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  1. As far as Jackie Bob being an assistant, they can just be a tech who is trained by the doctor for the specifics f how they like things done.
  2. I too liked AmyAuto but DCC wasn’t her style but the NBA team ?Golden State let her shine with their style
  3. I thought last year twitter accounts were not closed until after finals. As far as 1500 trying I can see that. In fact all of us could have tried out whether a size 0 or a 28 to say it was on our bucket list & checked off. On the podcast they spoke of the need to make yourself memorable with Kelly saying she would remember the girl with cows. They have seen girls dancing outside, in garages, & even bathrooms. It appears that of all of them, Kelly admitted to watching the fewest number. Don’t forget Tuesday is the End of the Year banquet.
  4. When K & J are looking for a point person, one thing I have felt they considered was the ability to speak & hold a conversation. I know Kelli did I an interview with Maddie which showed the inability of Maddie to elaborate on her answers & she seemed horribly anxious. I am a Maddie fan but felt if she & Amy went on an interview, Maddie would be the lead dancer with Amy taking the questions. As far as Lacey not getting point, I remember in a podcast Judy mocking Lacey with her soft non assertive voice. I don’t think they believed she could do interviews or lead an entire team.
  5. She seems soft & a little hardened with perhaps some arrogance!
  6. Perhaps I’ve had a senior moment but has Meredith announced she was not reauditioning or is she off the list as it was assumed she would be cut? I just didn’t see her.
  7. I thought they were always representing the DCC so they need to be wearing DCC makeup & hair. Remember Brittany Delessandro!?
  8. So since the prep was online thus anyone in ant shape could have signed up, did anyone do this? Would have been interested in who was teaching, Q & A portion etc.
  9. Concerning Cassie saying she was sorry, she did not do her best in the audition & they both knew it.
  10. Ah the white out mystery. No white out, they appear to be either thought bubbles or conversation bubbles that are stick on as there is one on the lower right of the photo that is better placed.i imagine one placed, couldn’t remove as it would damage the photo. Hope this solves the mystery!
  11. I believe Courtney missed her family so moved back to Florida if I remember correctly.
  12. Was watching #607 where Kalli Fullerton was cut & am viewing it on mute as am watching a premiere of my favorite show, When Calls the Heart! I always loved her but noticed how Kalli’s face just wrinkled like she had spent too much time in the sun even though she was in her mid twenties. Kelli had tears on her face after they let her go.
  13. Although I think Gina can dance, I don’t know that she would ever be point. Like Lacey who Judy made fun of with how soft & unassertive she was, I think both she & Gina needed to be able to speak well in order to be the face & voice of DCC because on DCC appearances of groups they are usually interviewed. i think the calendar trip after auditions makes since they chose all the photos before they leave the calendar site. Why work on including someone who ultimately is cut at finals. What a hassle to repack photos.
  14. It can very much be a surprise about how loved ones act during grief. A colleague of mine, lost her boyfriend tragically & suddenly in a car accident.By the time she came home from thr ER, his mother & sister had packed into their cars most of the items the 2 of them had bought when they lived in Europe. They ended up letting her keep 4 wine glasses & a rug acquired from 4 years of living together. She was forever traumatized by this experience
  15. Don’t forget in VK’s interview she said there will always be someone who is taller or can do turns better! No kidding about those turns!!!!
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