. Reading her comment, all I have to say is she is trying way too hard to distance herself from her parents (or maybe just shock them). Looks, sounds as phony as the rest of the clan.
  6. Logan and Tony aren't missing--they're runaways!
  7. Apparently, correct grammar ceased to exist when this latest crop of society's rejects was growing up. Do they not realize every time they say the "f" word (and that is OFTEN), that they are bleeped? Sometimes the only word that comes thru the bleeps is "like." So frequently, all I ever hear is "like, bleep....like, bleep." It's very frustrating and I'm on the verge of turning this drivel off to avoid the irritation.
  8. I cannot understand a damn thing Michael says. The sound of the "bleep" every other word is the only sound I can recognize. And Lamar? Every time he ends his sentence with, "You know what I'm sayin'?" I want to yell, NO I DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE SAYING! Every person on this ridiculous show should be charged with murder---murdering the English language!
  9. As a mental health professional, I can assume that Angela's position on the mobile crisis unit is to assess patients in the ER for possible transfer to a psychiatric facility. Some teams use only nurses while others will use qualified (degreed) therapists to do the assessments. Her "discharge coordinator" position could also be helping the patient find a suitable place to live/stay if the ER visit does not result in hospitalization. In the past, we have avoided wearing white coats and scrubs because the belief was it was intimidating and frightening to some psychiatric patients. However, since she probably goes into ER's and people's homes, maybe she is required to wear scrubs.
  10. I can't remember who is the oldest, Amy or Tammy but Tammy seems emotionally stunted at about 12 years old. She wants what she wants when she wants it, she can't get past her own feelings of failure and embarrassment to be happy for Amy's progress and she seems constantly jealous and/or threatened by Amy's marriage and her future plans. I feel sorry for all three of them, this is going to be a very difficult new life for them. I hope Amy sticks with the therapy, she seems the most open-minded about improving herself.
  11. Scripted? Yes. The script is as follows-- "Like, bleep-bleep, bro, like, bleep. Bleep, like, bro, bleep, like." You can tell when the line is Whit's by the question mark at the end of each sentence and the occasional squeal. And to think she once went to Korea to teach English to the people. I shudder to think how she perverted the English language while in another country. I like Ashley, but dang, girlfriend is almost the same size as Whitney!
  12. I could be completely off base, but I'm thinking Lonnie is the crisis caller who hung up.
  13. The tooth-to-tattoo ratio in that scene was quite disturbing..........
  14. "Oh, well - sure, when you bring in the boiling farnum, it all makes perfect sense. " 😂😂 Is that anything like the boiling bunny? 'Cause that's where I see Meri going soon!
  15. Chon should've just concentrated on his chob, if he had one!
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