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  1. Have been watching Pluto off & on for weeks plus watched DCC since 2 hr show. I am surprised that Andrea Rogers was cut( no idea if DCC or non DCC issues involved)as she was a fathead that graced Kell’s door. Also it seems nowadays that when some girls are cut, it is devastating. Watch early seasons when girls accept with grace being cut, thank K & J, shed a few tears versus devastation, tears, mascara running, sobs, etc. I like when their entire life is not pinned on being a DCC but handling with maturity & grace.
  2. cherryblossom

    S14.E13: Game Day

    Someone in earlier pages asked why have show group and all stars. All stars are another money making group where they can be doing shows for conventions, 6 Flag, and during the Cowboy games they are scheduled for visits to some suite holders, sort of meet and greets with photo ops.
  3. cherryblossom

    S14.E13: Game Day

    In my experience, anyone who is an alternate or a swing in a dance group or musical need to be very skilled as Allstars were since they need to adapt to any role or position. Unfortunately i believe Meredith and Lilly will always have difficulty fitting into a spot that is no there usual one. As Kelli would say, they are a dance risk.
  4. Concerning Julia should have known better how to interview based on her major...not really. As a college professor, few majors do anything to really prepare them. In the major i taught in, we had mock interviews with those in the field & also worked on resumes. I did a session where i came into interview dressed & acting inappropriate like chewing gum. Students interviewed me then i came back into the room appropriately attired & they asked the same questions with different results. We covered difficult questions such as why do you want to work for us, what would a professor or a boss say about you, why did you leave this last job after 3 weeks, etc. Most of our students secure jobs before graduation.
  5. I thought it was funny when Kelli says Victoria looks good, not to play favorites. Judy snaps back with that is Taylor!!!! Who are the two women with Wild Woman Kalina?
  6. I was watching thirst season I think when Julie Jacobs & Brooke Sorensen were rookies. At the end of the last episode where they had 35 DCC Kelli said, It’s not about picking the 35 most talented girls or dancers but picking the 35 that are best for the team. I think that says it all.
  7. To avoid the peek a boo boob like we saw with Bridget or in the finals with Amy Auto, why not try the spray the pageant girls use on their butts to keep swimsuits down. Maybe that might help because it would be a photo seen round the world with a malfunction!!!
  8. So who was the person sitting at the table chewing gum when we saw Julia sitting down. Like a cow chewing her cud! Didn’t it occur to her that a person sitting there would put her on TV!? Must be someone from CMT.
  9. Someone noted that no on seemed concerned or surprised about news of Julia being in an accident. Since Maddie stopped by the accident, i am sure she had already told everyone in the locker room.
  10. Yes we do have ministers, priests, etc on staff in hospitals but they have had several more years in chaplaincy speciality where focus is not on getting right with Jesus or altar calls. Not all ministers etc know how to be neutral as there are even non practicing or falling away people or even atheists.
  11. Yes, i thought it was odd that Kelli brought her pastor. I could see him perhaps on a panel with a counselor but not solo. If he is Kellis pastor then I guess she is only going with hubby to temple on high holy days.
  12. They may do with the old practice uniforms what is done with items at national championships such as Super Bowl. Both teams have sealed & guarded boxes of shirts, hats etc for the players. That’s why you immediately see the players wear a championship t-shirt & hat. The losing team’s t-shirts etc are whisked away & are shipped off to a third world country. Interesting, I saw a video featuring a mission trip where a child had a somewhat dirty shirt featuring the wrong being the champions of a Super Bowl my hometown team won. Also we know people involved in the shirt manufacturing & my hubby has worked for 10 days at a Super Bowl.
  13. I was watching a much earlier season where they laid all the photos on the table as each girl was talked about ranking them into groups like we see posted on the computer. Then at the end, all the judges saw who was being taken to finals or TC. Kelli would announce to the judges these are the girls... I liked jay transparency & wish we could go back to it. I remember in the first 2 hour movie, there was a girl who had done a lot of community service who didn’t seem to be in shape. It was clear that Kelli had tried to argue about that but had lost to majority vote. That is something i’d like to see return also.
  14. When Alexandra started with her oh no, I was concerned we were going down the Meleana road but there also seemed to be an edit there too. They will never do the show group announcement there the same night as long as they use Gilley’s since the judges are in close proximity to the girls. At auditions & finals, I imagine J & K use the bathroom, freshen makeup & hair thus giving the judges time to get to their cars which are physically in a different locale from the girls I would imagine plus it would be a long day for them. For SG, the judges have been there only perhaps 3 hours, Park in same lot, go past girls to leave & perhaps stay to watch announcement. K&J don’t wan them sticking around to see why someone they said yes to got cut & someone like VK got added. i understand about Melissa R saying how VK had improved which was true. I said that once about a student who was significantly weaker when she demonstrated improvement. I had a moment of clarity when another faculty member asked me if she was performing at the level of her peers & of what I expected of all students at this level & she was NOT. I worked for 4 years for a passive aggressive boss, waiting for her to retire. She would ask you for what courses you did & did not want to teach. We ended up having to lie to her as she would stick you with the courses you hated. She was this way as she was an angry person who believe this anger helped propel her through life. I was so happy to quit & she didn’t retire until she was 75!
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