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  1. Although I think Gina can dance, I don’t know that she would ever be point. Like Lacey who Judy made fun of with how soft & unassertive she was, I think both she & Gina needed to be able to speak well in order to be the face & voice of DCC because on DCC appearances of groups they are usually interviewed. i think the calendar trip after auditions makes since they chose all the photos before they leave the calendar site. Why work on including someone who ultimately is cut at finals. What a hassle to repack photos.
  2. It can very much be a surprise about how loved ones act during grief. A colleague of mine, lost her boyfriend tragically & suddenly in a car accident.By the time she came home from thr ER, his mother & sister had packed into their cars most of the items the 2 of them had bought when they lived in Europe. They ended up letting her keep 4 wine glasses & a rug acquired from 4 years of living together. She was forever traumatized by this experience
  3. Don’t forget in VK’s interview she said there will always be someone who is taller or can do turns better! No kidding about those turns!!!!
  4. Cassie used to be thick as thieves with Melissa Kellerman but something happened as I don’t think Melissa was invited to her wedding.
  5. I’ve always wondered why they didn’t specify that a requirement for trying out was eye high kicks. Over & over we see low kicks are a deal breaker.
  6. On the weight loss topic, my college roommate always struggled with weight which I believe was further exacerbated by life events. Apparently probably 20 years later she tried Phen Phen which caused cardiac arrhythmias & dysfunction. It was probably 15 years later I caught up with her. She spoke wistfully & with pride about how good she looked after taking Phen Phen . Then she became a cardiac cripple requiring constant O2. She died much too young just for the fleeting time she looked thin.
  7. When Jordan was in TC they were still using last names so if Jordan was married they would have called her Jordan Tabor. And call her out they: Jordan Chanley, use your body like you do your attitude! Or something like this.
  8. I think for Judges we are missing a male. One was the dentist & the other was with Luchese boots. Is Steele the dentist?
  9. From the medical side of VK’s thyroid problems, no a nutritionist can’t prescribe a medication. They can say here is what I would suggest...a complimentary product that can be purchased at a health food/vitamin store. Not a strength of a medication that could bring her Thryoid level to normal. No, she appears she did not go to a medical doctor as she was directed.
  10. To add something to the talk about 2 year or Associate degree programs. In my career as a college professor, I have taught a number of students in a 2 year program. Many reasons for choosing from needing a faster program in order to earn money sooner, need a program the could build on etc. I would say probably 80% when on to a bachelor’s and Masters along with some getting a Ph.D. Not everyone’s education pathway is the same. As for the kids on Cheer, some spoke on Ellen this week about what they have done since the program plus you can google them. One person went on to a 4 year college.
  11. In your dreams would I have ever been a DCC. Sorry played high school marching band, then college, & then professional life! I doubt that more than 10% are from DCC with the rest of us just enjoying the ride.
  12. For the person who asked about how they could get the correct poms back. The poms are marked by a piece of fabric etc that distinguishes theirs. I know a number of years one DCC showed she had leopard spotted fabric marked her poms.
  13. When I saw that Kat said her post had been approved, I thought it was approved by a social media person who could not read the implications of posted it, some intern who was Kay’s age who just thought it was funny. To me being approved meant it wouldn’t be posted if not approved.
  14. I have hopped off & on of Pluto seeing 3-4 episodes probably per season. I just realized I am not seeing any episodes featuring shooting the calendar or the ones featuring the reveal. Did they just acquire regular season only episodes?
  15. It feels as if someone with a Kentucky accent may be a stupid hillbilly. Really?
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