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  1. Since the girls had to do their own hair & makeup, it appears VK was used to TK doing her Princess’ hair!
  2. At least VK wasn’t shoved down our throats this episode. In fact I don’t even remember seeing her.
  3. I think we have to accept the truth that Kelli doesn’t deal in facts. Point in case is how VK dances, choosing people who are never going to make the team or stay beyond one year, that both TCC & vets have a life outside of DCC, that the girls can be ill & need to miss practice etc. And on & on & on!
  4. Someone mentioned that Hannah having history of anxiety & depression doesn’t mean she has mental health issues. I must disagree as a health care professional. You don’t have to have schizophrenia or bipolar to have mental health issues. It is a false assumption that to have anxiety or depression one has to act sad. People mask things that’s why often signs are missed or frankly you may be trying to fake it till you make or are just tired of people asking you what is wrong. Then again there are those who think if you are just more positive or if you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps you would be better. Sure there are those who clearly you can tell they are in trouble as they don’t care how they look, stop going out etc. just because someone acts happy, doesn’t mean they are. How many times have we masked our true feelings about a situation or a relative or coworker? You hear people say they gave no symptoms they were contemplating suicide etc. I remember a minister of a mega church on the West coast who had a son who had anxiety & depression. The family went out to eat where the son seemed relaxed, happy, & joked around. They came home & the son went upstairs & immediately shot himself. There are lots of people struggling with depression with symptoms you do & do not see. I believe Hannah had a lot on her plate & probably also has situational issues with the end of the courses. If you never experience depression, nor have a friend or family member with it, consider yourself lucky. Keep in mind that people also believe that like addiction, depression is a sign of moral failing.
  5. One thing that did surprise me in this episode was how much Judy spoke including telling them they looked great. Where I don’t see her talk much is where Kelli asks her about cutting someone. My take is Judy has been upfront in the past & probably Kelli didn’t like it so Judy just rolled the ball back into Kelli’s court as she knows Kelli is going to do what she wants anyway.
  6. One odd thing I noticed at the first part of the episode was how frizzy & flat Judy’s hair looked. No shine at all. She has always been the epitome of classy hair. I wondered if she had run out of her shampoo. The next time her hair was shiny & curled. i have puzzled over the strength of the rookies & more of a selection of WOC. I’ve now decided it probably has to do with now commitment to coming to Dallas for multiple weekends & then another 9-12 weeks until they find out if they are a DCC. I think they should do virtual submissions again & then only have them in for a whirlwind final interview or do it virtually but only have them come in for finals. Then send them back with a CD of say 20 dances which they have to memorize when the show up for training camp. I liked it better when we weren’t seeing them learn over & over again a dance. I struggle to see Lilly or Brennan in the videos. What I have seen of Brennan, she looks fine & her hair is longer.
  7. I’ve always thought that Kelli told the producers who to interview about “possibility of the veterans getting cut at finals”. Actually the only one who did an interview who was not cute was Cassie who seemed at a loss for words & finally came up it would SUCK if she couldn’t be a cheerleader! If they interview someone who ends up not being cut, then that is never shown.
  8. What’s with Kelli’s school marm look with blouse buttoned up to the neck & her hair on top of her head???
  9. I started watching DCC since the 1 or 2 hour pilot. Pompeii’s says this pilot covered auditions, workouts, & the first game. There I remember it being conducted outside with girls on raisers as they waited to see who made the team. Kari Laywell who was expecting to go into her third year. Kelli said she had done a lot of community service, well loved but it appeared she had gained weight & was struggling with the dance. She had been with the team several years & when they didn’t call her name, she had to walk off the field crying while the others stayed. I was hooked as a viewer!
  10. I feel like previous TCC had so many weekends committed to trying out, then at least 1-2 weeks of probably 4 hours of rehearsal 5 days a week soooooo many more hours invested in relationships & work in Dallas than the girls now. It is disappointing but perhaps less of a personal emotional investment with less impact. IMO. Amelia was a class act. Cry at home but not on TV.
  11. I watch a Hallmark series filmed in Vancouver. The cast & crew were quarantined for 14 & then filmed for 78 days getting in all episodes. Not one positive test the entire time. It can be done but it does take empathy for your community.
  12. As for Holly, there was talk that her mother encouraged her to resign rather than be cut. I think Jenna continued to dig a hole about texting Shelley about how long will I be punished or will I get point back. I believe they had a Frank talk with her about moving on prior to the next season. It seemed so fake when Jenna went up to hug KaShara after she was made point & then looked to see if the camera caught the hug & cheesy smile! Sooo fake.
  13. I believe Samantha Finglass has worked the auditions for years & might be working with the organization or at least was quarantined; thus, was available for doing interviews. I loved how they still managed to get Phil & Judy’s stool in. Her stool doubled as a place to take notes in the dance studio prior to Judy having to sit on it!
  14. I just don’t think anyTPTB are looking at this forum as over & over again we have pointed out over & over again the social media errors but the hits keep on coming without there being any improvement, in fact it seems to have escalated.
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