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  1. I think Hunter had a reallyy bad interview, I remember that she said she didn't read lol
  2. That took me down a google rabbit hole and found Cheryl Burke and Nicole Sherzinger wearing the uniform for the day while they were on "I Can Do That" trying to be DCC
  3. I'd be willing to bet there's a lot more bigotry in the organization than we think
  4. I like Brennan, but damn they smoothed her butt out like crazy in that shot. I'm sure she didn't need it at all
  5. Even with the "insider" information, things that aren't true get spread around and it becomes a game of telephone. Pretty much everything said on here becomes twisted eventually.
  6. Don't the girls sign some sort of contract that says you can't mention anything that goes on during the show? Wouldn't you think production also signs some form of NDA so that secrets don't get spilled...?
  7. Same thing in the medical field, we have HIPAA. If we say anything about a patient's medical record without their permission we can get fired and into legal trouble. We can't even say last names in front of other patients.
  8. She's been around the team for most of her life, I don't think she's stupid enough to think she's going to go to Oxnard.
  9. There's always been something wrong with the politics of the DCC, the Jenna/Erica/Holly situation comes to mind. They didn't care what was going on until it directly affected them and their brand. How long did they let their actions slide for? This is nothing new. They will 100% protect the people they want on their team. Anyone else would never get the same preferential treatment those three did.
  10. 🙄 She looked good at auditions whether people choose to accept that or not. I'm sure politics have a lot to do with who makes the team as well. The creators of the show aren't going to change what their actions are just because a vocal minority disagree with them. Whether you choose to accept it or not is up to you. If you don't focus on the politics behind the show, you'll find it enjoyable entertainment which is what it is. It's not supposed to be anything more than entertainment.
  11. That's so sad, is she injured?
  12. Hannah's photo came out soo much better than her cameos lol
  13. They probably just toned her highlights that she got last year and toned them too light
  14. Yes, the former coach of the LSU Tiger Girls
  15. nittanyvolleyball

    Past Seasons

    If indeed she left her contract early with Royal Caribbean, I see Disney Cruise Line marking that as a bad thing against her. Hopefully she does get it, she'd be a great performer for their shows.